Neutrality Master Class


Although we exist in a dualistic universe—light and dark, positive and negative, day and night— there exists a third state that does not require us to be polarized—neutrality, which is alive and well in the universe. At an atomic level, we have the proton that is positively charged and the electron that is negatively charged, but we also have the neutron has no charge”. Let us be clear that neutrality is not a disconnection from the injustices of the world; rather it is a way to heal the polarization of the planet. It is accelerated conflict resolution.

Instead of being polarized about your side of an issue and seeking the annihilation of the other side, this third state gives you a way to have conviction without being a fanatic. You can have preferences without having attachments. This affords you greater clarity to see what motivates the other side and can quickly lead you to conflict resolution.
Since we have been trained by the environment to be polarized, neutrality is a process of unlearning years of visceral projections toward others and taking responsibility for what we can truly change: ourselves. It requires a fundamental change in our paradigm and the creation of a new way of seeing ourselves in the world.

This class is an ongoing exploration of neutrality as it incorporates our personal relationships to others, groups, institutions, countries, and the world. Equally important are the reconciliation and neutral stand that we need to have toward ourselves. We are our own worst critics, and we need to become neutral to the failings of this life and past lives.

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