The Art of Receiving: Accepting Blessings from Others and the Universe

The Art of Receiving: Accepting Blessings from Others and the Universe

For most people of the healing arts, receiving from others and the Universe is complicated. This may be because we grew up in unhealthy family dynamics in which one or more caregivers were unable to parent properly. Their inability meant that a vacuum was opened, and we, the gifted children, stepped in to fill in the gap. We became the adult, parent, and fixer of all problems. To the outside, we were an answer to prayers, but in truth we were robbed of our innocence and childhood. We became adults too quickly and skipped the multiple stages of normal childhood development. We jumped into caregiver mode without growing into it. It is not surprising that we are healers, for giving and taking care of others is our only frame of reference.

Any behavior repeated for more than 21 days becomes an autonomous program that drops down into the subconscious mind. Giving and taking care of others now constitutes a splinter psyche that will operate independently, continuously, and relentlessly. Simultaneously, we yearn to receive and be supported. The various childhood developmental stages that we had skipped need to be resolved. There is a wounded child within, crying for attention. One subconscious program—the giver—and a subconscious archetype—the wounded child—exist in a seesaw relationship, both competing for attention and control of the conscious mind.

So at times, you are the giver, healer, and the doer. You have a compulsion to be God’s assistant. You are busy telling everyone how to solve their lack. You have a plan to assist everyone around you. At others, you lament the fact that you are not supported and feel alone. Your wounded inner child desires unconditional love, understanding, and support. The truth is that as long the God-assistant program is running, you will not be able to receive from others or the Universe. There was a time in my life when I spent sleepless hours trying to find solutions to everyone’s problem. The resolution of this negative ego program lay in understanding that I didn’t have the answers, that Source was the infinite solution set, and that all I had to do was to allow Source to work through me.

Implementing this new attitude is great, but it will not bring you even close to allowing yourself to receive. The first step in receiving is asking for help. Most givers cannot bring themselves to ask for help since they are always in a giving mode and seldom think of their own needs. The Ascended Masters and Celestial Hierarchy are capable of providing you with an immediate reprieve from your lack and suffering, but due to the law of non-interference they will not intervene in our life. Since you have free will, they will interpret your current disempowerment as a choice. If you choose to suffer today, they will honor that choice. If you need help, ask for help.

Additionally, receiving may make you feel vulnerable. You now have to depend on the kindness, love, and charity of another. It is frightening to feel so disempowered, especially if, as a child, you were never given to. Moreover you may want to receive from a specific source and not from any random stranger. You may also have additional conditions as to how the gift should arrive. The gift has to come with a blue bow and with white dots. This is still an overlay of the God-assistant program at play.

To truly receive, you have to ask from the depth of your soul; you have to surrender and let go to the benevolence of a gifting, supporting, and loving Universe and allow the boomerang to come back to you.  The return effect will occur in the most miraculous and unexpected way.

When the Universe is gifting, you stop saying, “I can’t believe this… .” Saying this will sabotage and remove the gift. If you can’t believe it, it will be taken way.  Instead, repeat silently to yourself: “Thank you for the blessings. I accept the gifts and I receive with gratitude.”

As the blessings are arriving, you have to accept them. This may sound obvious, but if you are a compulsive giver, this is not easy. It will require that you stalk yourself to catch the moments when you are subconsciously rejecting the gifts for all the above-mentioned reasons. Keep repeating: “Thank you for the blessings. I accept the gifts and I receive with gratitude.” Do this over and over again.

No force derails a gift faster than entitlement—the feeling that you are owed what you are getting. Furthermore, you may not like the way it was given, and you may even be placing a complaint or demand about the gift. If a miracle comes to you, say a sincere thank you for the gift. With gratitude in your heart, accept it. Gratitude is the most powerful way that you can replenish the giver. By being grateful you are closing the infinity loop and feeding the giver back.

At first you have to end the compulsion to solve everyone’s problem. Yes, you should give, but all that you essentially are doing is allowing Source to use you as a vehicle to pass on the blessings and solve the problems and lack that exist around you. Take the “personality”—the “I” and the “chooser”—out of the equation. Do this and you will sleep better at night. This is you proactively giving to the world in a balanced manner.

To truly receive, you have to ask for help. If you don’t ask, the Universe will believe that you are making a choice to handle everything by yourself. Learn to accept the blessings that are coming back to you and in the most miraculous and unexpected manner. Be grateful to the Universe for its benevolence and unconditional love.


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