Prosperity and Lack Consciousness<br>and the Rise of a New Paradigm for the Creation of Heaven on Earth

Prosperity and Lack Consciousness
and the Rise of a New Paradigm for the Creation of Heaven on Earth

As the scope of the financial crisis is beginning to create jitters and fears around the globe, it is helpful for us to take a look at prosperity and lack consciousness from a spiritual perspective. Brothers and sisters, we are going through a paradigm shift. The old ways of doing business are failing on a massive scale and world leaders are desperately looking for a fix. Are the proposed fixes long-term solutions or just patches on giant wound? More importantly, what global and collective belief system and programs are we moving away from and what new paradigms are God, Goddess, Spirit and the Masters installing? In what way can we support, co-create and help install this new ascended program in the grid of the planet?

According the Kabbalah, in the beginning there existed only light which was imbued with an infinite “desire to give”. That “desire to give” did not have the ability to reflect itself for nothing else was present to acknowledge its existence. To solve that problem, it emptied a space from itself and manifested an infinite “desire to receive”. And for a while, “the desire to give” and “the desire to receive” co-existed in a perfect spiritual marriage. For reasons that can only be understood as an evolution of unity into duality, “the desire to receive” evolved also a desire to give, but could not fulfill that want for “the desire to give” was not equipped to receive. “The desire to give” wanted nothing more then to satisfy all the needs of “the desire to receive”; but on this one wish he/ she could not. This evolution of wanting to give something back to the hands that feed you is a desire or program that the Kabbalist call: “bread of shame”. Let me explain by an example: When babies are born, every few hours, they cry and want to be fed or comforted by the caregiver’s hands. But as some point, when they begin to eat solid food they refuse to be fed and want to feed themselves even if it means putting the food all over their face and clothes. This illustrates a cornerstone program that humanity shares: the desire to earn what is being given to us. This unfulfilled need of the ”the desire to receive” became a real dilemma causing a spiritual crisis to ensue and a decision was made that explain our reason d’etre. “The desire to receive” like a child saying “no” to the hands of the caregiver trying to feed him, refuses the light; but the emptiness that follows was too great and “the desire to receive” called “the desire to give” back. As soon as the light touched “the desire to receive”, there was a giant spiritual detonation and explosion which formed a point as small as a dime; “the desire to receive” fragmented into a multiplicity that eventually incarnated as humanity. The light arranged for us a stage or matrix to help fulfill that basic program or desire: “the removal of the bread of shame” by having the opportunity to give and receive to each other and thus earning and accepting back the light of God.

In our modern society, one of the fundamental ways that we give and receive from each other is with money. All businesses sell goods or services and the cost of the transaction is determine by supply and demand. If today this item or that service is in high demand and short supply, we assign a high monetary value to it. Yet the value and consciousness that we attached to money itself is often contaminated and distorted. I remember years ago, a Wall Street friend of mine told me his father once said to him: “he who dies with the most money in the bank wins”. For him earning a six figure income and putting the money in the bank was the key to fulfillment. The purpose of his life was to accumulate more money; he worshipped money like a god. If this is your belief system them greed and corruption are not far behind and the negative ego, limited lenses, of instant gratification and me first behavior will cause you to be spiritually out of balance and bankrupt. This is an example of someone who only knows how to receive, but is unable to give. There is nothing wrong with wanting to receive and be rich, in fact God wants us to be prosperous for with our abundance we can help to manifest God’s plan on earth by sharing with others. Abundance and prosperity comes from God not from the amount of money you hold and hoard in a bank. If your focus is money, you are worship a false God. On the other hand, there are those of us who are able to give but find it hard to receive, plenty of lightworkers who fall into that category. I met this beautiful soul a while back that would give you the shirt off of her back. She was one of the most generous people that I have ever met. I later found out that she had a nervous break down and, as it turns out, she was giving not because she was full, but because she felt worthless and empty. Due to lack of self-love and negative ego contamination, she interpreted receiving as ungodly and dirty. More to the point, she did not believe that she deserved to receive from anyone for she did not have any positive self-worth. But if you don’t receive the bliss, inspiration and downloads coming from God, you will find very quickly that you run on empty and your world service work becomes ineffective. These two examples are illustrations of the extremes. What we are called to do is a bit subtler for we must give and receive at the same time. We have to allow the blessing to come from God and others and give and share with the world what we receive. Further when we give to someone, we must allow them the opportunity to remove their own bread of shame by reciprocating back to the degree that they can. I once sent a few hundred dollars to a maid my family used to have. I had heard that she had fallen on hard times. For me, it was only a few hundred dollars. But for her living in the Caribbean, it was an overwhelming blessing. She wrote me back very grateful, but said that she had to give me something in return. I thought about it and asked her if she could get me an embroidered handkerchief. When she sent it to me; her shame was removed. I could have easily said that I did not need anything, but that would have caused her to run the bread of shame program and would have sabotaged the blessings she was enjoying.

