The Evolution of the Warrior and the Glamour of Combat

The Evolution of the Warrior and the Glamour of Combat

There exists a community of young and powerful souls who have incarnated on earth to help demolish the current paradigm. They are brave warrior spirits who have come to earth to dismantle the status quo and make way for the new and innovative structures of the future earth. They are deeply passionate and are moved into action to rectify what they perceive as antiquated systems, injustices, and inequities. They are a threat to the existing structure and authorities. They do not follow the rules; instead, they break them and create new ones. They are the demolition crew, and they will breakdown stuck energies, patterns, and systems. They are known in the light community as “the indigos.” This is because their auras are generally indigo colored.

Although these beings have soul contracts to help take down the current paradigm, this mission does not define the totality of their purpose. Many of them are under the illusion that being a warrior is all that they have to be. Indeed, this is a strong and powerful pull that will define a major portion of their existence for they feel self-righteous about the nobility of their mission. However, as long as they are solely identifying themselves as warriors, they are pigeonholing themselves into occupying one aspect of polarity. Every soul, no matter what the mission, is an endless stream of consciousness that is evolving and ever growing. Statically holding one position in an endless stream of possibilities is not accepting the totality of who they really are.

Spiritual battle is a glamour by which many are enchanted. This is usually done by a small group of indigos getting together and receiving orders from a spiritual guide to aid in battle against fallen spiritual beings. This is in an attempt to exorcise the influence of negative forces from the earth’s grid. This is noble enough; however consider the consequences of taking part in such a circle. For the most part, these fallen beings are not concerned with the triviality of your personal life. Do battle against them, and they will now have their eyes fixed on you. Understand that you are dealing with principalities and immortal beings that have deep rancor and long memories. They will look for a weak moment to exact their revenge. Even if your spiritual guide is providing you with 24-hour protection, they will attack what you love the most and unravel you by association.

Every one of us has to make a choice: do you want to take one for the team or is this really your fight? Are you willing to put your family and that which you love in danger? Just because a spiritual being asks you to battle does not mean that you must obey. Every soul has the right to choose. Refusing a being of Light does not exclude them from protecting or aiding you in the future. A true being of the Light of God does not retaliate. If you need him/her in the future, he/she will be at your side. Most indigos are unaware of these nuances. Moreover, they feel a great sense of importance and spiritual responsibility from the fact that a spirit of the Light of God is communicating with them. Very few realize that they have a choice to accept or refuse the mission.

There exist an entire culture and negative ego trapping that glamourize battle—the feeling of being in control, being strong, and having power. How many do you know who are proud of their power animals and the strength that they derive from such connections? I just want to go on record and say this: no ascended master has a power animal. Additionally, these battles will provide the participants with a sense of gain. They feel that they have earned what they struggled so hard to acquire during combat. It is the principle of battle trophies.

Fundamentally, the pendulum swing between the light and the dark will never stop if both sides keep acting the way they are and have been. The war in the heavens has been raging for 500 million years, and if nothing changes, it will continue for another 500 million years. As long as you are serving any side of this toxic and polarized dynamic, you will never find peace.

Although things are created in the Universe in pairs and opposites—light and dark, day and night, positive and negative, men and women—there exists a third condition. At the atomic level, you have a proton, which is positively charged; an electron, which is negatively charged; but you also have a neutron, which has no charge. Neutrality is alive and well in the Universe. I don’t mean that you would become like Switzerland and not get involved in the affairs of the world. Rather that you could engage in correcting the inequities of the world without being emotionally charged. You could have preferences and not attachments. If things did not go your way, you would not become undone by a sense of devastating defeat. You would simply adjust your strategy and make the necessary correction so that God’s plan could be made manifest. If you are polarized, you cannot see the endgame of reconciliation from a sea of charged emotions.

Why is neutrality such a rare choice? It is because we live in a highly toxic and polarized world, and until you have become battle fatigued, it will not be visible to you. Every time I talk about this to a group of young indigos, they accuse me of being a plant for dark forces. They do not understand that neutrality can serve better by being a true force for reconciliation and peace in the world. If we are emotionally charged, we only see the validity of our position; but if we are neutral, we are no longer concerned about right or wrong. Rather we attempt to reconcile to the emotional unbalance of the pendulum swing to allow us to exit the battle field.

It takes a mature soul who has spent multiple incarnations of battling to arrive at this conclusion: the battle between light and dark has no exit strategy. It will never end. When you are battle fatigued enough, this will be visible to you, and only then will you allow your identity as a warrior to evolve into that of a neutral peacemaker. I only know this after eons of battling for the Light, and from this moment onward—I choose neutrality.

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