Equal Exchange:<br>the Paradigm of the New Age

Equal Exchange:
the Paradigm of the New Age

The governing bodies of our planet are in a state of panic trying to find a solution to the financial crisis caused by the sub-prime mortgage mess. Bail out after bail out have been proposed and enacted to shore up companies deemed to be too big to fail at the cost of billions of dollars to the average tax payer. Yet, these gestures have not restored confidence in the market and thousands around the globe are living in fear of the loss of their jobs, homes, investments and retirement funds. In truth, this world crisis is not about bad debt or money, but rather is directly connected to the energetic inequity and imbalance that exist on a planetary level when the collective “desire to receive” is not balanced by the “desire to give”. These proposed fixes will not work, for they are all trying to patch a model that is completely broken and that is being phased out by God, Goddess, Spirit and the Masters. The new paradigm that is being installed is one of equal exchange.

According to the Kabbalah, in the beginning there existed only light which was imbued with an infinite “desire to give”. That “desire to give” did not have the ability to reflect itself for nothing else was present to acknowledge its existence. To solve that problem, it emptied a space from itself and manifested an infinite “desire to receive”. And for a while, “the desire to give” and “the desire to receive” co-existed in a perfect spiritual marriage. For reasons that can only be understood as the evolution or devolution of unity into duality, “the desire to receive” evolved also a desire to give, but could not fulfill that want for “the desire to give” was not equipped to receive. “The desire to give” wanted nothing more then to satisfy all the needs of “the desire to receive”; but on this one wish he/ she could not. This evolution of wanting to give something back to the hands that feed you is a desire or program that the Kabbalist call: “bread of shame”. Let me explain by an example: When babies are born, every few hours, they cry and want to be fed or comforted by the caregiver’s hands. But as some point, when they begin to eat solid food they refuse to be fed and want to feed themselves even if it means putting the food all over their face and clothes.

This illustrates a cornerstone program that humanity shares: the desire to earn what is being given to us for otherwise we feel unworthy. This unfulfilled need of the ”the desire to receive” became a real dilemma causing a spiritual crisis to ensue and a decision was made that explains our reason d’etre. “The desire to receive” like a child saying “no” to the hands of the caregiver trying to feed him, refuses the light; but the emptiness that follows was too great and “the desire to receive” called “the desire to give” back. As soon as the light touched “the desire to receive”, there was a giant spiritual detonation and explosion which formed a point as small as a dime and caused “the desire to receive” to fragment into a multiplicity that eventually precipitated as the universe, galaxies, solar systems, planets and humanity. The light arranged for us a stage or matrix to help fulfill that basic program or desire: “the removal of the bread of shame” by having the opportunity to give and receive to each other and thus earning and accepting back the light of God.

This basic exchange between the “desire to give” and the “desire to receive” is the corner stone of all interaction in the universe. “Every action cause an equal and opposite reaction” is the fundamental law of physics. This is how the entire universe works at all levels: physically, energetically, psychologically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Any exchange that does not obey this law causes an imbalance in the natural order of things and causes an eventual push from the universe to restore harmony. No free energy. You cannot create something from nothing. If I want to change liquid water to change phase into gas, I have to apply heat to the system. The amount of heat that I supply is equal to the volume of water gas I get. Every gain is achieved by an equal amount of effort being supplied. This creates a sustainable cycle, a flow of energy that loops back into itself. If at any point, one tries to create gain without effort, the gain may appear great at first, but will be shortly lived for the continuous and endless flow is interrupted causing the loop to be blocked. Remember, the reason why this 3D reality was created is so that we can learn to give and receive to and from each other and remove the bread of shame or innate sense of worthlessness. The receiver and giver must exchange energy so that the receiver will expand an effort for the gift received and the giver must allow the receiver an opportunity to give back and supply an effort in return. Let us illustrate: The free market economy is based on supply and demand where one is encouraged to buy low and sell high. This kind of environment fosters a mentality of quick gain and self interest at any cost for the benefit of the corporation and share holders. All the banks that issued these sub-prime mortgages to homeowners they knew could not afford to pay back the loans made quick profits on the transaction fees charged to these owners, but these homeowners could not supply the energy back to remove the bread of shame to balance the system. Vast amounts energy supplied by the loans taken out that owners cannot pay back, yet encouraged by unscrupulous banks that were looking to make short tern profits with disregard to universal law. These unpaid debts are destabilizing the world economy for the loop has been broken. This is what happens when you are motivated only by profit, the negative ego need and “desire to receive” for self and self alone.

