The Flow: Living in Effortlessness

The Flow: Living in Effortlessness

There is a pair of forces that balance everything in the universe. They are known by different groupings: masculine and feminine, positive and negative, the yin and the yang, and giving and receiving. In truth, they are not opposite as much as they are mirror composites of each other. It is actually the same force that changes states. At the roots of one begins the other. The ideal state of being is to have both energies equally balanced and endlessly flowing. In the I Chin, it is called being in the Tao.

When they are unbalanced, they create disharmony, blockages and diseases. One can be to yin or to yang, but how does this correlate in our consciousness and the original “bread of shame program?” The yin is feminine; it is the desire to receive. The yang is masculine; it is the desire to give. As fragmented aspects of the original man, we are in this density to remove the bread of shame program by learning to give and receive from each other. For most of us in the light community, giving is natural. After all, our mission is to serve. We find it easy to give and broadcast what we know with other. However, giving has a dark side: some give because they feel empty. At the bottom of this negative ego program is a lack of self-worth or value. Others give because they are acting as if they were God’s assistant. They are busy making plans on how to give to everyone in their circle of influence for they have an inside track on what everyone needs. They are giving from their negative ego. They do not trust God to do and give what is needed. They have major control and power issues to contend with. This stems from deep-rooted fears.

To give and broadcast your truth, light and energy, you have to first disclose your gift and ask for permission. Once the permission is secure, you can share. Your offer to give should be neutral. Your desire to give should not be an imposition on others. If you receive a “no” response from the receiver, it is a complete sentence and needs no explanation. Walk away. Every being in the universe has free choice and that right must be respected. As a means to become neutral before offering your gift, repeat silently: “Please forgive me. I love you and I let go.”

Many give compulsively and have great difficulty receiving. Some may feel that they want to control how the universe boomerangs the receiving energy back to them. They want to receive this way and that way and not from him or her. They are trying to control how the reciprocal energy reaches them. Again, this is the God’s assistant negative ego program. Others may be suspicious about the true motive of the gift being received. Depending on childhood experiences, this can be a major source of paranoid behavior. Still, others may view the receipt of a gift as a vulnerability or weakness. This is especially true for those that grew up in an abusive environment. If you were a child expecting to receive love from a caregiver and instead received pain and suffering, your ability to receive is blocked.

At the root of the inability to receive is shame: the perception that you do not deserve the gift or that you have to earn it. The blessing that is coming is blocked by a need to either give back or exert an effort before the gift is accepted. Almost everyone on the planet is running this program. At the opposite end of this spectrum is a small percentage to the population that has no shame. They are wired incorrectly and can receive without any shame. They are entitled by nature and are at the cusp of being pathological. This is a serious psychological dysfunction. They are attracted to people that give compulsively and will drain them dry without any remorse, guilt or shame. In the worst-case scenario, they will cry and express what appear to be deep emotions, but it is all an act to receive for free. Tread carefully around these master manipulators. They will lie, deceive, over-promise and under-deliver.

The bread of shame program is not actuality; it is perceived. If the Universe is presenting you with a gift, it is simply an echo of a past act of giving. The Universe would never present you with what you do not deserve and had not earned. Yet, the shame is sabotaging the gift and keeping you out of balance with the flow that maintains everything in equilibrium. It is you and your interpretation of the shame that is blocking the blessing and keeping yourself out of balance with the Tao. Repeat this silently to remove the shame and allow the blessings into your life: “Thank you for the blessings. I accept the gifts and I receive with gratitude.” At first, it may feel inauthentic, but with time, this will bring you great healing and internal peace.

Being in the Tao and allowing flow is a state of being that is perpetually occurring. Your breath is the means by which this will happen. The soul of a child enters the body with the first breath. This fact may be common knowledge, but did you know that the soul exits the body when you exhale going back to the Source outside of time and space into a field of an endless solution set? Every breath is a rebirth. As you exhale the information whatever lack, pain and suffering that you are experiencing, it returns to the Source and the field of endless possibilities. Source does not care about the size or difficulty of your pain. Everything is information. The scalar invert or mirror of our lack is accessible for the restoration of harmony. Remove your shame and inhale the solution set as your soul re-enters your body and your suffering will end immediately. It is your shame that is blocking this normal and natural process from occurring.

To remove your shame and live in the Tao, repeat silently as you exhale: “Please forgive me. I love you and I let go.” Release and let go as you become neutral to the nature of what you are broadcasting back to the Source. As you inhale the Source energy and solution set, repeat silently: “Thank you for the blessings. I accept the gifts and I receive with gratitude.” Remove your shame and allow the blessings to repair every aspect of your life. Breathe consciously with that awareness and then the flow and effortlessness will seamlessly blend with your existence. This is your birth right and it is as easy as breathing.

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  • Posted February 14, 2015'


    We often don’t realize how much of the shame is subconscious however, through this practice it can be removed. What a blessing! Changed my life forever :).

  • Posted January 7, 2015

    Kathy Geary

    Thank you for everything you do. 2015 will be a special time to be alive and I’m so glad we’re in this together.

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