Spiritual Understanding of the Current Political Landscape

Spiritual Understanding of the Current Political Landscape

Nothing is more divisive and polarizing than the political choices that we make. Yet this election cycle seem to take this to an absurd level. The country seems to be divided into three major camps: There are those who would follow a leader who is fanning fear, hatred, racism, and xenophobia. There are others who would elect a candidate who would keep the status quo and maintain the corridors of power unchanged. Finally, there are those who would support a candidate who wants to re-distribute power and wealth away from the rich individuals and corporations and give control to the people.

In writing this, it is not my purpose to judge or influence your choice. The freedom to choose is a fundamental right throughout this Universe. Follow the path that resonates with your heart. I simply want to clarify the spiritual underpinning of the political theater that we are witnessing. Why is this election cycle so absurdly divisive? What is really happening?

In a recent channeling of the Galactic Regent Council, titled: “The Great Harvest: Split, Shift, and Ascension,” they spoke about the fact that the earth is about to cross the galactic equator—a cosmological event 31 million years in the making. The “Nameless Light” emitting from the galactic equator is a co-creative force that serves one purpose: the manifestation of any repressed and suppressed emotions that exists in the collective unconscious of humanity.

As this event approaches, the future is still undecided. What dimension or reality humanity will travel to is not determined. By the radiation of this Light and the repressed emotions of humanity, we are selecting which future we go to. But since we are not all of one belief and emotional state, there exist multiple futures on the horizon. Multiple possible futures now occupy the same space. For example: fear and lack, global pandemic, financial ruin and restructuring, and the ascended earth.

For any possible future to create a wave function collapse, resulting in the manifestation of a new reality, there must be a critical mass of beings coming together in a similar emotional state. To coalesce these individuals into a similar emotional state, there has to be a catalyst or central point. Each presidential candidate represents a different nucleus or nexus point of a parallel and possible future or reality, thus helping to congregate individuals of a similar internal emotional state. They are the champions of that possible future, attempting to manifest a wave function collapse. They are at the center of the centrifuge broadcasting a magnetic field of influence or message, bringing more individuals with similar suppressed emotions into their orbit. Consciously or unconsciously, these presidential candidates are doing just this.

Here is an excerpt from the recent Galactic Regent Council channeling: “At the moment of the crossing, individuals with similar core emotional frequencies will coalesce together and create a reality and hologram to match. At that event, there will be a split into multiple realities. Each group, composed of individuals having matching frequencies, will create a wave function collapse, manifesting a separate reality. The group holding space of the ascended future will be separated from those ruled by fear and lack, global pandemic, or financial ruin and restructuring. Multiple wave function collapses will occur, and each group will be separated from the others.”

Dear friends, if these words are true, we are not just witnessing an absurd and divisive election cycle. Something much bigger than who is elected president in November is happening. Whichever candidate resonates with your core values will ultimately lead you into a separate and split reality at the moment of the galactic equator crossing. By the choice and alignment of your emotional state, you are currently selecting which reality you will travel to. People are not just agreeing and disagreeing with political rhetoric. They are making choices and selecting which reality they will exist in. The wheat is being separated from the chaff.

What if you do not agree with any of the candidates? May be none of them resonates with your inner emotional state. This election cycle is not the only divisive event that you will witness in the next few years. At some point soon, the champion of your inner emotional state will rise and pull you into his/her orbit. At that moment you will have selected which reality you will occupy at the moment of galactic equator crossing.

By aware that if you are holding some dark emotions in your core and you wish to transcend them, the possibility of doing that exists. Choice is the operative word. Due to the quickening and acceleration by the Nameless Light, any inner emotional state can be transmuted in a relatively short time. If you put in the work, what would have taken years or incarnations can happen in months.

One final thought: if you are holding in your core some higher emotion that is not being displayed in the human collective, you may want to consider being the nexus point and voice to broadcast that message to the world and help bring other similar souls together to experience that transcended reality.

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