Cultivating your Relationship to God

Cultivating your Relationship to God

More killing, wars, and battles have been waged in the name of God than for any other reason. As a result, many find this word “god” charged with negative feelings and emotions. Yet your relationship to your God or Higher Power is the key to the level of spirituality that you will achieve. You can only grow as far as the God concept in which you believe allows. If your God concept is fixed, than you will aspire to grow to that level and reject all evolutionary ideas or experiences that would expand that understanding. If you can overcome the fear of losing your faith or inherited belief, you will find that your God concept will grow and evolve over time. This makes sense, for if God is infinite, it cannot be contained by a fixed idea or concept. It has to be as expansive as infinity, for the purpose of our journey through the Universe is to merge back into this Infinite Source.

In some circles, the word God is synonymous with a bad word, for it is laced with a history of wrong perpetrated in the name of God. Therefore, many call the connection to the creative force something else: Higher Power, Spirit, God of my Understanding, Creator, or Source. Still some establish a connection to a lesser being or concept like a spirit guide, ancestor, saint, angel, or master. Now there is nothing wrong with doing that, but an immense opportunity for spiritual growth becomes inaccessible for God is the highest spiritual concept that you hold. In fact, I have a relationship to many of the beings mentioned above, but I also maintain an intimate relationship to my God.

Intimacy can only grow when there is a dialogue between two parties. So my relationship to my God is maintained by an open channel of communication between me and my evolving concept of the creative energy. It is a personal and experiential connection devoid of dogma and preconceived notions. I maintain this by a daily practice of communication into what this God concept and presence feels like to me at the moment. My understanding of that Presence is hard to express in words for it is a multi-sensory experience. It is a benevolence, kindness, and support that is seeking to help me reconcile all disempowerment, pain, and suffering, resulting in instantaneous peace and happiness. It is vast, immense, healing, and timed perfectly. Yet even that understanding grows over time. Like all dialogue, it is in two acts: a speaking and a listening stage. When I pray I speak to God, and when I meditate, I listen to God. My daily spiritual practice involves both acts.

Many pray only when they are in need or in trouble, but the most powerful form of prayer is a grateful heart. Realize how blessed you are for being alive, having shelter, clothes, family and friends. Be grateful for the radiance, glow, and warmth that the connection to this Holy Presence is gifting you. How lucky you are to have this private connection to Spirit. Surrender all your pain, suffering, and burden into this benevolence and kindness no matter how big, small, or impossible the issues may be. It is not your responsibility to do or fix anything. Infinity does not care about the level of difficulty that you are facing. Just take a deep breath, and as you exhale, release your burden into the endless and infinite Source. Keep breathing deeply and let go of all need to control outcomes. Let go of the reins and let God take over.

As I stop trying to control outcomes, Source steps in with a matching solution to resolve my disempowerment. This is the return wave of my prayer. There is deep healing and reconciliation that often feel like a wave of understanding that illuminates the burden in a positive way. At this phase, I am listening to God. I am meditating and receiving any gifts that Source wants to install in my life. I allow Divine grace to touch me.

The solution set may take many forms: It can be an all-knowing experience, like having an epiphany. It may appear as a vision or writing. It may be words that you hear. It could also be a multi-sensory experience, combining many of the above mentioned. It is not unusual to have physical pain and dis-empowerment instantaneously removed.

This may sound too simple for some of you, but it is the truth. The Universal laws are always simple and elegant. What may be clouding your acceptance of this truth is your shame and undeservedness. The Universe is seeking you, trying to remove all your pain and suffering, for it is attempting to restore balance and equilibrium. If you feel undeserving, you will not accept the ease of this repair. Your shame will hold it back and cause you to remain in pain and suffering.
Cultivate your relationship to God and release your burden unto him—it is the most important relationship that you can have—and let God remove your pain and suffering.

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