Advice to My Younger Self

Advice to My Younger Self

It has been more than five years since I left my office job to pursue my dream full time: that of being a spiritual teacher and healer. If I could give advice to my younger self of five years ago, here is what I would say: You may think you know the reasons why you are making this choice, but you are only seeing a tiny fragment of the picture. For now, follow what you know for if the full impact of your choice were revealed, it would terrify you.

Being an entrepreneur is difficult enough. You have to wear multiple hats: although you may have a team that works for you, you are ultimately the decision maker for the content, presentation, marketing, accounting, promotion, customer relations, and so much more. But when your dream is about bringing authentic spiritual knowledge to humanity in a time of dimensional shift, there is no template or business model for you to follow. DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO ANYTHING OR ANYONE. There exist no external landmarks to measure how well or how poorly you are doing, for you are trailblazing a path that does not exist. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop measuring your success to an external matrix of what a successful business is. It is not about the revenue and the dollar. No matter what master coaches may tell you, they will not fully understand your goals for they are ultimately looking only at the sales and revenue model. Meanwhile, you must be aware that that very matrix is morphing into a different way of exchange and that you are the catalyst to initiate that change.

It is bad enough that friends and family members will tell to go find a job. In your head, there also exist the self-doubting voices that will tell you to walk away, for what you are trying to create is too difficult. Go get a regular job and enjoy life. But that would be a lie, for inside you is the truth: you are here to assemble and train a team of game changers who will herald humanity into the new age. In fact, it is emblazened in your consciousness.

Your success will be measured by the number of people whose lives you will have impacted by your presence, knowledge, light, passion, and love. You have to become the center of a nexus point or the core of a centrifuge. The first step in that process is to stop trying to be normal. What you desire is completely out of the box. Own it. Step two: Let yourself be consumed by your passion. Become intoxicated with your dream, and the Universe will magnetize opportunities to make your dream a reality. Every day, no matter how small, take a step closer to fulfilling that dream. Step three: Stay in your lane. At any time, do not worry about what someone else is doing. Focus on you and “do you.” Step four: Collaborate with like-minded souls who share your spiritual vision. You are not the only one who received the call to change the world. Seek out your kindred brothers and sisters, for together you become stronger than the sum of the parts. Although you may have received the same call, you each have a different purpose or puzzle piece. Think of a giant jigsaw puzzle. Each piece is unique and plays an essential role in the completion of the picture. Step five: Focus on the inner work. In the depths of your subconscious mind are buried repressed and suppressed programs and fears that you are blinded to. These fears will sabotage your growth more than any outside obstacle. We are all masters of self-deceit, for the true enemy resides within.

This last step is so vital. Seek to uncloak the lies and falsehoods that you are telling yourself. We allow our consciousness and psyche to occupy a holographic story line that is often not based on actuality, for at the moment we may feel too fragile to face the truth. We create a convenient story about who we are and what we are here to accomplish. Remove the false identities and find your authentic nature. Understand that this is a lifetime process and not an event. As a matter of fact, your original reasons for wanting to be a spiritual teacher and healer will mutate multiple times due to this process. The more false identities are dismantled the clearer your true purpose will be. This is simply you living the spiritual principle that was written at the entrance of all ancient temples: “Know Thyself.”

I am not going to lie to you. This is the scariest and most difficult thing that you will have to do. You will discover inner darkness and unflattering characteristics that will shatter your world and identity. For a moment, you will become vulnerable, raw, and in pain. But from that chaos, you will own who you are and what you are. It is equally important to remember that you will also find goodness and positivity in the depth of the subconscious. You are made of both the light and the dark, of strength and vulnerability, and you need to find the courage to reconcile yourself to both sides.

This process will accelerate your spiritual growth more than anything else I know. This will prove more fruitful than any meditation, light frequency, download, or medicine in the world. This is the process of self-mastery. Do the above mentioned, and you will achieve your spiritual goals in no time.

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  • Posted September 10, 2017'

    Gloria Anderson

    This is so vital to my Spirit! Thank you to the Heavens!

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