Predictions 2015 and Beyond

Predictions 2015 and Beyond

by Pierre R. Dubois and the Galactic Regent Council

The future of the earth exists as a potential for manifestation waiting for a critical mass of the earth population to select that potential. Yet it is not just one possible future that appears on the horizon. There is an endless number of potential futures waiting for the collective intention and choice of the critical mass to create a wave function, coalescing one choice as the dominant and selected path for the planet. Perceiving the future is complicated, for if the seer has an attachment to a particular paradigm, he will perceive in great detail only that potential and not any others. However if the seer is neutral, he will see the multiple potentials, and reading the future then becomes the art of sensing which potential is more likely to manifest. To the seer, this often appears like a fan of multiple, simultaneous paths from which one gets chosen.

We are living in an extraordinary moment in the evolution of mankind. The earth is about to cross the galactic equator, connecting the planet to light from the galactic core without any celestial body blocking the way—something that has not happened in 31 million years. As we approach this galactic crossing, the existing 3-D paradigm of “fear and lack,” which seven billion people are holding as code in the magnetic filament of the planet’s magnetosphere, is being dismantled. Under the influence of the Galactic Regent Council, a collective of 12 Galactic Elders that oversees the evolution of the Milky Way Galaxy, solar flares and plasma are being ejected from the sun and are colliding with the earth’s magnetosphere to destroy the existing 3-D codes of fear and lack. These flares are the demolition crew that is destroying the collective false beliefs, axes, and identities, making way for a 5-D paradigm of truth, authenticity, and transparency.

Since we are connected to this collective grid, our personally held false beliefs, axes, and identities are also being destroyed. This may cause nausea, vertigo or loss of balance, difficulties digesting, migraine headache, or anxiety attacks. If you are experiencing these symptoms, do not resist. Take a deep breath and ask the sun to remove all false beliefs and identities that exist in your core. Release, surrender, and let go. Repeat this process until you feel better.
Whatever paradigm is dominant during the galactic equator crossing will determine the future path of the earth. As of this writing, there is no dominant path on the horizon. There exist multiple possibilities: some are projecting an easy and effortless transition into a blessed field; others are choosing a path of battle and warfare; there is a survivalist future with lack of resources and catastrophic earth changes; and finally, there is a future that will lead mankind to reclaim his Galactic heritage. For now, the latter, which is my preference, is not the dominant future.

We are now in a time of flux in which polarization and extremes will create schism and separation. This will be visible socially, economically, and politically. Additionally, we will have to contend with atmospheric and earth changes: violent winds, water events, mudslides, and possible global health pandemics. The vacuum left by the demolition of the 3-D paradigm has to be occupied by something. Although the Galactic Regent Council has orchestrated the dismantling of the 3-D, what future the planet moves toward is up to us. We have free will, and we have to collectively choose our own path. This period of flux, apparent chaos, and uncertainties is the way we will collectively select the next paradigm. Dear Reader, fear not, for if you are alive at this point in time, you agreed at a soul level to co-create a part of this. You play a critical role in this equation.

Some individuals are, or will be, experiencing the 4-D. This is characterized by moments of ecstatic joy and euphoric bliss. What used to take years to experience is now taking months. It is a quickening and acceleration. But just because the higher energetic field is being experienced doesn’t mean that one has the emotional intelligence to deal with the frequency. For it is not just joy that it brings. It also ends separation and lets you blend with the emotions and feelings of others. If you lack emotional maturity and boundaries and do not know where you begin and others end, this will be a painful experience. Moreover, this pain will attract 4.5-D fallen angelic forces called the Archons. They are referred to in occult literature as the “dwellers on the threshold” and are there as a personalized test to every seeker of ascension. Master Jesus experienced this, after his 40 days of fasting in the desert, in the form of a demon who wanted to give him all the food in the world. Everyone will experience a customized test from the Archons. Start preparing by working on your negative ego and emotional boundaries so that the test will be an annoyance rather than a derailment. Once this test is passed, the higher dimensional grids will be processed correctly.

