The Opening of the Heart vs the Challenges of Daily Living

The Opening of the Heart vs the Challenges of Daily Living

The human race is transitioning into a higher state of consciousness. The planet is collectively being taken through incremental increases into higher vibrations and frequencies. This is being done, Deus ex machina, by galactic forces that are taking the planet into a higher density. In the past two years, the average human being has become more connected to his heart. It starts out as a feeling of dropping, like you are falling from the top of a roller coaster and the point of focus is your heart. Many worry that they are having a heart attack. But even if you visit a physician, you will find out that there is nothing medically wrong with you. It is simply that your heart space is opening and that your capacity to feel is being recalibrated, increased, and expanded.

Once these events begin to occur, you will perceive many more feelings and be sensitized to the joy, the pain, the iniquities, and the suffering of the world. If you are disconnected from your feelings or, conversely, are too sensitive, this is going to be a difficult transition. For these types of individuals, this opening is disorienting at best and overwhelming at worst. They may withdraw and disengage from the world. They may even contemplate suicide as a means to exit the incessant perception of planetary pain. It is not just the perception of pain that hurts them, but also not knowing how to remedy it. For some, the transition will be more progressive. They may hold some of the old, preconceived notions and continue to keep the status quo, but at times they will be moved to explore a path less familiar and become increasingly giving to the world. Slowly and incrementally, their heart spaces will open. There are others who will be more willing to give. They may withdraw from the world at times to heal and re-group but, for the most part, are engaged in a plan to help shepherd humanity and the planet into a more loving and equitable future. Finally, there are those who will be into action and will fully engage themselves on a path of service and giving to help humanity and the earth transition into the next density.

The difficulty with this increase in sensitivity is that, just because you feel more, it doesn’t mean that you have the ability to manage the emotions. There exists a world of difference between being emotional and being emotionally intelligent. It is unfortunate that most are not seeking to become emotionally intelligent. They simply let their mood and emotions lead them into a holographic projection that temporally derails them for a few days, but they speak about this like it was some great badge of honor. There is no control and mastery in this. It is true that emotions allow us to communicate in a way that can at times be more enriching than speech or any other form of communication. Given the fact that no one is separated from another, our emotion is the means by which communication occurs between us silently, bypassing our five senses. To put this in perspective, there exists seven billion people on earth, and yet we are capable of feeling what every single person feels. That amount of data is overwhelming to most. Add to this the fact that there exists in the universe an endless number of inhabited planets with intelligent life from whom we are also receiving data, and you begin to understand why you need to have control and mastery over this process.

If your heart becomes open and you allow yourself to exist in this endless sea of information, you will be lost in no time. You need to become emotionally intelligent. What is emotional intelligence? It is the management of emotions. When you are feeling these powerful holographic projections that are emotions, you need to engage your brain’s frontal lobe to qualify what you are feeling. This is the heart and mind coherence. It is the blending of these two ways of acquiring data that will lead you into more profound and peaceful ways of being.

To engage the cerebral cortex, follow these guidelines: When you have a feeling, do not qualify it as good or bad. Just observe it. Ask yourself where you feel it in your body?  When was the first time that you felt this way?  Is this feeling legitimate or illegitimate?  You need to be actively doing this in order for you to become a more emotionally intelligent being. Practice makes perfect.

Having become emotionally intelligent, you can now filter the data that you are receiving from others and embark upon a true path of service. You need to rescue self first so that this increase in sensitivity can become a platform for you to do good.

Additionally, you have to have emotional boundaries. You need to know what feelings belong to you and what feelings are you empathing from others. If you allow all the emotions that you perceive to affect your consciousness, you will become paralyzed by an endless barrage of emotions. Your boundaries have to be impeccable. You have to be able to switch off your broadcast and receptivity of emotions.

Remember, it is in the blending of the heart and mind that effective planetary service begins. How slowly or quickly you integrate this merge will depend on a personal assimilation of the following: “You can only keep what you willing to give away.” If you want love, peace, healing, and ascendance, you have to gift it to the world.

The repair, redemption, and ascendance of the world can only happen if we are mobilized into taking action to change the status quo. So your heart is open. It is only the beginning of the journey. Do the work that is needed to master your emotional body, and together we will save the world. This is what you signed up for.

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