The 156 Offices of Christ and the Creation of the Flower of Life on Earth

The 156 Offices of Christ and the Creation of the Flower of Life on Earth

As seekers, lightworkers, healers and spiritual teachers living on planet earth, we feel a sense of responsibility toward shepherding the earth toward a state of peace, love and harmony: manifesting the dream of the golden age. Since, all unbalanced equations ultimately want to achieve a state of equilibrium and resolution; we seem to have and innate desire to help fulfill that purpose. But a lot of us think that we know what is good for the planet without listening to or asking Gaia what she wants. First of, Gaia does not need saving or rescue; she has survived many catastrophic global shift and weather changes and for a period of time life seemed to retreat or disappear all together. But over generations, new life would begin to blossom as Gaia would start a new birth cycle. So, for us to say that we are trying to save the earth is not accurate. We are trying not to become extinct for Gaia will survive us. This is not to say that this is something that Gaia wants. In fact, the purpose of Gaia is to support bio re-genesis: the opportunity for all life forms to achieve their ultimate potential. She stands ready to co-create and manifest this desire with us, assisted by God, the Brotherhoods of Light, the Archangels, Elohim, the Cosmic, Multi-universal, Galactic and Spiritual Hierarchies. To comprehend the role that Gaia plays in this giant jigsaw puzzle, one has to understand the nature of the planet. Gaia is alive. It is a form of existence that is unlike ours yet that operates according to rules that dove tails our spiritual evolution and enfoldment. As a sentient being, Gaia has feelings, thoughts, conscious awareness and a path of growth and evolution. We exist as cells in the body of Gaia and our faith and that of every form of life on the planet are intricately linked to hers. “As above and so below” states cosmic law and though we may look physically different from her, but our energetic make up are similar. Like us, Gaia has an energy grid and a chakra system. That chakra system evolves and grows in corresponding fashion to the spiritual growth and evolution of everyone on the planet earth. As the 6.6 billion souls living on earth are growing to become more God, Goddess, Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Mohamed like the higher chakras of the planet opens up and the grid of the planet shift closer to manifesting heaven on earth.

In 1989 at the blue moon Wesak, the planet crossed a major spiritual threshold. Due to the large number of lightworkers that had shifted their consciousness, put love and peace in their heart and petition God for help, a spiritual call was sent to the heaven. The answer from God was the harmonic convergence and access to the Mahatma energy – the highest spiritual force available to assist our growth. This blessing facilitated the opening of the higher chakras of the planet. And for the succeeding 19 years, 13 higher charkas opened around the globe: The first higher chakra of the planet is located in Mount Shasta, California. The planet’s second higher chakra is located in the Island of the Sun situated on the middle of Lake Titicaca on the Peruvian and Bolivian border. The third chakra of planet earth is in Uluru, Australia. The fourth chakra of the planet is located in Glastonbury, England. Currently, the world heart chakra is conjunct with its mobile sixth chakra. The fifth chakra of the planet has its geometric center at the Great Pyramid. The sixth or third eye chakra is a mobile chakra that rotates around the planet 1/12 of the radius of the planet at the start of every new 2,000 year eon. This chakra remains in place for 150 to 200 years to help anchor the new age. It then dissolves and reappears at the start of the next 2,000 year eon. The planet’s sixth chakra is now conjunct with the fourth chakra in Glastonbury, England. The seventh chakra is Mount Kailas, located in the Wesak Valley of Tibet. The earth element chakra is located on Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. The water element chakra is located in Lake Rotopounamu in New Zealand. The air element chakra is centered at the Great Pyramid. It is conjunct with Gaia’s fifth Chakra. The fire element chakra is in the Haleakala Crater on the Hawaiian island of Maui. The tenth chakra is centered in the Balinese Holy Spring called Tirta Empul. The eleventh chakra is in Tule and Palenque, Mexico. The twelfth chakra is located in Mount Fuji, Japan. The thirteenth chakra is the chakra of synthesis and is centered in Sergiev Posad in Moscow. This center was fully activated at the blue moon Wesak of 2008.