Understand this is not about money or the notes that you have in your wallet or have stored in the bank or retirement account; it is about energy for in truth money is energy. Like all energy system the giving and receiving must flow into each other.

But this global crisis is an opportunity to teach us a collective lesson in balancing “desire to receive” with the “desire to give”. Instead of realizing that the model is broken and cannot be fixed, the world governments are trying to spend their way out of the crisis by printing more currency and spending more money with stimulus packages after stimulus packages. This will fail and will only bring inflation and more debt for the original inequity of the unpaid debt will not vanish. Endemic in the free market model is the desire to make profit with the least amount of effort supplied. Let me be very clear: If you are buy low and selling high, you are swindling someone. Equal exchange is universal law. The regulations that world governments are trying to enact to curb the past abuses of free market go against common sense. Any financial system that encourages profit and self interest will create greed and the desire to take short cuts for the creation of more profits. Many years ago a Wall Street friend of my told me about his value system: “He who dies with the most money in the bank wins”. How do you license and encourage a culture of profit and self interest, but yet limit how far one can take self interest? Where is the boundary for an acceptable amount of greed, negative ego and self interest: 35%, 50%, 65%…etc? More importantly who is going to determine and regulate how much is too much? What is a moral limit or threshold to one is not a limit for another. This is a flawed equation and if it is allowed to continue it will fail again and bring the whole planet down with it.

Understand that it is not about the currency or paper money that you have in your wallet or in the bank, rather it is about energy. Abundance and wealth is a state of being and a consciousness that ultimately comes from a trust and belief in the miraculous and the hopeful. It is about realizing that wealth comes from Source. Remember energy follows thought. When you rely on God, Goddess which is an endless source, you become content, full and thus will always have. But if you come from a consciousness of lack and scarcity where you rely on your own negative ego limited resources, you will tend to hoard things and fear lost and therefore look for short cut so that you can accumulate more.

This spirit of lack and scarcity is the sin of our fathers that has been encouraged, taught and programmed into us by negative ego systems for eons to disenfranchise us from our original gifts and privileges as God and Goddess incarnate. “Ur” or the light of God is the most abundant thing in the universe. It is all around us, but because of our original “bread of shame” program we cannot consciously accept it. Only when there is spiritual effort does the light or “Ur” becomes part of our conscious awareness. The law of equal exchange implies that “the desire to give” must be balanced by “the desire to receive”. Whatever you receive has to be earned; otherwise the original “bread of shame” program will cause a short circuit that will take the gain away from you. This effort can take many forms: work, volunteering, charity, change in consciousness, spiritual and psychological practices or exercises…etc. The receiving spirit must exercise an effort to let the light in, and in turn give to someone or something else for equilibrium to be achieved. The bliss and grace that you receive has to be shared with someone else. If you remember the original “desire to receive” did not want to just receive. It wanted to earn the light of “desire to give” and also give light to someone or something else. This then creates a sustainable model where energy flows endlessly from one being to another.

A year ago while communicating with the Galactic Masters, they shared with me this thought: “From our perspective humanity behaves like savages. Equal exchange is Universal Law and until you apply it to all aspects of your life, we will not risk open communication with you. You are now at a critical cross road; if you do not learn this lesson your species will go extinct. Only when you reach this threshold as a planet will you be admitted into the Galactic Confederation of Planets.”

Equal exchange, the equitable distribution of giving and receiving, is not limited to the world financial system, but is the way energy should exchange physically, emotionally, psychologically, mentally and spiritually. In all dimensions of reality and in all aspects of creation, equilibrium and sustainability must be achieved by balancing giving with receiving. This means that we must become aware of where our consciousness is in our act of giving or receiving: when you are at the supermarket, in the office, at a family reunion, during a traffic incident, holding your first born…etc. Ascension is the continual self aware act of adjusting one’s consciousness to remain vertically aligned to God, Goddess 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In this process, one has to be cognizant of what energy system belongs to self and what is coming from others. More importantly, boundaries must be established in this exchange so that the issue and agenda of another is not projected into self or the inverse that our desires and personal agendas are not forced or coerced unto others. Yes it is good that I want to give to someone, but did they want to receive my gift? Similarly, you want to give to me, but did I ask for help? Every being and intelligences have free will, autonomy and volition that must be honored and respected. Permission must be granted, before any exchange of energy. Attachment and creation of any energetic system cannot be made without full disclosure and agreement.

The law of “non interference” operates on all levels of creation. The Masters will not interfere with any aspects of our life unless you ask them. This was the capital sin of the fallen angels that pushed their agenda, will and volition on others without permission causing the hosts and choirs of angels loyal to the Laws of One to move against them. Every time developed countries approach a less economically advanced culture, they aggressively begin to move their agenda, will, financial model and sins unto the unsuspected third world country. The results and consequences are often disastrous.

