Overcoming your Internal Fears

Overcoming your Internal Fears

Ascension is such an elevated state of being that many students on the path of light equate it with perfection. They begin to emulate behaviors and characteristics of saints and avatars. Their emotional lives are merely guided by expressing higher emotions. On the surface, all of this sounds great. But if you look a bit deeper, you may realize that many students are running away from the real work which is to reprogram all the repressed and suppressed internal fears. Ascension is not just a matter of copying the behavior of the ascended. It is about transmuting festering emotions and dark feelings within into light. It is about transmuting lead into gold. The springboard for ascension is working on the mastery of the emotions that makes you feel vulnerable and weak. You have to reprogram your internal darkness and then emulating the behavior of the saints and sages. Both parts have to be done so that you can join the ascended community.

The average person’s range of emotion is limited to the expression of lack and fears. The media, marketing, and major communication channels frequently use fear-based thought and ideas to model behavior. This induces in the average human being into expressing emotions connected to our survival. While we understand pain, suffering, despair, lack, and fear, we have an abstract and intellectual knowledge of higher emotions such as empathy, compassion, service, and charity. As we attempt to elevate our consciousness into a higher light, we often make the mistake of suppressing our lower emotions by labeling them as “bad feelings” and attempt to model our life after the “good feelings” without developing a visceral understanding of what they are.

As we suppress the bad feelings, we also suppress the emotional understanding of all our feelings. Since the emotional body includes both our positive and negative emotions, we become emotionally numb to all feelings if we begin to repress the expression of one type of emotion. We do this because we believe that this is the only way create a sense of peace over the emotional body. We want to appear as if we are in charge, in control, and prefect. But this is nothing more than a façade and a veneer. It is like putting a Band-Aid on a festering wound. This is a recipe for disaster for after a life time of holding back feelings, they get bigger and bigger. What you resist, persist. Yet most of us are blinded to the fact that we are seating on an emotional time bomb.

Our vulnerability is not a weakness; it is a super-power. Instead of denying our negative emotions, we can allow them to emerge and examine them without being emotional charged. Once we remove the label of “bad” and simply look at them clinically as feelings, we can find where the emotions are located our body. Add to this the following internal query: What does it feel like? Is it a pressure or a pain? Is it hot or cold? Is it static or is it moving? Does it have a color? Does it remind of anything? Does it conjure up an image?

These fears and blind spots that exist in our emotional body are like filters or lenses that we have created as we descended from Source – the field of potentiality – and into experiential and dimensional existence. In Source, our essence was nothing more than a potential for manifestation. For us to experience and manifest that potential, we had to fragment ourselves and believe in lesser truth. At every step of the descent into lower and lower dimensions, we accept more and more fragmented beliefs, thoughts, and ideas. We disempowered ourselves so that we could be embodied into a dimensional vessel. We created a customized filter or fear-based experience that became a belief system to hold us into the frequency of 3-D reality and keep us from liberation and ascension into a higher light.

In addition to creating a customized and personal series of filters and lenses, we also collectively share specific fears and belief systems with the rest of the planet. This shared fear is the lock that holds us into dimensional reality. It is a prison of our own making. In order to achieve ascension, we must dismantle our personal and collective fear-based filters.

Do the following meditation: Close your eyes and take a deep breath and allow the Universal Life Force that permeates everything to enter into your lungs. Then recite “Please forgive me. I love you and I let go” twice. Keep breathing deeply and slowly and locate any points or areas in your body where you are holding fears and filters that are holding you back from liberation. Notice your observations without any objections. Is it a pressure or a pain? Is it hot or cold? Is it static or is it moving? Does it have a color? Does it remind you of anything? Does it conjure up an image? What feeling does it remind you of? Is it more than one feeling?

Recite “Please forgive me. I love you and I let go” three times. Then take a deep breath and allow the light of Source to blend with this point and release all toxic pressure, pain, and suffering. Release all fears into Source and allow the kindness, benevolence, and support that permeate everything to bring expansion and liberation to that point.

Take a deep breath and open your eyes when you are ready.

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