These 13 chakras can have a vast circumference that can expand, when fully operational, to be 777 miles wide. Within this circumference, there exists a geometric, an inspirational and a structural center. Each location creates a magnetized torsion field, torroidal or doughnut shaped field of light and each doughnut have a tetrahedron holding them in place whose bases are the geometric, inspirational and structural centers. At the central axis of each doughnut is a column or pillar of light or gate that under the right circumstances can ascend to higher dimensions of consciousness and reality. These additional 3 points at each torus or doughnut makes the number of chakras opened around the world is 13 x 3 = 39. Since the last Wesak blue moon in 1989, 39 gates of Jerusalem have opened up around the globe. From the 2008 Wesak blue moon and leading to the next one in 2027, an additional 39 charkas or gates will open up. This cycle will continue every 19 years for the next three Wesak blue moons until the year 2065 when 156 gates and torsion shaped field of light will be opened around the planet. This is the part that Gaia and the cosmos are playing in the fulfillment of God’s plan. These charkas are manifested at earth locations that are point of outer expression of telluric field that are carried by the dragon ley lines running through the body of the planet. The spiritual growth of these locations are also supported by solar, and galactic events such as solar flares, the alignment of the planet with the opening of universal gates of light like the “Lion Gate” in 7/7/07 or the “Orion Gate” of 8/8/08. This is when the planet is in direct alignment with galactic and spiritual light. During these solar and galactic events, the earth charkas become bombarded and charged by the additional spiritual and light energies increasing in size. Yet, these facts are not enough to mature the earth charkas. The third and critical key players in this equation are us, the lightworkers and volunteer in Gods army.

Now as stewards and custodians living at different geographical location on the planet, we will find ourselves posted or stationed inside anyone of these earth chakras nourishing their growth and evolution by shifting and re-organizing our consciousness. In other words, none of these earth chakras can fully open without our total co-creation. As you work on re-programming your negative ego and your neighbor and neighbor’s neighbor do the same and replace it with God, Goddess thoughts, your local earth chakra get nourished and grow and expand in diameter. As you continue this process of holding only ascended thoughts and belief in your consciousness; your light quotient increases altering your DNA by re-programming and restoring the original divine codes and sequencing from the God genes into your own DNA. When your 2 strands of DNA will have been fully restored, then your rainbow bridge or “anthakarana” will be completely restored and you will have a beacon of light connecting your 2 strands of DNA to source permanently. At that time, you begin to feel a sense of responsibility toward your fellow man and the planet at large. Your views are no longer limited to you and your survival. You begin to feel responsible for shepherding and guiding the collective, your planetary and world service work kicks in full force. This is the beginning of your Christ initiation. Now what would happen if your so call junk DNA’s or remaining 10 shadow DNA strands go to the same process of rebuilding, restoration and reconstruction? You would now have additional beacon of lights connecting you permanently to source, twelve of them to be exact. At that point, your multi-dimensional existence begins. You start having re-called of past off planet, long forgotten, of mission and purpose that are galactic, universal and cosmic in scope. Understand that your 12 DNA strands are hardware or physical and organic devices that allow you to receive, send and hold transmissions from magnetic and torsion field of light coming from the omni verse and the cosmos. Like a television set is a hardware that allows the reception of broadcast TV programs, your 12 strands of DNA when fully reconstructed will permit you to permanently receive and host the light transmission coming from God. After all, our 12 strands of DNA are the ultimate hyper communication networks. This is when man becomes God.

Having done this for self in your local earth chakra grid, you will have to mentor 11 other lightworkers to do exactly what you did to anchor these permanent beacons of lights into their beings and the exponential power of 12 to the 12 power will cause your local earth chakra to be fully operation and the torus or doughnut shape will expand to a radius of 777 miles wide with a pillar of light in the center shooting toward God held in place by the 12 volunteers. And when all other 12 main offices of the Christ and the 144 other mini-offices of the Christ will have volunteers stepping to the plate and restoring and holding their beacon of lights or rainbow bridges 12 to 12 power thus expanding the radius of all 156 earth charkas to 777 miles wide: the gates and torsion or doughnut shape of light will over lap each other creating the sacred geometric figure of the “Flower of Life” blossoming from the core of Gaia to envelope the entire earth. When this happens, the prana seed of the planet will be upgraded to a higher dimension and the grid of the entire planet will shift for the Golden Age will be here.

