Emotional Intelligence: FREE Introductory Talks

Emotional Intelligence: FREE Introductory Talks

FREE 40-minute online Introductory Talks

September 30th and October 7, 2015, at 7:00pm.
CLICK HERE AND SIGN UP NOW. Let us know of your interest so that we can send you a link to join the video conference.

Click here to find out more about the Emotional Intelligence Interactive Group Coaching Experience – beginning October 21, 2015.

An interactive group coaching experience to help you master your emotions

Are your emotions ruling you? Do feel strongly about things and have difficulty moving past your feelings? Does it take you days to process and understand what you feel? Are you looping the same emotional state, unable to move forward? Do you go to emotional extremes of happiness and joy vs. disempowerment and victimization? Do you lack empathy? Do you feel emotionally stuck or repressed? Do you want to understand the nature of your emotional body? If you wish you had more emotional control and intelligence and are seeking to have a more even emotional life, this 12-week online group coaching series is for you.

Are You Ready For:
. Emotional independence and liberation
. Emotional balance and the free flowing of your feelings
. Clarity in understanding your feelings
. More emotional highs of happiness and joy
. More empathy for others
. More ease in transitioning through your feelings

I Will Help You:
. Control the role of fear in your emotional life
. Learn how to process your emotions
. Identify what you are feeling without judgment
. Create peace and serenity in all your relationships.
. Learn how to develop social intelligence, listen to the world around you, and enrich your life
. Manifest your greatest dream

Join us for this unique opportunity for weekly group coaching sessions of two hours each for 12 weeks to help you achieve emotional mastery. The sessions are held online, which allows you to join in from the comfort of your home. Learn all the skill sets that will permit you to become more emotionally intelligent and turn your life around.

At the end of the three-month process, you will have learned to conquer your fears and move past the emotions that are paralyzing you. Additionally, you will learn to feel with greater depth and to process emotions more rapidly. You will also gain insight on how to read and feel the emotions of your loved one, family members, and colleagues. This alone is an invaluable skill that will allow you to create peace and harmony in all your relationships. Moreover, sensing and feeling what is happening around you will allow you to be more responsive to the needs of others. Emotionally intelligent individuals are better leaders and are more successful at everything they do in life.

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