Meditations and Spiritual Practices for Abundant Living – POWER PASS


3 Private 1-Hour Sessions with Pierre Dubois
12 Weekly Online Coachings
Audio Recording of Each Coaching
Access to Facebook Discussions
Unlimited Email Support
Cost $1,050
paid in three installments of $350.00 per month

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Being happy, joyous, and fulfilled does not have to be a pipe dream.

We were created to have abundant happiness in all aspects of our life. Yet we struggle, sacrifice, and battle to survive in order to achieve a meager existence. Why is that so? Why are we not thriving? There exist enough resources in the Universe for everyone to be abundantly happy. What is stopping us from happiness is that we believe we are undeserving, and consequently we become disconnected to abundant flow.

Although you may be struggling with fears, health challenges, emotional or financial distresses, psychological pressures, and spiritual doubts, your birthright is to be abundantly happy. What separate you from this blessing are lack of inner knowledge, spiritual practice, maturity, and wisdom. To impart this to you, I have created a 12-week online group coaching experience, coupled with private coaching sessions with me, to accelerate your transmutation into an abundant, rich, and spiritually fulfilling life.

Join us for this unique opportunity for weekly group coaching of 90 minutes each for 12 weeks, designed to lead you to an abundant life. The coachings are held online, which allows you to join in from the comfort of your home. Learn all the skill sets that will permit you to become more at peace, centered, and bring joy to your life. At the end of the three-month process, you will have learned to conquer your fears and move past the obstacles that are paralyzing you from realizing your full potential.

If you are tired of struggling, being stuck or lost, in pain or suffering, this is designed for you to achieve liberation. You get 12 weekly coachings, a recording of the coachings, private one-on-one breakthrough coaching sessions with me, and access to our private Facebook page for community support and discussion.

The series will begin Wednesday, November 16th, 2016, at 7:00pm EST. Live video conferences take place every Wednesday from 7:00pm to 8:30pm EST (12 coaching sessions in total) with unlimited Q&As with Pierre on the private Facebook Group Page.

The Details

The series will begin Wednesday, November 16th, 2016, at 7:00pm EST. Live video conferences take place every Wednesday from 7:00pm to 8:30pm EST (12 coaching sessions in total) with unlimited Q&As with Pierre on the private Facebook Group Page.

Session One:

THE END OF SUFFERING: Suffering is an alien concept to the Universe. In a polarized environment everything is created in pairs: night and day, positive and negative, man and woman, etc. Learn how to connect to the endless blessings that the Universe is seeking to give you right now.

Session Two:

BREATH CONTROL: Learn the various breath control techniques that will permit you to reestablish your direct connection to The Source, thus bringing you into Alignment with Divine Purpose.

Session Three:

THE GIVER AND THE RECEIVER: A deeper analysis of the relationship between the Original Giver and Receiver. Learn how to give and receive in a balanced manner. Without the removal of all contaminations that exist on these original blueprints, you will always exist in scarcity.

Session Four:

SHAME AND FEAR: Where did shame come from? Why do we fear? How to you remove shame and fear? How to separate ourselves from collective fear and shame and a fearful world?

Session Five:

NEUTRALITY: Discover the state of neutrality. Learn what neutrality really means. It is not a disconnection to the injustices of the world, but an active way to achieve conflict resolution.

Session Six:

SELF-RECONCILIATION: In a spiritual life stream that is billions of years old, no one was always completely Light-based. Begin the process of forgiving self for past failings and learn the wisdom attached to all experiences: good or bad.

Session Seven:

THE FOUR-BODY SYSTEM: We are not just a body. On top of our physical vessel there exist more subtle bodies that lead us all the way back to God. Learn the various means in which you are to maintain the health of these bodies.

Session Eight:

THE DAN TIEN: In our energetic column, there exist four energy knots called by the Taoists “Dan Tien.” They hold all primordial memories, issues, and blind spots that are causing us to repeat and echo the same mistakes. Learn how to untie the knots and grow from them.

Session Nine:

AUTHENTICITY: We are all masters of self-deceit. We all have buried our authentic natures, hidden from the world for fear of rejection and ridicule. The problem is that we not only have forgotten where we buried it, but we also cannot be fulfilled without it. Learn how to find your authentic nature.

Session Ten:

DISCOVERING YOUR PURPOSE: Lessons from past lives. You will be guided to journey into our past history to see who you were and what you did, and the purpose for which you incarnated into this world.

Session Eleven:

THE ENEMY: Learn about a psychic infection generated by dimensional beings that have the agenda of keeping you stuck in your present condition. Learn how to break yourself free from them.

Session Twelve:

THE PATH OF THE WAYSHOWER: The earth is transitioning into something. What the future looks like may be elusive, but we are part of a team seeking to rescue humanity. Learn about the awakening process and the activation of the Living Flower of Life.


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