Solar Alert

Solar Alert

Dear Soul Family,

New sunspot AR2205 has produced more than a dozen strong flares, since it appeared last week. It released yesterday an X-1.6 class solar flare. For me this met disruption of my sleep. For others, it may mean: migraine headache, loss of balance, nausea, panic attack, heart beat irregularity, sensation of an external buzzing, sensation that something is moving or crawling on your skin, hallucination, and even temporary blindness.

The sun is not trying to hurt you, it is simple doing what need to be done in the gentles way possible. When you are feeling these symptoms, do the following:

Close your eyes and take a deep breathe. Allow the universal life force that permeates everything to enter into your lungs. Keep breathing deeply and slowly. Now, let your awareness and head drop into the middle of your chest. Ask Galactic Master Vywanus to give you sight with the Universal light. Notice what you notice. Become aware of all false beliefs and identities that you may be holding in your core. Keep breathing deeply and slowly. Ask the sun and the solar flares to blend with you and dismantle all false axes, beliefs, and identities that you are holding. Take a deep breath and allow the sun to do its work. Just surrender, allow, and let go.

Please watch the following video for more details:

Love and blessings


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  • Posted February 14, 2015'


    Loved this meditation! Such a relieve when i can feel secure and let it go. feel better instantaneously.

  • Posted February 11, 2015'

    Ursula Biala

    Thank you Pierre for posting this. I did the meditation and it worked in 5 minutes!

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