Prayer Request

Prayer Request

Prayer Circle of the Council of 12

The prayer circle is composed of 12 star seed council members who are fulfilling a promise made long ago to stand up as the gates, pillars, guardians and protectors for our local earth grid. Consequently, this prayer council will intercede in from of God, Goddess, Spirit and the Masters on the behalf of anyone who submits prayer requests. Whether the problems are physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual the combined power of 12 to the 12 power will help alleviate, remove and eliminate the perceived pain and suffering.

They are not going to give you fish, but they will teach you how to fish. The help will be freely provided to give you reprieve so that you can find the strength to empower and do for yourself. After or during the prayer one of the council member may contact you to give further instructions on how to address your specific problem and issue leading to a permanent solution. The final success of your situation will ultimately depend on the application of the advice of the council member.

Please let them know the nature of your problem and what type of prayer, change and transformation that you would like to manifest in your life by filing the form below. This is a free service.

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