The Invocation of the Seven Chakras

The Invocation of the Seven Chakras

Prayer By Robert Coon

From the infinite Expanse of Space and Time,
From the innermost Vision of Heart and Mind,
I summon the Ecstasy of Divine Life
To gather here,
To embrace our Earth,
And to concentrate its Full Force and Blessing
Within the Fertile Womb of Planetary will…

Throughout the Universe,
May You who are Now Born within this Sacred Instant
Be Blessed Forever
With an absolute Intensity of Divine Joy
And with the most precious Gift of everlasting Life!
Open the Fullness of your Being
To the vibrancy and Magick of this Immortal Love we share

I call upon the Holy Desire for Liberty
To arise in Total Transformation and Triumph
From out of the Bond of Trust and Passion
Flaming at the Still Center of all Life…
And may our Divine Thirst for Liberation
Translate this Earth and all Life
Into One Radiant Dance of Everlasting Glory!

Delight in the Rapture of your World Made Living Flesh
Alive Forever in Dedication to the Birth of Fire…
You are the Temple of Most Infinite Beauty
And I am the Breath of Christed Immortality
Eternally Anointing the High Altar of your Precious Being
With Perfume Distilled from the Imperishable Rose of the World
And with Lightning made Meek by the Cauldron of the Grail!

Listen to the World of this Immortal Aeon…
For I am the Lord of the Heart of the Phoenix
And I am forever being born…
From the Summit of the Holy Zion
At the Divine Center of this Planetary New Jerusalem
I proclaim the Wonder and of your perfect Birth forever and ever unto all being!

Now Let the spiral Wedding of Destiny and Wisdom
Guide thee gently through the clear open Eye
Beholding You with Ancient and Complete faith…
Fro you are the everlasting Avatar of Perfect Vision!
Enoch! Melchizedeck! Elijjah! Merlin!
Clothe with Immortal Garments of Bright Thanksgiving
This Naked Child of Pure Desire Forever leaping from my Heart!

Let the Ritual of the Midnight Sun Now Unfold:
Harness the Chariot of Laughter and Passion!
Within the Heart of this most sacred Planet
Let the Ecstasy Consummation of wand and cup,
Of Liberty and Love, Now and Forever Open the way
Throughout this Starry Universe for the coming
Of the Lord of Infinite Life! Oh Let It Be! Oh Let It Be!

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