Spiritual Coaching – A Free Consultation

Spiritual Coaching – A Free Consultation

Spiritual life coaching is a supervised and personalized process during which you receive the benefit of my 20 years of experience in guiding others on the spiritual path. It is a customized plan designed to match your specific spiritual needs to accelerate your growth and evolution, leading you to a fulfilling and meaningful existence. I only mentor a few clients at a time for I devote a great deal of effort in making sure that your goal of a spiritually connected existence is achieved. This may involve doing clearing, channeling, past-life regressions, prayer, Celestial Light Healing ©, affirmations, customized guided meditation, and all that is needed to help shift your consciousness into an authentic life. My goal is to help you remove the perception of pain and suffering and help you manifest an abundant and meaningful life. Your surrender to the Infinite Source, allowing blessings to pass through you, is a major component of that goal.

I will work with you one-on-one, guiding you into a learned mastery of the new and sometimes overwhelming experiences that can accompany spiritual growth and exploration. Every week, I will mentor, empower, and protect you and will hold you accountable for the promises and goals that you made to yourself. I will share with you everything that I know, for it is in giving that one receives. As each of my clients are empowered to stand on their own, more soldiers are added to God’s army, and we all come closer to achieving the great collective rescue of humanity.

You were created to fulfill a purpose. You have a puzzle piece to fulfill. Right now you may not know what that purpose looks like. That is OK. Finding that purpose is a journey that requires patience and proper guidance so that you can remember your authentic nature. Each person on the planet has a unique vibratory signature with which they were created. Once you find your authentic core, you can begin to live your life authentically.

To a great extent, my role is to help you remove fears and shame that are blocking you from understanding that the Universe is a benevolent and gifting place that wants to bless you right now with everything that you ever wanted; more importantly, that you don’t have to do anything to deserve this, for God loves you unconditionally. It means removal of suffering and the banishment of un-deservedness. Learning how to receive this blessing is a major part of spiritual life coaching.

For these goals to be achieved, you have to use a combination of methods, including meditation, prayers, affirmations, and spiritual alignments and connections, through which these sessions will bring you into communion with your Divine nature. Meaning, peace, and serenity can be yours.

For best results, this spiritual life coaching is custom designed with packages lasting from three to six months, meeting once a week. Perhaps you are spiritually stuck seeking rapid transformation, change, and relief. I am now offering a free half-hour initial consultation for us to discuss your specific spiritual goal. If you are interested in this free evaluation, please fill in the form below as honestly as possible and send it in. I will contact you shortly afterward to schedule an appointment either in person, by phone, or Skype.

For now, May God, the God Force, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Benevolence that permeates 96% of our Universe bless you and yours always.

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“The work I have been doing with Pierre over the past year has transformed my life in so many ways, most notably my health. I was diagnosed with Lupus about 10 years ago, and during that time my skin was slowly being covered with a red rash. I also couldn’t go in the sun at all. Pierre has helped me to shift my perception of my body and “disease” in general; to where I no longer believe in the diagnosis I was given. When I was finally able to do this the rash on my skin literally began to disappear. It is 90% gone. And the best part is I am able to handle more and more sunlight without a new rash appearing or experiencing the usual fatigue and flare-up that occurs from getting too much sun. I can’t even begin to express how miraculous this has been for me. I am now able to take this and apply it to other areas of my life with results I could never have imagined before doing this work. It has truly been a blessing.”
C.G. Long Island NY

“I met Pierre during a very challenging time in my life and in my business and I knew instantly that I needed to work with him privately to help me heal some painful traumas from my past so I could move forward with my calling and be able to hold the space for others. I did Pierre’s 21 Day Personal Power and 21 Day Unconditional Self-Love program and all I can say is that my life and business instantly and profoundly transformed after completing these programs and I was able to help many other lives as a result. Not only did I heal my traumas, get my personal power back and find unconditional self-love after working with Pierre but I was able to help my clients who were experiencing similar painful challenges in their lives.

I can also attest that after doing these programs with Pierre’s loving and gracious presence and guidance that my business not only turned around but I had back to back months of the highest income generating months ever. I am convinced that I had I not worked with Pierre I wouldn’t have managed to break through the limiting beliefs that were holding me back, align with the truth of who I am and have the courage and confidence to boldly pursue my mission. And because I was able to step into my power and feel worthy and unconditionally loved so many people will benefit as a result of my transformation and growth as a ripple effect.

For anyone who is thinking of working with Pierre I wouldn’t give it a second thought–your life is too precious to wait a second longer when Pierre can help you navigate your way out of the darkness and find your way back to your divine and whole self again.”
E. W. Brooklyn NY

“Pierre brings unprecedented wisdom and knowledge to his work that spans a wide spectrum of esoteric subjects, spiritual psychology, cutting-edge science, and a lifelong connection to ascended energies and teachings. His spiritual counseling leaves you feeling empowered as he goes beyond the surface layers, and insists on finding the root cause of any issue.

With his strong loving support, he helps you bring about a successful resolution. Pierre is both efficient and effective in helping you find your TRUTH, and this is something that is hard to come by! You will be fully engaged utilizing Pierre’s methodologies and systems which are easily learned and understood. They can be applied and integrated in to your daily practice with minimal effort. Thus enabling you to flow through life in a more graceful and fluid manner.”
M B Queens NY

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