The Fear of Tomorrow

The Fear of Tomorrow

For the third time in two weeks, I am called to help clients that are in a state of panic over their perception of a catastrophic and dark future. They are all highly intuitive and, through their enhanced sight, they are perceiving a frightful potential manifestation. They are highly regarded and respected for the spiritual work they are doing; they serve a community that is looking to them for help. They are empaths reading a fear in the ether of the earth that is causing them to become agitated and undone: it is a hopeless scenario of the collapse of everything that we know. Moreover, how do you prepare for something like this and how do you shepherd your tribe? The problem with holding this vision of hopelessness is that if you focus on it for too long, it will take you with it.

If this is you, you are not crazy. What you are perceiving is a potential for manifestation; it is not, however, the only future that appears on the horizon. Ascended scenarios are also present. In fact, there exist multiple potentials for manifestation and none of them have been selected. Humanity is collectively deciding which way we are going to go, and no seer can perceive past a timeframe that we are not ready to understand. Let me explain: most seers will only perceive one potential for manifestation or the future. This is because they are typically polarized and will only see in great detail the future they are partial to. If you happen to be a seer that is detached and neutral enough, you will see multiple potentials. These appear, at times, to look like a fan opening, simultaneously revealing the competing potential futures; other times, the impression can be of multiple ‘potential future’ screens, circling you. It is clear that the seers described above have attachments to the outcome they are perceiving; this is the reason they are agitated.

Yet, none of these potentials for manifestation have been selected. The earth and the solar system are about to traverse the Galactic Equator; this is a rare cosmological event that happens once every 31 million years. Light from the Galactic Core will envelop the planet without any stellar body blocking it. When this occurs, whatever thought system or emotional state that is in your consciousness will manufacture a matching reality. No one knows exactly when this will take place, but we are currently within the timeframe leading up to this event. The old paradigm of lack, fear, and scarcity is being destroyed to make room for truth, transparency, authenticity, and an equal distribution of resources.

The Milky Way Galaxy is like a pancake. It is flat – only 100 light years thick. It takes our solar system 250 million years to rotate around the Galactic Core, and 31 million years to move up or down outside of the field of the crust, thus aligning us perfectly with the Galactic Core – with no planets blocking it. When this Galactic Equator crossing occurs, consciousness and reality are reset. Think of it as a software upgrade. But since we humans are holographic generators, what that reality looks like is directly related to the thoughts and emotional state that we hold at the moment of the crossing.

Many are welcoming of this change; others will resist, for they have vested interest in holding the status quo in place. Resisting this change is like trying to stop an avalanche. The wheel of planetary karma is in motion and it cannot be stopped. Karma is about correction, and typically, it is painful. However, in Sanskrit the word ‘karma‘ means “to do or to make” and it is not about a sword of pain and retribution, but about doing and taking action to correct and reconcile in a positive manner. Equally visible on the future horizons are potentials for manifestation that are blissful, positive, and ascended, for many of us have spent years holding that space. At this current stage, no future potential’ has been selected. Multiple holograms of the future co-exist. In fact, for most who can perceive the future without attachment, nothing is visible past 15 years from now. This is because the future beyond that point has not been decided. We collectively as a planet have to decide where we want to go. As of now, parallel realities are occupying the same space. If you are polarized by a perception of a dark future, this perception will bring to you a matching reality holographically. Likewise, in the same space, someone whose consciousness is occupied by a positive potential will attract an ascended and transformative reality.

If you are perceiving darkness and are overwhelmed by it or are attempting to stop it, you are in fact selecting where you are going to go by focusing your energies in that direction. Instead, try to focus on the solution set, and choose to work on a potential for manifestation that is going to help you move into an ascended tomorrow. If you do this, the avalanche will fall all around you and you will be untouched, for you had selected a different reality. Remember, once the Galactic Equator crossing occurs, everyone will go to a reality that matches the thought pattern or frequency that occupies their consciousness.

If you are reading this, it is because you are a way-shower and a game changer who is to be a first responder during this time of change. Pull yourself together. This is not the time for you to allow yourself to unravel. On a soul level, you signed up for this. Work on a solution set that will make you more connected to your role as a first responder. Become the beacon of light that you are inside, and shine on, guiding the planet to safe shores. Help rescue humanity by being ready when crises arrive. Shine your light and entrain the people in your circle of influence so that more individuals will select the ascended earth path, causing a wave function to collapse, thereby selecting that more positive future.

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