Equally visible on the horizon are small and peripheral groups of individuals who have grounded, or will be grounding, higher dimensional knowledge, teachings, gifts, and healing on the earth. This is because these individuals are part of a collective of higher dimensional beings who descended on earth to help humanity transition into the new grid. They are here to orchestrate a planetary group rescue and are a collective of 144,000-plus starseed rescuers. They operate mostly underground on a grassroots level but hold the keys to help humanity rejoin the Galactic family.

Our Galactic Elders knew that humanity would have a hard time making the right choice onto a path of ascension and neutrality. For seven billion people to ascend before the galactic equator crossing seemed impossible. They could not interfere with our affairs. However, what if Galactic and Dimensional Elders were to incarnate as humans, sharing our DNA but not connected to the planetary wheel of karma featuring rancor, vengeance, and retaliation. At the appropriate time, they would begin to ascend, a process that would be easier for a star being than one who is bound by the wheel of planetary karma. From there they would begin to broadcast a liberation frequency through our shared DNA and entrain the rest of humanity into selecting this path of spiritual elevation before the crossing of the galactic equator, thus rescuing humanity.

The timing of this crossing is not known, but I suspect that it is within a few years and probably around the blue moon Wesak of 2027. Understand that the earth does not need to be rescued. The earth is ascending. It is humanity that is trapped into a cycle of tit-for-tat and retaliation, in danger of being stuck in lower densities. I have held multiple journeys, with groups across the country in the past two years, trying to perceive the future earth. It is always shocking to the participants to observe that the earth is lush, green, and beautiful, but hardly populated by humans at all. The rescuers have shed their powers and are as human as the rest of us, but have remembrance of the expansiveness of the higher dimension. Therefore, they will respond faster and better to the quickening and acceleration. They too have to do the negative ego and emotional work that everyone else is doing. They simply will process it faster.

Here is what the Galactic Regent Council and starseeds are attempting to create. The earth has 156 chakra locations. At each chakra location, a minimum of 12 ascended starseeds must stand up in spiritual rectitude and verticality. When this happens, they will begin to radiate a neutral frequency that is far greater than the sum of the parts, and the chakra’s frequency broadcast will expand 777 miles in diameter. Every living thing in that chakra grid will be given a choice of entrainment or remaining in fear. Now suppose that at the chakra to the north, 12 other starseeds stand up as well, repeating this process. The radiation of these two chakra grids will overlap each other, center to center. As the chakra locations to the east and west do the same, and so on all over the planet, every chakra grid will overlap center to center to its neighbor’s. When the 12 starseeds posted at all the chakra locations on earth will have done their work, the planet will become the living flower of life. At this point, a call will be sent to the galactic core, and Celestial Light will begin to plunge into the core of the planet through 156 gates or tunnels held open by the rescuers. For a brief moment, the prana seed of the planet will shut down and re-ignite into a higher dimensional frequency.

Even if this rescue occurs as planned, it does not guarantee that everyone on earth will choose to entrain into the broadcast of the rescue team. All that the broadcast is doing is presenting a choice that was not visible to humanity. We have free will and the right to select where we are going to go. Some may choose to remain behind and explore lower density further. And that choice will be honored. This means that at the time of the galactic equator crossing, any collective larger them 144,000 that resonates with a specific frequency—be it ascension, war, lack, or scarcity—will move into a future version of the earth that matches their choice. The earth will begin to fragment into multiple versions as a means to give everyone on the earth the appropriate time frame to work out their negative ego and emotional maturity issues. Some will cross the galactic equator and go into an ascended tomorrow, while others will be moved to a reality and location away from this crossing. This is to give them enough time to refine their consciousness and to be appropriately prepared for this important growth spurt.

We are all immortal Godseeds in physical embodiment, and there will be an opportunity for every fragment of God to be rescued. The time frame and the manner in which this happens may not coincide with our expectations, but it is destined to happen. To those moving into the higher densities, the split into multiple realities may appear as a die-off. As individuals move into matching frequencies, it will seem to those left behind that they have died. This in actuality is not so. It as if the human population will be going through a sieve, grouping beings according to their dominant resonance. Within each split of our reality, enough time will be given so that the galactic crossing will be made when the grouping will have evolved in consciousness—redemption for all. Understand that this rare astrological crossing is 31 million years in the making. It allows all dimensional gates to be open—the lower and higher gates. Which dimension we traverse into will be determined by our individual frequency.

