Emotional Intelligence: Series in Review

Emotional Intelligence: Series in Review

Are you ready to feel authentically, find happiness, and relate better with others?

Are your emotions ruling you? Do feel strongly about things and have difficulty moving past your feelings? Does it take you days to process and understand what you feel? Are you looping the same emotional state, unable to move forward? Do you go to emotional extremes of happiness and joy vs. disempowerment and victimization? Do you lack empathy? Do you feel emotionally stuck or repressed? Do you want to understand the nature of your emotional body? If you wish you had more emotional control and intelligence and are seeking to have a more even emotional life, this 12-week online group coaching series is for you.

Are You Ready For: . Emotional independence and liberation . Emotional balance and the free flowing of your feelings . Clarity in understanding your feelings . More emotional highs of happiness and joy . More empathy for others . More ease in transitioning through your feelings

I Will Help You: . Control the role of fear in your emotional life . Learn how to process your emotions . Identify what you are feeling without judgment . Create peace and serenity in all your relationships. . Learn how to develop social intelligence, listen to the world around you, and enrich your life . Manifest your greatest dream

Join us for this unique opportunity for weekly group coaching sessions of two hours each for 12 weeks to help you achieve emotional mastery. The sessions are held online, which allows you to join in from the comfort of your home. Learn all the skill sets that will permit you to become more emotionally intelligent and turn your life around. At the end of the three-month process, you will have learned to conquer your fears and move past the emotions that are paralyzing you. Additionally, you will learn to feel with greater depth and to process emotions more rapidly. You will also gain insight on how to read and feel the emotions of your loved one, family members, and colleagues. This alone is an invaluable skill that will allow you to create peace and harmony in all your relationships. Moreover, sensing and feeling what is happening around you will allow you to be more responsive to the needs of others. Emotionally intelligent individuals are better leaders and are more successful at everything they do in life. To accelerate your mastery of this vast topic, you will have required reading assignments before the class. The books are: Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves and Social Intelligence:The New Science of Human Relationships by Daniel Goleman. You are responsible for the purchase of the books.

Sign up for the live group coaching sessions at the level of support and benefit that you need. If you need to be privately coached by Pierre, see the Deluxe or Ultimate Pass below.

The Details

The series will begin Wednesday, October 21st, 2015, at 7:00pm EST. Live video conferences take place every Wednesday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm EST (12 sessions in total) with unlimited Q & A with Pierre on the private Facebook Group Page.

Session One: Understand human biology and the provenance of your emotions, from the limbic system to the release of hormones, which change your cellular structure. Learn how to manage your emotions: identify what you are feeling and legitimize your perception of pain and suffering.

Session Two: Learn about the Desire to Give and the Desire to Receive: the two great impulses that create the Tao, Chi or Prana, which permeates the entire Universe. How do you enter into an exchange in a balanced manner, aligned with spiritual laws?

Session Three: Fear is the result of a perception that the outside world has negative intentions toward us. It has many forms, but its roots are about fragmentation and separation. It is the loss of merger. Learn how to manage your fear and to determine if your fear is real or perceived.

Session Four: When we feel emotions that trouble us, we tend to judge and repress them, or worse, try to distract and medicate ourselves into a different state of being. Emotional intelligence implies the management of emotions, both good and bad.

Session Five: Love is the positive force that creates merger and blending. It allows us to overcome the basic untruth of separation in 3-D reality. Addressing self-love a with body image: How do we value ourselves, and what kinds of programs are sabotaging our self-worth and value? A look at your childhood and inner child will heal your unworthiness better than any other tool.

Session Six: You can only truly love someone to the degree that you love yourself. Giving while being empty will bankrupt your emotional life for you are only giving because you think you are underserving. Sharing your love with others is the most powerful act of blending that you can do: conditional love vs. unconditional love; attachment vs preference.

Session Seven: We feel positive emotions that tend to uplift and give us good feelings. However, there may be higher emotions for which we understand the dictionary definition but to which we have no actual visceral reaction. Evolve a connection to higher emotions, such as empathy, detachment, and unconditional love.

Session Eight: Listening is a skill that can be learned. Often we say that we are listening. But we are in fact deep in thought or judging the individual telling the story. To listen is to observe without objections. You have to have a deep level of empathy to be able to do this effectively. Saying the Ho’oponopono helps us become neutral and gives us the tolerance to listen.

Session Nine: We exist in social settings, and we are interacting with each other in family, social, national, and international situations. Emotions are infectious and can be communicated without verbal clues. This is done through the amygdala in the brain. Individuals who are highly emotionally intelligent can walk into a room and change the mood of the space.

Session Ten: Neutrality is not disengagement from the injustices of the world. It is a way to engage without being polarized. It is observation without objection. To listen and enhance your social intelligence, you have to listen more effectively, and nothing can increase your listening more than being neutral and observing without objections.

Session Eleven: Our power to empathize is not limited to sensing other human beings. Given the right kind of consciousness, we can listen to all natural forces for they have a subtle intelligence. It is a kind of intelligence that is heartfelt, and it cannot deceive the forces of nature. They can read your heart and intention. It is a blending of two or more essences.

Session Twelve: The earth is not an inert mass; rather it is a living organism with a complex series of interconnected processes and systems that balance each other to maintain organic life. Our survival on earth hinges on our assimilation of these processes and supporting the sustainable flow of them. Learn how to listen to the earth.

Sign up for the live group coaching sessions at the level of support and benefit that you need. If you need to be privately coached by Pierre, see the Deluxe or Ultimate Pass below.

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  • Posted March 23, 2016


    I was blown away by this workshop! There is so much more to this class that meets the eye. It is a proven fact that people who are skilled in emotional/social intelligence are more successful then people with a high IQ! And this workshop delivers! You can be more successful in business, personal relationships, develop a more positive outlook, empowered and more. The program is very in depth and goes well beyond the standard material. You develop a deep sense of understanding yourself which is so helpful in these challenging times. Pierre’s diverse knowledge and experience sets no limit on what you can ask and learn. Great for business managers who seek new ways to expend their reach. If you feel that your current efforts are not fruitful and you feel stuck, Pierre will definitely help you move forward and be successful. Wonderful experience at many levels!

  • Posted January 24, 2016


    This 12-week course was a synergistic treasure house of Pierre’s wise teachings, reading assignments, and video examples that clearly showed me how and why emotions are formed; how many of my emotions aren’t reflective of reality but are based on false perspectives, teachings, or indoctrinations; and how I can transmute unconscious reactions into accurate, authentic responses. Pierre offered simple but powerful tools to help me become free from imprisonment of self-limiting emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. I valued seeing how to escape the looping of old emotional patterns to be more at peace and free. Becoming both self-aware and socially aware, attuned, and empathetic were major take-aways. As Pierre said, “If you don’t master it, it will master you.” I highly recommend this course on Emotional Intelligence.

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