Some readers may be wondering how you uproot or abandon a financial system and paradigm that is global in scope. Do you throw the entire model out at once or can some revised version remain? If you regulate the quality, level and ethics of profit making maybe the free market system can evolve into something else or may be transitional to the equal exchange. Let me be clear from a God, Goddess, Christ, Krishna and Buddha perspective, equal exchange is universal law and therefore the destiny of the planet, if we are to evolve and openly communicate with our extra terrestrial and galactic brothers and sisters and seat at the same table with them.

Now the time frame for the transition from our current free market system to the equal exchange model will probably be extensive. But change we must. In order for this to happen our perception of our self and how we relate to each other will have to dramatically change. The planet’s population would have to learn either by grace or by karma to share equitably by giving and receiving in a balanced manner. The consciousness of the 7 billion souls on earth would have to evolve to understand that my self interest and survival is directly connected to the growth and survival of the village, country, race, collective, planet, galaxy and universe. Not since Copernicus’ proposal for a heliocentric model for our solar system has there been such a major and fundamental challenge to the status quo and common perception on how we relate to each other. In 1514 Nicholaus Copernicus, made available to his friends a 6 page hand written document called “Commentariolus” (Little Commentary) in which he outlined his original observations that the earth was not at the center or our universe rather that the earth was on elliptical path around the sun. It took him many years of observation, hesitation and fear to finally find the courage to publish his book on the matter called “De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium”. The reason for this delay was that the paradigm for the geocentric world that he lived in had a hierarchical placement for God and the angelic choirs attached to the stars and on earth the Pope was first, followed by the Kings and noble men and so on to the lower levels of society. His model with the sun instead of the earth at the center of our solar system debunked this belief and thus shook the world and the attached social, economical and spiritual order at their roots. Imaging what would happen tomorrow if we tried to get rid of the free market system. The banks, large financial institutions, major corporations, governments and individuals who have vested interest in the current model would strongly resist. The fear of anarchy that threatens the status quo is reminiscent of Copernicus’ proposal. Yet in time his model could not be denied and was thus accepted. The idea and model is about equal exchange, the endless flow of giving and receiving for all energetic systems, physical, monetary, emotional, psychological, mental and spiritual is universal law.

Now comes the various phases where instead of throwing out the old model of self interest and greed attempts will be made to fix and patch it until it is completely clear that it can no longer function. How long will this process take no one can tell, but the world financial crisis is clearly indicating that the old paradigm has failed.

As soldiers in God’s army, it is up to us to stand up for what is right and help bring about the change and transformation that is needed to rescue our world and re-align our growth and evolution with the rest of the universe. Start by being aware where your consciousness is as you conduct any monetary transaction for the next 21 days: when you get your pay check, give to charity, pay your mortgage or buy tooth paste, receive change at the grocery store…etc. Are you leaving in a state of lack or do you trust in the miraculous power of the universe to give and provide for you? Then create a battle plan to adjust your consciousness accordingly.

Now repeat the repeat the same process, for the next 21 days, with your emotional body by being aware of where your consciousness is when you are dealing with your family members, your friends and co-workers. Are you a giving person or a receiver? In giving do you push your agenda onto others or do you respect other boundary and only give when you are asked. Are you able to receive from other or better yet ask for help? Are you giving because you are full or because you are empty? Do you like to receive because you are looking for free energy? Then create a battle plan to adjust your consciousness accordingly.

You can then continue to repeat this 21 day process for your mental body. Which thoughts are authentically mine and which are the biases and prejudices of my father? Any thought system that expresses free, judgments and lack are from the negative ego. I am authentically made of thoughts of love, hope and miracles. Then create a battle plan to adjust your consciousness accordingly.

Finally conclude with a 21 day process for your spiritual body. What is my real identity? Where to I begin and end? I am that I am. I am everything. How do I incorporate others and their need in my actions? Then create a battle plan to adjust your consciousness accordingly. If you do this process by focusing 21 days each for your financial emotional, mental and spiritual interactions you will not be the same person and giving and receiving from an integrated ascended perspective will be closer to reality.

As always rescue self first and then help others on the path to overcome the obstacles that you mastered. If we each do this, the critical mass will soon be reached at which point the rest of the planet will do this by osmosis. This is the promise of the golden age: 144,000 gates and pillars for the New Jerusalem. Are you willing to take part in the transformation and transmutation of our world?

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