Neutrality: The Path of Reconciliation

Neutrality: The Path of Reconciliation

We exist in a world of opposites. Day and night, good and bad, black and white, and male and female are only a few examples of the duality that surround us. Whatever condition is created must have an equilibrating opposite. Universal law holds that everything exists in pairs. However, once a human being selects which side of the polarity he will occupy, he becomes emotionally charged and intolerant of any opposition. If this is you, you are highly polarized and can only comprehend the rationale that exists in the extreme positions. No one wants to think that their choice in life, alignment, and belief system is not right. Thus, you may perceive the opposite condition not as a complimentary, necessary, and balancing position, but as a menace that must be eliminated. Identifying solely with one side of the coin and being intolerant of any opposite condition fosters fanaticism and polarization that will lead into a desire to eradicate the opposite forces. Over the eons of your existence throughout this Universe, you became emotionally charged by the perception of the self-righteousness of your choices.

There is nothing more frightening than a fanatical soul that thinks that he has found the light and must go on a crusade to spread the word and give light to the world. This typically means that the so-called light is the only way. Any diverging positions are heresies and must be destroyed and eliminated. As the source of all past and current spiritual battles, this extremist version of the light path has caused more deaths than any other human activity. If the infidels do not repent and change their way, they are to be killed. While one may argue that this kind of rhetoric is antiquated in our modern world, you will realize nothing has changed if you observe any current spiritual group doing battle. The so-called light is trying to vanquish the darkness.

This is a highly toxic dynamic since the champions of the so-called darkness are equally motivated to eliminate the light. Think of a pendulum swinging from one side to the other. No side will ever win. There is no exit in this scenario. The battle will continue at perpetuity. This desire for a crusade is based on a fear that God cannot reach the rest of humanity so one will have to assist and perform God’s will. This is all code for beings that are so fearful that they will kill to stop others who have a different perception. The same way that God reached you, he will reach others as well. It is a total lack of faith in the Might of God. God is infinite and will reach all and his own timing. None of us need to interfere with that time frame. All you need to do is demonstrate to others what God has done for you. You simply need to be an example by shining your light and being the best version of yourself.

Life is more complex than a choice between light and dark. Nothing is that simple and categorical. One may espouse a philosophy but find that the expected behaviors are difficult. There may be guilt or remorse over past actions, doubts, and trepidation over future actions. These are just a few emotions circulating in the consciousness of the crusader. No one is ever a solid block of blind obeisance. Over time, these lingering emotions may fertilize and blossom into a maturity of expression that is tolerant of others.

Although opposite abound in nature, there also exist a third condition. At an atomic level, you are composed of positively-charged protons, negatively-charged electrons, and zero-charged neutrons. Neutrality is alive and well in nature. In order for you to exit the hamster wheel of polarity, you must become neutral. A neutral state is not a disconnection to the inequities of the world. You do not have to become like Switzerland and take no side. Neutrality is a way to pursue a spiritual and unlighted agenda without being charged and blinded by a sea of self-righteous emotions. You have preferences about the outcome but you do not have attachments. If things do not happen the way you expected, you are not crushed or devastated. You simply adjust to the changing situation and modify your goals accordingly.

Besides the battle of light versus dark, we can also be polarized in toxic and unhealthy emotional dynamics with individuals, friends, family members, group bodies, organizations, communities, cities and nations. As long as we feel that we are emotionally wronged by an individual or a group or that we have wronged or tried to control and dominate others, we are polarized. With this in place, the wheel of karma will never stop. Neutrality is the only way to reconcile these toxic cords that keep us in battles with others lifetime after lifetime.

Through reconciliation, you acknowledge that you are contributing to the toxic emotional battle by at least 50 percent. Follow the Ho’oponopono prayer of reconciliation from the Kahunas of Hawaii: “Divine creator, Father Mother, Son as one… If I, my family, relatives and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives and ancestors by thoughts, words, deeds and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, I ask for your forgiveness. I love you and I let go. Let this cleanse, purify, release, end all negative memories, blocks, energies and vibrations and transform these unwanted energies to pure light.” Keep repeating this prayer every time you think of the individual until you feel nothing towards that individual. When there is no emotional charge, you are done. The short version of this prayer is: “Please forgive me. I love you and I let go.”

But having achieved neutrality toward others is only the beginning. The greatest challenge is to reconcile self. Since we have acted in a polarized manner toward others and caused them harm in the eons of our existence, we must forgive ourselves for these past actions. There is a vast reservoir of guilt and shame that lies beneath the surface of consciousness over these less than stellar behaviors. We will not allow ourselves to ascend until we can reconcile these actions. Repeat the Ho’oponopono to yourself and allow your tormented soul to find peace and forgiveness.

Neutrality and reconciliation are relatively new concepts to me. I am still learning. I have been teaching a weekly Neutrality series of class for 18 months. Spirit is not allowing us to move to a new topic because the group body of the class is not completely neutral. I am saying this to make you understand that you may have to do this more than once.

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