In truth, currency is energy and the exchange of energy between giver and receiver must be done in a balanced manner. The money and paper that you have in the bank or your wallet is not the actual source of wealth. It is simply a symbol and value that we collectively attach to what is in demand. Wealth, abundance and prosperity are a state of mind and come from proper balancing of the desire to receive and give in everything that we do. It is not about the money and currency and it is all about the energy exchange and not creating blockage in giving and receiving. When receiving we have to earn the blessing and in giving we give because it is spiritual law that we share with others and we allow the receiver to earn its blessing. If you look at nature, nothing is free. There is effort attached to the survival of every species. Spiritual effort is the key to connecting to true wealth and prosperity and it can take many shapes: a mailed handkerchief, a new job, self love and acceptance, prosperity affirmations, giving to charity, an act of service to the world, re-programming the negative ego mind…etc or it could be a combination of all the above. We have to earn the light of God back and remove the bread of shame or the negative ego program. The moment it is done the blessings are yours to enjoy. It is not that bliss is not all around us, we simply have to earn it and it will be revealed to us for it is our shame that is holding the bliss back and that shame can take many forms. I recently held a workshop and met a couple who was experiencing financial difficulties, but had serious interest in the workshop topic. They asked if I could make some special arrangement for them. I lowered the admittance to an amount they could afford. They were one of the most enthusiastic participants of the workshop. It was as if they had been walking in the desert for year and had just found water. That evening one of my students who left with them told me a fact that I did not know. They had given the last penny that they had for the workshop and did not have any food in their house for dinner. But God is great! That student arranged for them to eat that evening. The spiritual effort that they put in getting to the workshop was more then equal to the dollar value of admittance. There was no bread of shame. They earned the entrance fee for it is not the amount of money spent, but the effort and energy they put into getting there. Secondly, I also welcomed them and saw them as equal participants in the workshop. As spiritual leaders, we have financial obligations and concerns that can cause us to be reticent to make these kinds of arrangements, or worse, to agree to them, because we think that is what we should do, but have doubts about our giving, thus contaminating it with questions, fears and worries about how we are going to solve our own financial crisis. This kind of consciousness blocks the blessings from God that such and act should bring and the act of giving becomes soiled with the negative ego program. My gift to this couple was free of such concern; I really wanted them there.

I have witnessed the inverse of what I describe; lightworkers and spiritual teachers who would not ever alter the cost of their services under the claim that the potential students had prosperity issues that they had to solve in order to attend their classes and workshops. This is a brilliant negative ego justification for individuals that are amassing a fortune and yet are blocked for they do not know how to give. They are no different than the Wall Street guy I mentioned earlier. On the other hand, I have seen potential students who were chronic beggars of discounts and free services. They would flatter the teacher, by telling him or her how brilliant he/ she is, but right now they are experiencing lack and can they attend the event for free. They further promise that when good fortune comes their way; they will shower the teacher with moneys and gifts. They are incredible seducers, but their words are empty. This is also a negative ego contamination for they don’t want to provide for themselves. They feel that the world owes them and that they should get what they want without any effort. Bottom line, they want free energy. As spiritual teachers, we have to stop enabling these students, by refusing to give them free services. Nothing is free in the universe. If you have the capacity to hold only 2 volts and you try to capture 10 volts, you will short circuit. Until they start to remove their bread of shame program, they will live on a roller coaster of apparent gain followed by rapid losses. They may initially get some items for free, but they will dramatically and quickly loose what they receive for you can not keep what you did not earn.

A few years ago, I was taught a valuable lesson about giving from a beggar at Sai Baba’s Ashram in India. I came out of my hotel only to be followed by a mother and child with hand outstretched asking for what I thought was money. I put my hand in my pocket to get out a few rupees to give her. But something unexpected happen, she refused them and said: “No money!…Baba says: no money!…Food for baby”. And she began to drag me by one arm to a street vendor. When we got to the street vendor for the first time in the exchange, I looked at her and her child and I asked her: “What would you like?” She replied: “Milk”. So I brought milk and gave it to her. For me it was a revelatory moment for I realized the number of times in the past that I dismissed beggars with money. I would give to them quickly so that they and their problems would go away. This time I was engaged in the act of giving. My consciousness was in the present and I gave with full and complete intent.

