Congruency: The Merger of Thought and Emotion

Congruency: The Merger of Thought and Emotion

The human mind is  one of the greatest assets that we possess. It is because of this evolutionary change in the size of our brain that we have grown to become Homo sapiens, or wise human. But some will argue that, although intelligent and cunning, most of us are not wise. The evidence will suggest that the collective decisions that we have made for the past 100 years demonstrate no wisdom. We have managed to disrupt a sensitive balance and equilibrium maintained by natural forces to keep humanity alive: the interconnected links between the natural cycle and flow of water; the photosynthesis process of trees capturing carbon monoxide and producing oxygen, thus keeping the global rise in temperature within a narrow margin—all have been disrupted by the shortsightedness of human greed and profit. In the past 100 years, we have cut and burned 50% of the earth’s forests. Without trees, there is no oxygen. Without oxygen, we cannot breathe. Consequently, future generations will have to adjust to the effect of these decisions for the next 200 years.

The thoughts that we hold have power to reflect back to us the reality in which we exist. In fact, our thoughts are not some invisible abstract concepts, for these intangible concepts have the ability to shape our reality. Thoughts control and create everything. What kind of thought we allow makes all the difference in the world. If we let fear, lack, and separation contaminate our consciousness, we will mirror a dark, short sighted, and dog-eat-dog reality. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if we hold thoughts compassion, kindness, and cooperation, we will manifest a reality of inclusion, support, and all-around blessings. In a vast and abundant Universe, there is enough for all to have, filled to overflowing.

One might wonder why anyone would choose the former state of fear and lack. It is because, from the narrow perspective of an embodied human, the outside is a malevolent and dangerous place. We use intelligence and cunning to continue to exist. If the danger is physical and real, we must do what is necessary to continue to be, but for the most part, the fear of the outside is perceived and not real. Over time, that cunning is used toward the hording of resources as the ultimate proof of dominance, control, and power. Moreover, very few individuals have original thoughts, or as someone once said: “Originality is unconscious plagiarism.” Most of our thoughts are coming to us via the TV, mass media, and individuals and leaders in whom we have projected our personal power. When we are not in our power, we are nothing more than a puppet on a string.

In our personal power, we embody our Divine Essence and become a co-creative powerhouse. We can control all aspects of our life. We authentically determine what we want and decree it to the entire Universe. The Universal Mind and collective unconscious boomerang it back to us. If we want to manifest, we must learn to be in our personal power. Our thoughts can even create and override emotions.

Many people are mental and cerebral. They are linear and causal in the way they perceive and analyze the world. However, the vast majority of humans live in their emotional bodies. To those going through an emotional reaction, what they feel is real. Yet emotions are nothing more than the release of hormones from the hypothalamus into the blood stream, causing your entire cellular structure to change and alter, causing you to feel and experience the world via the specific mood of this chemical flow. It is nothing more than a self-released biochemical flow that alters your mood and colors your experience.

As powerful, convincing, and riveting as our emotions are, they are not actuality. They are holograms that interpret your experience. They simply give value, character, and color and qualify how we internalize what is happening around us. Here is the amazing thing: these values, colors, and qualifiers are perceived and not real. One can change the values and colors if one alters one’s reaction to the event. As long as we allow the status quo to continue, we are on autopilot. Those qualifiers, interpretations, and colors are purely subjective and can be completely controlled to allow us to experience life without being automatically triggered.

It is your thoughts and intentions that are supposed to control and rule you. If at any point you are experiencing a set of negative emotions, change your thoughts. This will cause a change of state, and your emotions will follow.

I have met some people who were proud of being emotional. Being emotional is not being emotionally intelligent. If you have no control or restraint over your emotions, you are handicapped. Equally handicapped are those who are solely mental, linear, and emotionally arrested.

If our thoughts create and control our emotions, our emotions are the holographic field that echoes this perception back to us. In an ideal and ascended consciousness, there is a symbiosis that exists between the mind and the heart. This state of consciousness is called by the HeartMath Institute: coherence. When we allow our heart to connect to our mind, we enter a state of flow, wellness, and attraction. The HeartMath Institute has scientifically measured this state and found that it creates the strongest human magnetic field. It is also interesting to note that in Egypt the goddess of truth, Ma’at, was purported to weigh the heart of the dead against a feather in order for them to enter the afterlife.

It is in the blending and merging of our thoughts and emotions that effortlessness, synchronicity, and divine grace exist. This state can be achieved during a love making experience, at death, and while in meditation. By developing a daily spiritual practice, you can enter coherence. With time, coherence continues for hours after your practice is done.


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