Given that the galactic crossing is some years away, you still have time to select the future in which you will exist. This is done by taking concrete steps and acts toward the elevation of your consciousness. Good intentions are not enough; you have to act. You need to work on the taming of your reactive and negative ego system, become emotionally intelligent, act as the god/goddess that you want to be. Leave behind you a trail of kindness, goodness, benevolence, wellness, and unconditional love. Harm no one.

The year 2015 is called by the Galactic Masters: “The Gathering.” It is the time in which the grassroots starseed volunteers begin to network, gather, and link with each other, for together they will generate a power far greater them the sum of the parts.

Here is what the Galactic Regent Council had to say about this topic at the Wesak of 2014

“From the core of the Milky Way Galaxy in the inner horizon, the blinding light of a quasar releasing light in the galactic equator, pulsating radiation of creation, manifestation, and the birthing of new worlds and planets, we are the Galactic Regent Council, a collective of 12 Galactic Elders that composes the regency of the Milky Way Galaxy.

We say to you today that we are watching you. We are here to let you know that we are paying careful attention to the lenses that you are creating and the manifestation that you are about to precipitate into your reality. From the core of the galactic center, we are orchestrating a change, transformation, and rescue that will support the bio-regenesis of all life forms on earth, the opportunity for all sentient and evolutionary beings to achieve ascension.

We are radiating pluses of light frequency: cosmic, gamma, radio, and light that have no matching words in your language. We are releasing them now as we speak to you, causing change and transformation to occur in your physical and energetic being. We are accelerating the changes that need to happen in your DNA so that your higher bodies can focalize into a dimension of your choosing. But, like with all things, for creation to happen, there must be death. The old must die and the new must rise. There has to be change and transformation, and the old must be released. If you are holding the old, it will become brittle and fall apart. The frequencies are high, and transformation that needs to take place will cause the old to be flushed out and blown away. The residue and debris will turn back into cosmic dust, fueling the recycling process that maintains sustainable existence.

The new will come and will fall into place. This process of dying and rebirth in living organic beings requires trust. You have to trust and believe that the physical changes and the emotional sensitivities are occurring for a higher purpose. The food sensitivities and digestive issues are happening for a purpose. In your higher bodies in the sixth and seventh dimensions and beyond, you do not take energy from food. You take it directly from light, and your digestive track will be altered accordingly. Therefore, you will find that your digestion of certain types of food will change. This is part of the death process and the welcoming of the new. You need to trust and believe that there is a greater good afoot, that this is being done for a higher purpose, rather than seeing it as a curse. It is a gift, for your higher bodies cannot digest and hold the old density. After all, what is food? It is nothing more than biophotons and light from the sun in physical form.

We say unto to you that, for the earth and its creatures, this process of rebirth is not an issue, for they trust in the higher purpose and the evolutionary growth. But for humans, you have fears and doubts that poison your consciousness and stop you from trusting what you know in your core to be true. Just trust that what is happening to you is not a handicap. It is a gift. Listen to your body and make the necessary adjustments. Take action and alter what needs to be altered.

The higher bodies of the planet are being prepared, and the frequency that has no name in your language is being released to support the anchoring and grounding of a golden future earth. We of the Galactic Core desire deeply that you live and that you survive this transition. We have orchestrated a means by which this can happen. We simply ask that you play your role and allow your consciousness to align with the higher purpose of bringing forth this powerful transformation. We are waiting for the moment when you can sit at our table and we can openly communicate with you. You are the wayshowers, the heralds, and individuals who will lead the planet into this golden tomorrow, and it is through you that this change will happen. In time, future earth history will celebrate you, and you will be known as the saviors. For now, you sit in the shadows as unknowns. But in the future, there will be holidays to celebrate your courage. This is not a means for us to motivate you, but it is a glimpse at a potential future. You can make sure that this future becomes a reality by the actions that you take to move you toward the creation of this tomorrow.

