Predictions 2015 and Beyond

Predictions 2015 and Beyond

by Pierre R. Dubois and the Galactic Regent Council

The future of the earth exists as a potential for manifestation waiting for a critical mass of the earth population to select that potential. Yet it is not just one possible future that appears on the horizon. There is an endless number of potential futures waiting for the collective intention and choice of the critical mass to create a wave function, coalescing one choice as the dominant and selected path for the planet. Perceiving the future is complicated, for if the seer has an attachment to a particular paradigm, he will perceive in great detail only that potential and not any others. However if the seer is neutral, he will see the multiple potentials, and reading the future then becomes the art of sensing which potential is more likely to manifest. To the seer, this often appears like a fan of multiple, simultaneous paths from which one gets chosen.

We are living in an extraordinary moment in the evolution of mankind. The earth is about to cross the galactic equator, connecting the planet to light from the galactic core without any celestial body blocking the way—something that has not happened in 31 million years. As we approach this galactic crossing, the existing 3-D paradigm of “fear and lack,” which seven billion people are holding as code in the magnetic filament of the planet’s magnetosphere, is being dismantled. Under the influence of the Galactic Regent Council, a collective of 12 Galactic Elders that oversees the evolution of the Milky Way Galaxy, solar flares and plasma are being ejected from the sun and are colliding with the earth’s magnetosphere to destroy the existing 3-D codes of fear and lack. These flares are the demolition crew that is destroying the collective false beliefs, axes, and identities, making way for a 5-D paradigm of truth, authenticity, and transparency.

Spiritual Readiness – Part 5 (13:50) “The Galactic Core”

Spiritual Readiness – Part 5 (13:50) “The Galactic Core” The alignment of the earth, sun and galactic core is important. Our spiritual readiness to this event is key to the survival and evolution of humanity. We have to become the wayshowers to help the planet and it inhabitants through this process. Yet, little is understood