Claims of Ascendance: Assessing Facts from Fiction

Claims of Ascendance: Assessing Facts from Fiction

While growing up in Haiti, I met many leaders, spiritual teachers, and healers who appeared perfect on paper. Their reputation, accomplishments, and gifts preceded them. However, things are not always what they appear to be on the surface. If you delve deeper, you may discover something else. Although it is the destiny of humanity to ascend, most claims of ascension that I have examined were not genuine. Every time I hear a report of an ascended being on earth, I become hopeful. After all, the rescue of humanity is not a solo act. It is a collective effort. As more humans ascend, we become closer to moving with the earth into higher frequencies. As of now, I am often disappointed.

Ascension is the process of releasing all the shame, fears, and deficiencies that stop us from merging with Source. Rather than one event, it is a process with multiple levels. Given enough time, all humanity will approach ascension. Unfortunately, humanity does not have an eternity to initiate the ascension process. Our planet is experiencing rapid manmade atmospheric changes from our own self-centered actions. We need to adapt quickly so that our species will survive. Ascension is the taming of the negative ego and egocentric behaviors. The rescue of humanity depends on the number of individuals who ascend.

When I hear claims of ascendance, I expect these individuals to have attained mastery over their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Many mistake ascendance with an individual’s display of power, great showmanship, or riveting presentation. However, I am not easily impressed or fooled. In my childhood, I witnessed psychic abilities and healing that were of the scale, but often demonstrated by dark Voodoo priests. Psychic power is not spirituality. Being powerful does not translate to ascension. Instead of focusing on the external abilities and powers, observe how the supposed ascended individual is reacting around his or her family. Rather than guarantee a drama-free family life, ascension depends on an individual’s ability to withstand difficult families and situations. This benchmark is the true litmus test to determine the spiritual teacher’s exact level of ascendance.

Over my personal journey on the ascension path, I have witnessed many claims of ascension. I have traveled to ashrams in India to observe and form my own opinion. Once the ascension process begins, initiated individuals can get stuck due to the lack of mastery in another body. Here are some of my observations:

Boosting: If you are an ascended being, you don’t need to talk about it. It is self-evident. If you encounter an individual who keeps claiming ascension, he or she probably hasn’t fully ascended. In my experience, these individuals were branding and marking themselves.

The Business Man: They say all the right words with familiar and spiritual language. The design and presentation is typically well executed. These businessmen use the ascension and spirituality genre as a decoy for their own merchandise such as posters, mugs, and key chains. They are not interested in ascension. They just want you to buy their merchandise.

The Honest Seeker: Some individuals are truly sincere and started doing the work in pursuit of their limited knowledge of ascension. Without a robust understanding of the ascension process, honest seekers allow themselves to be derailed by the lack of mastery in other bodies or by 4.5-D beings called “The Dwellers on the Threshold” – archons or deceivers who create a customized test to reverse the ascension of initiated beings. All individuals who are moving into a higher density must face these dwellers. Although the honest seekers started their journey with good intentions and may have increased their powers and abilities, they soon become corrupted by manipulative forces. In most cases, they are not even aware that they have fallen.

Energetic Ascension:  Most individuals on the ascension path are seeking energetic ascension. They want ascension in their spiritual body. This provides a vast increase in the size of the edging of their boundaries. While it may also increase and enhance psychic abilities, power is not spirituality. Energetic ascension does not give us the wisdom to solely administer the power. If our emotional body trails behind the spiritual body, we will become a menace to ourselves and others.

The Twilight Master: This is a partly ascended individual who remains on the cusp of light and dark to deceive would-be ascension seekers and cord them into servitude. They are very knowledgeable about ascension mechanics and the spiritual hierarchy. Seekers can easily be seduced by twilight masters because they relay what seekers may know on a cellular level. Once a twilight master convinces you that he or she is looking after your best interest and you have surrendered your power, they bring you into darkness.

Ascension in all your Bodies: This is an ascension seeker that takes the time and effort to work on the ascension of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. This requires an enormous amount of work and multitasking so that the shame in fears held within the physical and cellular memory can be transmuted. Emotional traumas, fears, and blockages are released and reprogramed. Mental and negative thought patterns rooted in shame are also reprogrammed. Since ascension is merger with God, the God concept that you hold will determine where you end up. Instead of a static point, your God concept should be evolving perpetually to match the Endless Boundaries of God.

The Rainbow Body: The second Buddha taught an ascension system that allowed his followers to ascend into their rainbow body. Many of his disciples were able to do this at the time of their transition out of this world. For a 7-day period, lights and rainbows would be released from the disciples continuously as their physical bodies shrunk and eventually disappeared out of the 3-D world.

Please be aware of any path and the misleading claim that you can achieve ascension in one month by following a specific spiritual practice. This is not true. In most instances, you are linking yourself and are being corded by an entity or collective that will induce a state that I call false ascension. This limiting bubble creates an illusion that you ascended while the rest of your life falls apart.

Remember to keep your discernment up at all times. Move away from any demonstration of power as proof of ascension and watch the life of the supposed ascended for evidence of mastery.


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  • Posted May 20, 2015'

    Janice Taylor

    This blog reminds me of the many previous paths I have searched only to find them leading in the wrong direction. It would have been better to know this information long ago, but I guess there are no mistakes, only learning experiences. And I have learned a ton!

    • Posted May 22, 2015

      Pierre DuBois

      I hear you Janice. The school of life is here to teach us all.

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