The Earth Dimensional Ascension

The Earth Dimensional Ascension

Channeled by Pierre Richard Dubois

Greeting beloved,

The time is upon for us to provide you with further explanation about the connections and links between current world events and the evolution of planet earth. The earth is a living thing with its own consciousness, soul, chakras and path of growth and evolution. Just like we have a heart beat, the planet’s heart beat has been measured at 8 cycle or hertz per second. This is the vibrational frequency of 3 dimensional reality. However since the harmonic convergence of 1987, the planet’s pulse has steadily increased to 11.11 hertz per second. At 13 hertz the planet will have reached the threshold of 4th dimensional reality. In the next seven years, that threshold will be reached. As living beings and custodian of the planet, man’s evolution and spiritual awareness it closely link to this growth path. The planet is but a stage that provides man with a physical location to work out its karma and giving him an opportunity to evolve. The planet is happy to serve in that capacity. As man becomes more spiritual and more God, Christ and Buddha like, the cycle of the planet accelerates.

Lord Buddha said: “Life is suffering and all suffering comes from wrong perception”. Man’s perception and internalization of outside events determine his degree of pain or bliss. Now, some of you have been petitioning for an explanation about the apparent chaos (world events such as natural disasters, terror threats…etc) that are spreading around the globe, the time has come to reveal a much more multi-dimensional understanding of what is taking place. Although some of you may have thought that predicted mass ascension of 2012 is several years away, which gives man on the planet time to prepare for it, in actuality, that cosmic date is not just an event, it is a process. The planet is already going to the de-fragmentation process that is necessary before the anchoring of a new paradigm. It is the deconstruction before the reconstruction. The hologram of the 3 dimensional world is breaking apart. It is like a snake shedding its skin in order to facilitate further growth. So when you are watching or experiencing a major disaster caused by one or more of the four elements, wars or terror attacked that affects a large number of people keep in check the 3 dimensional perspective of your emotional body that generates fear, mourning, puzzlement and a strong desire to ask why. Instead, connect to your monad and let the ascended perspective come through: The victims are not dying unfairly, they are being transported “en mass” into world and dimension that vibrates and resonates with their energy signature. As the planet’s heart beat moves faster, the individuals that are not keeping up are being transported into other realities where they will have more time to achieve their ascension. As we speak, the foundations for the New Jerusalem are being poured out and the wheat is being separated from the shaft. I say this without any judgment for the souls that are being transported into other realities are not inferior to others. They simply require more time to gestate and remember their real identity as God, Christ, Buddha, Mahatma. And those of you who are vibrating faster, because of your spiritual awareness and none-judgmental consciousness you will remain anchored in this evolving reality. Understand that all souls are cells in the body of God and as such each and every cell will eventually become self-realized.

What may complicate matter further is that half of the planet is on the cusp of the third and fourth dimension: some days, they are multi-dimensional; while on other days, they are three dimensional. After all, it is your level of consciousness that determines your ascension level and if one day you believe in the miraculous and the next fear and panic engulf you, you have a fluctuating consciousness. Therefore, the scrip is being written and lightworkers have a great role to play to help mentor and raise the vibrational frequencies of these border line individuals. It is through your tireless work and effort that these individuals will begin to realize their I AM potential. It is not going to be an easy task for the entire hologram is conspiring to reinforce the reality of the five senses to the sleeping masses. You are going to be the voices in the wilderness echoing a message of hope, miracle and magic. It is not enough for you to reach the already convinced, but it is equally important to show the way to the curious and the doubtful. For the more people resonate with the accelerated speed of the planet the less mass transfer s will take place and the shorter, easier and less catastrophic the transition period.

There are negative extra-terrestrials that have vested interest in keeping you believing in the three dimensional reality for as long as you remain asleep, they will be at the wheel siphoning your energies to artificially maintain their existence. They are beings that have lost their connection to the light of God and are willing to do anything to maintain their existence. Understand that the universe is amoral in its mechanics. A virus doesn’t understand that it is killing people, it is only multiplying to survive. Yet over time, these beings will also reconnect back with the light and understand their true purpose and ascend. Given the understanding of simultaneous time, this has already happened. But in order for you remember it and awake from this 3 dimensional slumber into the self-empowering world of 4th and 5th dimensional heaven, you need to resist the fear and panic that is spreading through the 3 dimensional hologram. It is this continual act of resistance that will eventually cause you and your students to awake. Hold your reactive system and allow the voice of your monad, the mighty I AM presence to come through and help navigate you out of darkness. Then, manifest the wisdom and love of the monad in every aspect of your life and existence. This is what the negative extra-terrestrials don’t want you to know: that you had the power all a long to take charge and claim and control your life and that of the planet. The acknowledgement of your true nature and the certainty that follows will send shock wave through the grid that will cause the entire hologram to obey you. This is the power of one 5th dimensional ascended master. Now, imaging the collective powers of 144,000 ascended beings living on the planet. It has already happened. You just need to remember it.

Lord Melchizedek
Once the planet reaches that stage, the living merkebah of the planet will lock in with the merkebahs of the sun, solar system, universe and multiverse and the Celestial Axis will have been activated and God’s power will flow unhindered toward your planet. This is the promise gift of the seventh golden age and the beginning of heaven on earth.

Thank you for this opportunity to share,

Lord Melchizedek

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