The Redemption of the Earth by Opening the Flower of Life

The Redemption of the Earth by Opening the Flower of Life

Before there was time, space or anything else, there existed three primal forms of energy know as the Ain, the Ain Sof and the Ain sof Ur: the light, the limitless and the limitless light. Beyond these three fields was a central point of light known as source for it was the genesis of all. In this primal field, existed the Lords of time and space also known as the Order of Melchizedek, an ante matter construct of consciousness that received orders from Source to manifest realms or playing fields for the creation of diverse levels of self-awareness and sentient existence. They created time and space by applying unimaginable pressure onto a point as small as dime. From the focus intent of these cosmic intelligences detonated explosively time, space, universes, galaxies, stars, solar systems, planets expending outward at speed that we cannot comprehend. Thus, a multi dimensional universes were created to allow diverse self-aware beings to descend the dimensional scale and experience life by first devolving and them evolving back in consciousness into the primal energetic field. This cycle describes “the in and out breath of Brahma”. Our Universe, that is everything that you can see in the night sky, is a recent addition to the multitude of universes that populate the primal field. Each universe has a theme or path of growth and evolution. In our universe, the theme is courage, while others have themes of survival, replication hope, liberty, freedom, knowledge, sharing, autonomy, acceptance, love and authentic. Yet in all universes, one law is supreme: the free choice of all life forms to select what course and direction their growth will take without the influence, coercion or manipulation of others.

The Melchizedek’s, first seeded in their created universes the Breneau Order, an Elohim collective called by many names: the “creators, architects, makers or founders” responsible for the manifestation and creation of all DNA template and genetic information for all life forms. It is through these beings that all life, terrestrial and extra terrestrial got manifested. Through their effort, our universe was populated with a rich variety of races, species and intelligences.

568 billion years ago, a subset of the Elohim call the “Annu Elohim” or “fallen angels” prevaricated against the will of God and Brahma, by trying to impose their will and agenda on other forms of life. This was the genesis of the angelic war where many attempts were made to isolate, control and stop this violation, interference and infection from these rebellious angels. For this reason, the 12 star gates or physical location in our universe where consciousness was allowed to descend and ascend the dimensional scale are now guarded by the ET Guardian Alliance of Light. This guardianship and “ring pass not” effectively cuts off the light of God to the Annu Elohim. In order to survive, these beings proceeded in a covert operation to hijack and dismantle the DNA strands of all life in the universe and thus disempowering and victimizing all life as we become second hand food and light source for them. They dismantled 10 strands out of the 12 strands of DNA leaving only the strands that exchange data with our “courage” theme universe and the “survival” theme universe which is the universe where they were banished after the fall. Their purpose was to usurp and override the courage theme with survival.

The founders where especially affected by this state of affair for it was their responsibility to make sure that all life form achieve bio re-genesis that is the manifestation of their highest evolutionary potential. In order to counter act this violation and interference, many of them 144,000 to be exact, volunteered to leave their pre matter state and take flesh on a rescue mission to save and redeem all life on earth. But when they became flesh; they were subjected to the same frailty and victimization as other beings, however the memory of their previous estate were still buried in their prana seed and ready to resurface at a specific appointed time and under specific conditions. Many of you seated in this room are from this collective. Do you know who you are? In fact you have select birth conditions and growth environments that would help to trigger this memory. What are the conditions that will allow these memories to be accessed?

At the Blue Moon Wesak of 2008, God, Spirit and the Masters empowered us with the divine technology to re-grow the 12 strands of DNA that had been altered and manipulated by the Annu Elohim. This is not an etheric activation, but the ability to actually rebuild our physical 12 strands of DNA. This DNA Reconstruction process corrects all interferences, insertions and alterations in our existing 2 strands of DNA and second rebuilds the 10 missing strands in physical form based on the original DNA blueprint of 950 billion year ago. This in effect makes the survival theme universe data and transmission 1/11th of the data and transmission that we are hardwired to. Through this process of DNA rebuilding the knowledge, memories of our provenance or point of inception can be retrieved. Thus our purpose, mission and puzzle piece will stand revealed. Additionally, instead of having one anthakarana, rainbow bridge or pillar of light that connects us to source, 12 columns of light anchors into our DNA and goes all the way back to source, outside of time and space. In effect, we become a living ascension gate with a torsion field of light and protection that extend for miles. Our role and purpose is to be the steward and guardian for every form of life, intelligence, cell, atom and molecules that exit in our torsion field. We will transform high voltage energies in a lower frequency that all life in our torsion field can assimilate.

Now when 11 other starseeds will have done exactly like you and rebuilt their DNA in your earth grid location: the energy of 12th to the 12th power will combine to create a giant torsion field that will expand 777 miles wide. Any intention held by the 12 council members of that torsion field will be made manifest. As an other starseed council manifest the combine energy the 12th to the 12th power at the right and neighboring planetary earth chakra location, a radius of 777 miles gets created that interlocks with the first one. The same process gets repeated at the left planetary chakra and them the top and bottom chakras and so on until all 156 chakras of the planet are engulfed in ascended energies held in place by the 144,000 thousand. When this happens the golden age will be here for light coming from source will descent to the center of these 156 giant torsion field and penetrate to the core of our planet and upgrade and resurrect the prana seed of the planet. From the core of the planet out a pulse will be release to stabilize the planet into a higher frequency and dimensional existence.

For this to come to pass all 144,000 starseeds must be awaken and work toward that purpose and mission. As of today, most of them are sleepwalking. By special dispensation for the 2009 Wesak Celebration God, Goddess, Christ and the Holy Spirit and the Masters are asking for our co-creation in the release of clarion call through ether of the planet to awaken our brothers and sisters.

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