Each earth charkas and the pillar of light therein, will create an access point, gate, opening, wormhole or inverted cone where divine light and energy will descent and pour down to earth nourished and kept in place by the 12 local volunteers in God’s army. In truth, they are the gate builders for without them holding in their ascended bodies the higher vibration, the access will not be created. The chakras of the planet may be magnetized, charged and ready to move to the next step in the evolutionary ladder, but are the organic life inside the torus or doughnut shaped field ready? This is where the 12 stewards come in, as chariots, gates or trail blazers; they hold in their DNA’s and bodies the keys, codes and protocol to translate and transform the higher dimensional energies into language that all organic life evolving behind them can understand and step into without shock or discomfort. They are the transducer, translator and transition team that will help the rest of humanity get adjusted to the higher frequencies. Now the earth charkas are opening on schedule as a process has started that can not be undone due to the planet connection to the Mahatma energy. But the radius of these chakras are small or the radius expands and then contracts, for it is the power of intent and consciousness shifting of the 12 needed volunteers, stewards and soldiers in God’s army that will determine the health and vitality of these vortexes. In some locations, there may be one, two or more doing the work consciously and in others none have step up so far. Yet the ancient prophecy foretold of 144,000 that descended from heaven to earth to help restore humanity place in the universe. The shaman from Peru predict that humanity is about to go to a giant evolutionary leap, like when we evolved from homo-habilis to homo-erectus. They say that the 144,000 are already here, and that some of them are just sleepwalking. They call them the homo-luminous.

Who are the 144,000? Where do they come from? What is their purpose? At a point in our time matrix, in the 12th dimension, before sub-atomic matter comes into existence, there is a collective known by many names: the Architects, the Makers, the Creators, the Cristos Founder, the seed Races of the Palaidia Empires…etc. This Elohim Founder Race exists in pre-matter hydroplasmic Liquid Light Field and holds the seed or master DNA template for all races that populate the omni verse. The Founders received command and permission form above to manifest life with free will and proceeded to do so throughout all universes and dimensions. Over time, cross-fertilization of races occurred which was expected, but the unpredicted also happened: certain hybrid races moved to genetically control, dominate and attempt to eradicate other races and even universes. The cosmic law of none interference was violated as more advanced races tried to manipulate less evolved ones. This went against the core principal of all creation, which is to allow all beings to evolve to their ultimate potential. As the master template of all life, the Founders, 144,000 of them to be exacted volunteer to descent to earth and help guide the planet toward bio re-genesis; while neutralizing interference form dark and menacing influences. They are indeed the lambs and saviors of our age for creation of all life came through them and it is up to them to correct the transgression of a few so that God’s original purpose can be restored. They are now incarnated as human, walking among us, with the cellular memory of their godly origin and mission dormant inside of them. As they took flesh, they barely have any memory of their original estate. They have the same disadvantage that all human have namely the contamination of the negative ego system. They must go to the same process of re-programming of the negative ego self and shift their consciousness to become the Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Mohamed, Moses, God Goddess being that they really are. As they awake from their slumber, they will recall their origin and purpose and begin to activate and nourish the various earth charkas to maturity. That information already exists in their cellular memory and ascension will trigger the protocol and path they have to follow to manifest God’s plan. Although 6.6 billion souls are leaving on earth; it is not reasonable to expect that they will all achieve ascension in any short order of time; but it is more likely that 144,000 volunteer souls can get to that state of being thus achieving a critical mass or “100 monkey effect” that will caused every human being on the planet to evolve to the next stage of growth because of the osmosis effect of the collective unconscious that the 144,000 share with the rest of humanity. But even this goal or mission is precarious for if one fails, all fail. It will take 144,000 volunteers and 156 mini-offices of the Christ or chakras to do this. No more. No less. Every aspect of this plan must be coordinated and worked on together; each part of this puzzle is different but as important as the next. Some parts of the plan must happen in a definite and predetermine sequence; while others will be revealed on a need to know basis for as the many variables changes adjustments will be made.

What is clear is that a collective is sleepwalking among us with the cellular memories locked inside of them to save and rescue our world. They are scheduled to awaken as they work on re-programming their negative ego and re-constructing and rebuilding their physical 12 strands of DNA. Once the above are done, there will be enough light shield and protection for the prana seed and cellular memories to stand revealed. If any of this sounds familiar to you, your cellular memories are being activated. God, Goddess, Spirit and the Masters are calling upon all of the 144,000 lambs and volunteers who descended form heaven on this rescue mission to awake, stand and work on fulfilling their purpose, manifesting their puzzle piece and complete their covenant with God.

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