How Do You Hold Space for Someone?

How Do You Hold Space for Someone?

During a retreat that I led last week, a student asked me about the nature of my services. She was referring to a past life regression and a journey that I held for her. She stated that the process was much easier than she expected and discussed how it shifted her relationship with her companion. Then she asked “How do you do that?” Here was my response:

Imagine for a moment that the world is in 2-D having only length and width. Ascension is like possessing 3-D perception in a 2-D world. There is nothing that the ascended can do to describe in words what 3-D looks like. A 2-D being would not comprehend him. Although it is impossible for the ascended to describe this elevated state, it is entirely possible for him to project that elevated feeling and share it with another for ascension is a state that banishes fear and separation. The great discovery of ascension is that everyone around me is a cell in my greater body; I am able to radiate the feeling of this elevated state to another cell and cause their consciousness to temporarily shift into the higher perception.

We have a proverb in the Caribbean that states: “You have to know there to go there.” I cannot describe “there” since it is a multi-sensory experience, but I can project my awareness of “there” unto you. I can over light you and let you temporarily “go there.” In new age language, this is called “Holding Space” for someone. How do I do this? I hold in my awareness this elevated and expansive state and project my love unto to you. In other words, I simply LOVE YOU.

I do this for every class, presentation, meditation, session, and client. I can equally hold space for one or many. If it is a large group, I connect to the group body which is the collective energy signature of the group. When this occurs, I blend with you. I feel what you are feeling and help your consciousness to slowly expand to the maximum degree that it can extend in one session. Due to this blending, I am able to determine whether the journey is safe or unsafe and can shield you from astral, psychic, and spiritual dangers.

Although I am trained in many modalities, my current work is light years away from my original training. Many are trained by the same teachers and provide the same professional services that I do, but they cannot do what I do. This is not coming from my ego but from empirical evidence from the testimonials of my students and clients. As I hold space for you, I shepherd you into an expanded experience. For me, this is not complicated. It is as easy as batting my eyelashes and as natural as breathing.

Although this expansion is temporary, it may lead to a permanent state of awareness. As I expose you and others to this elevated frequency, it is my hope that it will trigger you to remember who you really are. After all, “Knowledge is remembering” according to Plato. As you experience more of this expansion, you will be triggered and remember your spiritual origin. If you become familiar to that expansive state, you can easily go back into it and hold that space on your own. Moreover, you can even ascend after multiple experiences of doing this on your own and achieving the threshold of being in that state 51% of the time.

It is important to understand that holding space is not a raising of frequency. It is the exact opposite. It is a surrendering of all fears, lack, and shame. It is an acceptance of the grace, blessing, and solution set that envelop us. I often hear lightworkers state that the frequency of a place or meditation is high. I find that it is not that the frequency is high, but that the vibration is giving us access to a higher world by dropping us into a surrendering state. Sometimes you have to slow down to go higher.

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