The In and Out Breath of God

The In and Out Breath of God

Although all present-day scientific theories date the creation of the universe to 14.5 billion years, the actual date of the descent from the uncreated and unmanifested Source is far older. Following the measurement of our linear time scale, the descent began 900 billion years ago. One can argue the validity of such a statement, but in a short order, the current scientific measuring yardstick for the age of the universe will be revised. In addition, a lengthy process of emanation preceded the appearance of a physical manifestation. The time frame of the emanation is far greater than the manifestation.

However, time is a relative term and only important to us. In Source, there only exists an endless field of potential for manifestation. Imagine an infinite field of possible and probable outcomes where none is manifested. None of these probabilities were ever experienced, explored, or mastered. This is why the physical Universe was created with dimensional reality as an arena that could host these potentials and allow them to evolve into their natural conclusions. Due to the infinity of Source, this bubble we call our Universe, became an exploration to allow aspects of this infinite field to descent the dimensional scale while making choices as free and sentient beings. First as probability in a field of endless potentials; now as separate and individual manifestation of said potential making choices, evolving, growing, and becoming something that was not forethought or conceived of before.

Brothers and sisters, let us be honest with each other, in 900 billion years of existence none of us have been completely stellar. In a polarized Universe for the light, the dark, or both, we have offended, hurt, damaged, and abused others. In the remembrance of my ancient past, my halo was not always on straight. I have battled, cheated, spied and performed many marginal behaviors that I have justified as being for a greater good or the light.

In the process of descent, we all lack the maturity and mastery to make wise decisions from bodies and energy centers that did not exist moments before. For example, if as a spiritual being you never had an emotional body and suddenly as a human you have one, you would find it difficult to know how to process and manage your emotions. It would take multiple incarnations to understand how to master the holographic filters that emotions create. Meanwhile, these emotions will cause you to believe in an illusionary reality that will lead you to make decisions and take actions that are far from wise or stellar.

All of us without exception have suffered from this as we descended into dimensional reality.  We have allowed fears and the illusion of separation to motivate us into actions that may now be regrettable. Some of us have managed to stop the wheel of emotional reactions and have evolved into a wise being, but instead of enjoying the fruit of a hard won struggle, we still cannot forgive ourselves for having sinned in the first place.

In our attempt to return back to Source, we must first forgive ourselves for the less than perfect actions and behaviors that have harmed or offended others. It is relatively easy for us to forgive others for their transgressions against us, but it is an entirely different story to forgive ourselves. Moreover, most want to believe that we are innocent and that we have never hurt or caused pain to anyone. Even if that is true in this lifetime, are we certain of this about a stream of consciousness that goes back 900 billion years? The darkness that we are trying to tame is not external; it exists within. Until you can reconcile and forgive yourself, you cannot ascend.

Some, on the path of ascendance have told me that they are afraid of their original power, brilliance, and light. I believe this to be only a partial truth. It is not our original powers that are the reasons for the fear, but the fact that we have major shame for having behaved in a less than stellar manner. We are all driven to be perfect and cannot forgive ourselves for having been possibly dark or imperfect in the past. In the path of return, we fear repeating the same mistakes and failings and this will stop us from accepting our true powers back.

Self-reconciliation to this original shame is the key to healing this major obstacle and allowing ourselves to return back to Source. Understand that there is no such thing as a dark or light path but only an evolution and maturity of consciousness. The failings and successes of your past hold the power to make you wiser. If you see them as shameful incidents, you are judging yourself. If you perceived every experience as an opportunity for you to grow and learn, the failings will teach you powerful lessons and increase your soul growth.

How do you self-reconcile? By repeating to SELF the Ho’ Oponopono for the shame over your past failing and realizing that these experiences good or bad had a wisdom that need to be assimilated. “Please forgive me. I love you and I let go.”

When you re-join Source and the field of endless potentials, our specific journey and struggle will have been unique. Since we all have moved throughout the Universe while making free choices, our path is unlike anyone else. This authentic and unique journey will add to Source something that was not there before. Through our descent and ascent back into Source, God is learning, becoming, and expanding. Instead of a potential for manifestation, we now have complete mastery over the issue and now through our experience God has too.

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