Whatever state the collective consciousness of humanity is in when crossing the galactic equator, that state will key in a frequency that will actually precipitate the corresponding potential future into reality. For now, the spectrum is fully open, but the direction and the selection will soon surface above the midpoint. Therefore we encourage you to dream and to act on those dreams; by no means should you be clipping your wings. Do not let any past prophecies limit the boundaries to which you extend your intention and imagination. The canvas is completely untouched and virginal. You have the opportunity to travel to the 4-D and 5-D, but all the upper worlds are opened. Every 31 million years the earth rises above the galactic crust, aligning with the galactic equator. This is a rare cosmological occurrence, and this crossing is about to happen. Use this opportunity wisely for it will give you the ability to travel deeper into the core of the dimensional ladder.

Additionally, we should share with you that the volunteers have descended from not only our galaxy, but from beyond, for something quite extraordinary is about to happen. It is not just the rescue of humanity that you are working on. There is something much bigger taking place. Suppose that, in the process of this group rescue, a collective of 700,000 thousand humans were entrained and ascend. This is a conservative estimate, for your planet has currently seven billion people.

This is only 10% of the population, but this would release a light from the earth, extending 4,429 light years away. Keep in mind that the earth is only 26 light years away from the core of the galaxy; the influence of this ascension en mass at the galactic crossing would be special. It would be amplified, and the waves would reach the upper worlds. Let us suppose that, instead of 700,000 thousand, half of the planet ascends. How far would the ripple travel? What kind of light would be released? Other worlds, other galaxies might be affected by this mass ascension. It would not be just a matter of a few hundred thousand people being aligned with their heart space, true purpose, and shifting awareness. But it would be a matter of the release of authentic truth, remembering that you are aspects of divinity, and of releasing that frequency into your quadrant of space, causing a ripple effect that would consequently affect star systems near and far. Think of a pebble being thrown into a lake, versus a rock: the ripple effects are quite different. This could change the fabric of reality as you know it and travel through the entire Universe. Therefore the volunteers that are orchestrating this rescue, you dear ones, are working for a purpose that is far greater than just the rescue of humanity. You are here orchestrating a shift in consciousness and light that in time will cause the entire Universe to begin to ascend.

Understand what we are revealing to you today. As I am the voice of the 12 Regents, I am now being told that I have said too much. I am simply going to state that our love for you is deep and profound, for the moment you begin to understand who you are and what you are and the purpose for which you incarnated, this coarse density and its challenges will begin to vanish. For you did not come here just to breathe air, eat, and die. You have a higher calling and purpose. It is the fundamental reason why you are in this density. Stop making excuses as to why you are not fulfilling it.

Everything else is secondary. You change what needs to change and alter what needs to be altered. Many of you seated here have old habits that need to be change. We see everything and understand you through the depth of your soul. There are things that you need to let go of, for soon they are going to become too painful and brittle to hold. Move toward God, and meet him halfway, and everything will become easier. We are not saying effortless, for an effort needs to be applied for change to occur, but it will become easier. You are moving in uncharted territory; however trust us, the change that is coming toward you is far greater than you can imagine. There will come a time when your hearing, seeing, tasting, touching, and smelling will change so radically that you will not recognize who you are.

Welcome the change. This is the way a world is rescued and this is how organic life forms shift dimensions. Yield into it. Allow it to happen instead of fighting it, and it will save months if not years of discomfort and suffering.
Dear ones, we are here to support you, and we release toward you Light from the Galactic Core. We are not intruding in your privacy or attempting to influence your choice. But everything has consequences. If you choose not to do what we are suggesting, we hold no resentment. We bless you and say that however you proceed, it is all good in our eyes. For if you and humanity do not make it, another 31 million years will have to pass before this opportunity presents itself again. And to us in the Galactic core, time is not relevant; but to you in the physical embodiment, it is an eternity. We ask you to ponder the thoughts and ideas that we have presented today. Use your truth meter that exists in your gut, and align your life and future accordingly.

We are the Galactic Regent Council and thank you for this opportunity to share.”

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