Prayer for the Removal of Fear of Earth Shifts

Prayer for the Removal of Fear of Earth Shifts

For this prayer, you will need a fireproof plate (stone ware), 4 short white candles and matches. Place the candle in cross pattern on the fireproof plate and light candle when you are told to in the prayer. Say this prayer out loud once a day for a seven day cycle.

We call upon the divine presence of God, the God force, Christ and the Holy Spirit, We call forth the Divine Father, the Divine Mother, Mother Earth, Lady Gaia, Earth Elohim, Master Devas, General Devas, Sub Devas, Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael and Sandalphon, Pan and all nature spirits from the four corners of planet earth. We call forth Lord Buddha and the six Buddha’s of activities: Masters of Shambalah, Master Allah Gobi, El Morya, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Helarion, Sananda, Rakozy, St Germain, Djwhal Khul, Lord Maitreya, Lord Krishna, Melchior, Vywanus, Lendus,Atlantos, Adomis, Cosmos, Averran, Helios and Vesta, The Mahatma, Melchizedeck, Metatron. We also call forth Asthar Commander, the Acturian, the Lord and Lady of Sirus, All Chrisrted Extra Terrestrial Races, the Divine Director and the Karmic Board.

We call forth Master Djwhal Khul and ask for the anchoring of the core fear removal programming into the hearts of men, women and children of the earth if this be in harmony with the Lords and Ladies of Karma. We ask for the removal of all core fear related to panic and fear about the earth changes and shifts manifesting as earthquakes, severe storms and catastrophic weather systems. We ask that this be done continuously for the rest of the day / night. And let it be replaced by peace, calm, serenity and certainty that Gaia will keep us safe as we co-create the new earth with her.
From the four corners of planet earth, we call forth the Four Mighty Earth Elohim guardians and keepers of the cardinal gates and makers of all things.

Fire, (Light the candle at the top) Oh Brilliant and Ephemeral creatures of light and flames, we salute you. Let your Holy flames burn in us and remove all fears, lack of understanding and wisdom and leave behind the courage to stand up for the transformation of our world.
Blessed be.
The blessing of Fire to all on earth.

Water, (Light the candle at the bottom) Oh Mighty and Translucent beings of love, compassion and understanding, we salute you. Let your compassion flow though us like great rivers cascading down a mountain: pure and unstained. May all selfish and personal gain in us be cleanse and purified into a heartfelt realization that the greater good is as also for our ultimate good.
Blessed be.

The blessings of Water to all on earth.

Earth, (Light the candle to the right) Oh Great beings of strength, density and power, we salute you. Let your industrious, creative and building powers manifest in us the vision for a blessed planet. May the old hologram of greed and self-motivation be replaced by an intention of fairness and equal exchange.

Blessed be.

The blessing of Earth to all on earth.

Air, (Light the candle to the left) Oh Fast and Clear beings of knowledge, we salute you. Let your quick thoughts and movements reach us and allow us to hear the voices, songs, commands and will of the planet. May we discern when to stand and when to move for our betterment and the evolution and growth of all. Allow us to communicate the will and intent of Gaia to all.
Blessed be.
The blessing of Air to all on earth.

Let the combined attributes of Four Mighty Elohim: Fire, Water, Earth and Air bring us peace and neutrality and the certainty in the creation of a blessed and ascended planet.

“Our beloved subconscious minds, we now ask and command that you take this thought form prayer, with all the Manna and vital force that is needed and necessary to manifest and demonstrate this prayer, to the Beloved Presence of God”.

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