Gaiaville Retreat Center – Completion “Go Fund Me”

Gaiaville Retreat Center – Completion “Go Fund Me”

Gaiaville Retreat Center Completion on GO FUND ME – click to donate now

Ten years ago, although I did not know why, I bought a 150-year old farmhouse in disrepair, which sits on a powerful energy vortex in the Catskill Mountains of New York State. Two years ago, I received guidance from Spirit, stating to “get the house ready.” Since then, I have been renovating and converting the six-bedroom house into a spiritual retreat center. It will eventually be self-supporting with a green house and full garden. It is a place where I envision offering weekend and week-long sacred immersion retreats that elevate the consciousness of those attending. The house is nestled on 52 acres of wooded land and rolling hills with a babbling brook. In this intimate setting, students will spend days receiving personal and individual instructions from me or master teachers. Additionally, I have been working with the energy vortex so that whatever personal drama is brought into the house gets released upon entering. This creates an immediate and sustaining disconnect from the troubles of the outside world for everyone who visits.

Because of this calling, I emptied my retirement and savings accounts and charged up my credit cards to begin the renovation. To date, the house is 80% completed. Unfortunately, I am now out of funds. I have no money left to finish the balance of the interior, the exterior insulation, siding, porch, and landscaping. So, I am asking for financial help to complete this beautiful, sacred environment. I feel a sense of urgency to open the Gaiaville Retreat Center to the public soon. The planet is changing rapidly. Many are in fear, confused, and disempowered by a barrage of energies and emotions brought up by the passage into a higher density. Being in this sanctuary for just a few days at a time brings peace, clarity, and the stillness that is needed to transform one’s consciousness. The world will need places like this in the years to come. Please help me co-create The Gaiaville Retreat Center.

You contribution, kindness, and generosity would be greatly appreciated.

Pierre R. Dubois

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