On a global scale, the financial institutions are “short circuiting” as well. The greedy corporations who pursued the accumulation for money without ethical standard in order to gain personal and shareholders profits are failing and going under. The free market of supply and demand is a model easily contaminated by negative ego programming as it can fall to the trap of demanding more and more gain at any cost. It is not that the banking institutions making these bad loans did not know what the buyers of these homes could not possibly repay the loan back due to their low income; they were just going to sell these bad loans to other banks and pass the problem to someone else. And for awhile their predatory landing practices toward the borrowers created great corporate profits. CEO’s and shareholders were happy over the gains. But this was the ill gotten gain of corrupted banks who seduced the borrowers and other institutions and ultimately the entire financial market. However, the borrowers acted out of greed as well. They wanted something they had no capacity to hold and maintain. The borrowers attempted to receive without earning as well. But no man or institution can get away from this spiritual law: “you can not keep what you did not earn”. What we are witnessing around the planet is the financial world short-circuiting for attempting to create wealth for a few by receiving energy and effort that was not earned. Remember, it is not about the money. Spiritual effort must be equal to the gain achieved. Think of it as an equation: both sides must be equal to each other. When the receiver takes more and more without giving, the equation is out of balance. When the giver supplies more and more without receiving, the equation is also out of balance. Further, any forces or energy system that is out of balance will ultimately be brought into a state of equilibrium. The financial global melt down is spiritual law trying to equilibrate what is out of balance. At that level, the forces in motion have no morality and do not care about collateral damages. Learning by karma is always painful. What governments around the world are attempting to do to address the situation and is not a solution. Having an entire nation pay for the energetic inequity will not balance or correct the free gain for the few. Remember again it is not about money; it is about energy.

True balance can only come from sharing of the planet resources with all. This is the consciousness that God, Goddess wants to install on the grid of the planet. There is enough wealth and resources on the planet for every men, women and child to be fed, schooled and sheltered. The spiritual destiny of humanity is to share with each other: a continual exchange of effort and energy in giving and receiving. Last October, Lady Gaia told of this in these words: “No personal ownership. God and Gaia own everything. You are just the current steward and your purpose is to share.” I am also reminded of something Dr Joshua David Stone once told me: “you can only keep what you are willing to give away”. As lightworkers, soldiers and volunteers in God’s army it is our role to help facilitate and anchor this template. So when you hear in the media of the global economic melt down, do not fear for to fear is to buy into the negative program and world karma. Instead, welcome this as an opportunity for you to help co-create a new paradigm of sharing. The only thing that doesn’t change in the universe is the law of change. See this so called financial melt down as an opportunity to help shift first your consciousness and that of the planet as a whole. Be cognizant of where your consciousness is when you give or receive. Are you running a negative ego program that is blocking you from earning what you receive? Are you giving to others with full and complete awareness that sharing is spiritual law manifest on earth? Are you fearing lack in your act of giving or are you consciously aware that it is in giving that we receive? If not, adjust you consciousness accordingly for it is your thoughts that will help create and anchor this vision from Spirit and the Masters. Try keeping a journal of where your consciousness is for 21 days while giving and receiving in all aspect of your life. What program were you running when you were at the supermarket checkout counter, the gas station, paying the rent, receiving your pay check, losing a contract, giving a hug to a friend or family member, donating a few hours at the hospice…etc? All interactions and exchanges that we have with internal subconscious forces or external forces and beings are acts of giving and receiving. Are these exchanges being done without contamination and in an unconditionally loving manner? If the answer is no, then adjust your consciousness to that of the unconditionally loving God and Goddess that you truly are. Create a battle plan and correct and re-program the negative ego contaminations and replace them with Christ Ascended thoughts feelings, desires and emotions. Make a spiritual vow that if the situation presents itself in the future, you will handle it in a Christed manner. After 21 days of doing this journal system, your conscious mind will begin to do this automatically. Your prosperity, peace, health and happiness is at hand if you can only discipline your subconscious mind from reacting from fear, panic and habitual shared responses that the news and media are feeding you. And when enough of us can do this, the collective abundance and prosperity grid of the planet will shift as well.

My brothers and sisters, you have a choice in front of you: You can choose to do nothing and let the tide of global karma take over and seek balance by draining the world financial resources that were over inflated, after all the spiritual effort must be equal the gain. This path is like and avalanche rolling down the side of a mountain. Nothing will be able to stop it until it reaches the bottom and it will bury everything on its way. Or you can yield to the change and be proactive by making the spiritual effort necessary to alter your individual consciousness and re-program the negative ego fear base thoughts and believe systems that you shared with the planet and that caused this crisis in the first place. This is the only way to equilibrate and balance the inequity of the gain for as you chose to make this effort and your neighbor and neighbor’s neighbor do the same a critical mass will be achieved that will turn the tide of karma around. Since karma is “correction” and not punishment; when the balanced is achieved the crisis will be over. Choose to assimilate this lesson by grace for hidden in this crisis is the opportunity to learn how to unconditionally share your energies and resources with others. Manifesting this will greatly accelerate your ascension process and help anchor God’s plan on earth.

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