The Blind Spot of the Savior of the World

The Blind Spot of the Savior of the World

In my last blog “Where is the Center of your Power,” I spoke about the fact that the center of our power can easily be capitulated to an outside force, being, institution, or system. It is not something that you wake up one day and declare, but rather it is a slow and incremental erosion of our power or ability to make our own decision to someone else. We all need good advice and counseling, but the final decision is always ours. If we continual are getting good and solid advice from a particular source; it is perfectly natural that we begin to lean on that source and over time we may give it the right to veto us. This is a blind spot and we are usually not conscious that we are doing this. The center of our power gradually begins to shift and move away from us and into the hands and control of an outside force. It can happen to anyone.

If you are a game changer, spiritual, or planetary leader, it is equally possible that you may be taking the power of your flock and tribe without being consciously aware. This is often not a malicious act, but a slow erosion of the boundaries of a caring and overzealous teacher who is trying to rescue his tribe. It is an enmeshment of the ascension and evolutionary path of the teacher with that of the students. It comes from loving and caring to deeply about the future of the tribe and attempting to find a way to lead them to safer shore.

In the past ages, human consciousness was at such a low primitive level of growth that world teachers had to incarnate and stimulate the collective evolutionary growth to the next level. These great avatars and world saviors demonstrated to humanity the power that lies within them. They created systems, teachings, and methods on how man can become divine. Unfortunately, humanity was still not able to separate an abstract concept of the God Force from the personality of the avatar. They began to worship the avatar as a substitute for the God Force. They projected into the avatar a life line while ignoring the fact that in the space that exist between the atoms in their body, the God Force exist. It is 96 percent of everything that exist in the Universe. It is everywhere seeking to restore balance and equilibrium.

The human projection into the avatar is a two-way lane. From a place of deep concern for the mastery and rescue of the flock, the avatar slowly begins to take these projections in the hope that he can guide them into the ascended realm along with him. This is a very old and ancient program that I call “the sin eater,” where the avatar enmeshes his elevation with that of his flock by taking in their karma and shame. It is not a flippant decision, but a slow and incremental erosion of the boundaries of the teacher in the desire to support the growth and evolution of the students. It is similar to a parent’s deep attachments to the decisions of his children. Even though they may be grown, their pain and suffering still affect their parents due to emotional cords. It is difficult to become emotionally detached to the pain and suffering of love ones.

Despite your spiritual elevation, you can still become emotionally entangled with your flock and absorb their karma and power. This is a blind spot for the avatar. While the avatar’s intentions support his genuine interest in the flock’s evolution, he is actually seizing the decision-making abilities of his tribe.

It is one thing to support your tribe, but it is something entirely different to enable them. If your flock needs to consult with you on every decision or follow your preset rules and regulations to a tee, you have taken their power. Do you want an obedient flock or a tribe of equals?

Human relationships are complex and the mastery of the emotional body is a dynamic and evolving process. As long as you exist in a physical body, you will be challenged by the nuances of emotional mastery. At all times, the student and teacher must be aware where the center of their power lies. For the student, it is easy for that decision-making ability to shift into a reliable outside source. In return, it is just as easy for the teacher to take this power in an attempt to mentor and support his flock.

Monitor your consciousness and make sure you are not relying too much on an outside force. Additionally, are you supporting your tribe or are you creating a co-dependent dynamic?  Be certain that you creating equals. If you have given your power away, take it back. If you have taken the power of your flock, let them go. Allow others that you are advising to make their own decisions since their maturity, growth, and ascension is solely tied to independent thinking.


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