Dear Soul Family,

Happy New Year to all! I am enjoying a quiet and reflective day. I hope that 2015 finds you well. Last year was about digging through all internal patterns and removing what no longer serves. This year is about reaping the rewards of all that hard work. If you have done the work, then this year will help you move toward your dreams. This is not to say that it is going to drop into your lap, but that you have to go into the causal body and envision what you want to manifest. (Those of you who have been in class will know how to do this.) Do this and you will create a decree that the Universe will manifest back to you in the most miraculous and unexpected ways. Effortlessness is here.

If you have not done the work, then this year will be harder than last year. The planet is moving into higher frequencies, and your fears and shame will not be a match for this new vibration. You may be experiencing these extremes: a vast energy increase, a sense of being attacked, and great despair. This is because it is now relatively easy to move into the first level of ascension, which is a vast energy increase. However, if this increase occurs without you doing previous negative-ego reprogramming, all the subterranean contents of your subconscious mind will become as big as you are and project into the real world. It will feel like you are being attacked by outside forces, but they are your buried programs and fears projected into the real world. Now you will have to battle them in the real world so that you can regain control.

My friends, you do not have a choice. The Universe is creating conditions that will force you to deal with your fears by grace or by karma—the choice is yours.  You have to become clean in from of the Throne. I am not trying to scare you, but I am simply stating that you cannot escape the work of refining your consciousness. Each of us must do the work that is needed. My love for you will not grant you access into the Promised Land. You have to earn it.

It is my hope that you will seize the opportunity and move toward the elevation and refinement of your consciousness. It is not just about praying, meditating, or doing energy work. You have to be accountable to your past actions and change the behaviors, attitudes, and false beliefs that are sabotaging your ascension. It is about doing unsexy, negative-ego grunt work. Moreover, you have to understand the underlying gifts of all past events that have lead you to this point. Seek the wisdom in all experiences, and ascension will happen in a smooth manner.  I have shared with you many gifts, mechanics, and tools to do this. I cannot do the work for you; it is your responsibility.

May the unnamed Light of the Galactic Core embrace you with effortlessness, ease, and flow!


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  • Posted February 14, 2015


    Thank you! Same to you!

  • Posted February 11, 2015

    Ursula Biala

    Thank you Pierre for leading me into this new reality!

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