The Care of Giving: How to Share in a Balanced Manner?

The Care of Giving: How to Share in a Balanced Manner?

Would the world be a better place if everyone were giving? Alas no, for if giving were done from the wrong consciousness, it would cause all kinds of ills. Giving is a noble desire, but it must happen in the proper spirit. The equilibrium of the entire Universe stands in the balance of an Infinite Desire to Give matched by an Infinite Desire to Receive. Stray but a little, and the infinity loop that maintains both forces is thrown out of balance. For a gift to respect this balance, one has to give by respecting the Law of Non-interference, which states that for me to comingle my energy and gift with anyone else, I have to disclose my intention, and I have to wait for and receive permission to proceed. Every sentient life force has the right to freely choose its own course of action. This means that if the response is no, I walk away without trying to force or argue the merit of my gift. No is a complete sentence, and it is not a whisper. The gift must be freely accepted.

How many of us actually do this when we are busy telling the world what we think and how they should behave? Alongside the desire to give, so many well-meaning lightworkers are subconsciously projecting negative-ego programs that are rooted in control issues and attempts at being God’s assistants. They have a solution for everyone’s problems, and they will administer it with or without permission. The colonization of native cultures is rooted in this disturbing projection: “They are primitive, and we are going to elevate them to first world level.” No one ever asks the native nation for permission. This is not giving; it is interference and violation. What then separates the action of the lightworker from the behavior of the fallen angel? Packaging. The mechanism used by both is to implement their will without consent.

This means that there should be no healing work without permission. If it is for a child or an individual who is in a coma or mentally incapacitated, then ask their higher self and wait for an answer. Do not proceed unless you have permission. Sometime the healing may be interfering with a higher lesson and purpose that is not visible to the healer. Now if you pass someone on the street who is involved in an accident, you can always send love so that the highest good may be achieved. Under no circumstances are you to project healing and restoration of complete health without permission.

We have a prayer request feature on this site, and if someone asks us to pray for a family member or friend, we will contact that individual before the prayer council proceeds and ask for permission from said friend or family member.

If you are being God’s assistant, you are giving from your negative ego. You are personally trying to solve everyone’s problem. This is exhausting and will cause you to eventually collapse.  Stop taking responsibility for things that you cannot ultimately control. You are nothing more than the pelican pecking at its entrails to thus feed its young. This is probably rooted in an ancient and formerly popular subconscious program: the self-sacrifice. God does not want you to martyr yourself for anyone.  Instead, try surrendering to the endless Source and asking It to use you as a vehicle for the distribution of Its bounty into the world.

Just because someone asks for help does not mean that you have to heal them no matter what the cost. Heal thyself first. If you have a need or you are ill, this is not the time for you to attempt to heal others. In my experience, every time I attempted to heal while I was not well, I became worse than before. If you need healing and help, seek it. Instead of asking for healing for others, ask Source for help. Better yet, seek the help of a trusted healer and wait until you are well before you resume your healing practice.

Although I don’t mind accepting all kinds of exchange for healing, be aware of those who are incessantly seeking free services. If they are coming to you, asking for free services every two weeks, cut them off. I once had a large family that was seeking healing every three weeks for about two years. Now the prayer request on this website is a free service, but asking every three weeks is telling me that they are not taking responsibility for anything. What they want is a panacea or fairy dust. I wrote to them and asked them to stop sending us requests.

As a giver, there is one type of individual from whom you have to stay away. Scott Peck in his book, The People of the Lies: The Hope for Healing Human Evil, describes them as a small percentage (10%) of the earth’s population who are miswired and incapable of feeling any guilt or remorse. They only serve themselves and their needs. The pathology ranges from being a narcissist, a Machiavellian, to being fully possessed. What is scary is that these beings are not Nazi killers. They are neighbors, family members, clients, church-going and charity-giving individuals. They are highly intelligent, manipulative, and borderline geniuses. They can cry and show emotions but this is not genuine. It is all an act to serve their needs. They seek the company of givers for they can manipulate them easily. They are not hard to spot for they are generous with compliments and flatteries. Their biggest fear is that the image that they project into the world may be uncloaked. Stay away from them at all cost.

Finally, do not give to individuals who feel entitled. It is like trying to feed a black hole. No matter how much you give, it is never enough. They will drain you completely dry, for whatever you gift them, it will never be exactly what they want. They will keep asking for more. If you are healing or gifting someone and you are feeling drained and tapped out, the individual is probably feeling entitled.

Remember that every time you are giving, you are not the source of the gift. It is coming from the Infinite Desire to Give. Take your personality out of the way, and let Infinity gift and heal through you. Give to individuals who are grateful, and you will automatically be replenished, for their gratitude closes up the infinity loop and feeds the giver. Thus a self-sustaining flow of energy is created in which the giver and the receiver nourish each other, restoring balance and equilibrium.

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    Love this! Healing and giving with common sense!

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