Walking Through Quicksand

Walking Through Quicksand

We are traversing a rare moment in our collective evolution. For the next ten years, we will be faced with the opportunity to shift into a higher level of existence or to remain behind, to be given more time to sort things out. The entire planet is moving through a cosmic purge that is causing us to discover in short order our inner construct of lies and self-deceit. Change is rarely comfortable, particularly when these changes are activating our capacity toward higher emotions such as self-empowerment, empathy, compassion, equality, charity, giving, and love.

Many in the light community believe that transitioning into a higher consciousness would happen without discomfort. Just like magic and without effort, one day we would wake up and find ourselves in an ascended tomorrow. Far from it. We have to earn our way into the light, individually and collectively. If the past year is any indication, we are in for a long period of accelerated change and transformation. This is because multiple potential futures are occupying the same space and are battling for control and dominance. Individually, we have to shift into the potential future that aligns with our core value by surrendering our past identities and becoming a new being with a more evolved and elevated purpose.

As the frequency of the Nameless Light increases around the earth, the relevancy of our personal, business, psychological, emotional, and spiritual identity will change. Let me explain. Imagine that you are eating your favorite dessert only to realize that it tastes like you are eating filler. This is what many of my clients are reporting. It is complete loss of interest, passion, or fire in what used to ignite them. The existing identity, relationship, or behavior has no more meaning. This causes many to go into a full-blown existential crisis, especially if they are attached to the existing identity. Instead of seeing this as an opportunity to shed an old paradigm and attempt to find new footing, many are seeking to breathe life back into the old identity. I can guarantee you that this will not work. As the emerging frequency and potential future become visible, we need to find relevancy in it. If this is not done and you are holding on to the old and outdated, you will exit this grid and leave the planet.

The one thing that makes humans superior is our ability to adapt, but for that to happen we have to analyze and understand the potential future. But the emerging future is typically murky for other potential realities are battling with it for control. No one, not even I, can tell for certain what is going to happen for we are all deciding where we are going to go. In order to find the choice that is in alignment with us, we have to listen to our own body. The answers lie within. The map to the Promised Land is not without, but exists within. We have to listen to our subconscious mind and dismantle the construct of lies and self-deceits that we have created and find relevance in the new reality. Additionally, the way I become relevant is not the way you will become relevant. We each have to find our own internal map to the buried treasure.

This landscape will require great courage for you to traverse. The fear in these existential crises will be real. Understand that everything that you believe to be true is invalidated at a moment’s notice. It is only natural that it generates fear and panic. Now if you can surrender the fear into the Creator, Benefactor, and Giver of all things and allow yourself to observe without having any objections, the fear will dissipate. In its place will be information and knowledge. You will not have just uncloaked a blind spot. It is from this platform that you will be able to launch your new and emerging identity.

However do not get too comfortable, for your new, grounded identity may need to evolve at a moment’s notice and as a new and higher frequency and reality emerge. This means that we will need to have psychological, emotional, and spiritual agility. We are moving through a process of growth and change that will take about 10 years to complete. The frequency of the ascended tomorrow is so high that transitioning into it in one swoop would choke us and cause us to leave the planet. We are being given a ten-year period to continually reassess and assimilate our relevancy into a continual and incremental increase and growth of frequencies. The transition into a higher density will be faded in.

Like attracts like. Collectively, we will be gathered into a vortex to create a centrifuge of beings holding a similar belief system. Once critical mass is achieved, it will precipitate a new reality. What is interesting to note is that seven billion people will not shift to the same place. Reality will split into multiples. Many will not be able to transition to the same place as lovers, family members, friends, or colleagues. There will be a separation or a parsing out where the degree to which you are able to be flexible to new ideas, identities, and possibilities will determine where you go. Some people will be so attached to their old identity that they will have to remain behind. This will be a shock to many as beloved ones will suddenly not be there. There will be a mourning period for the loss.

The best way that you can help right now is for you to focus on the shadow or inner work in an attempt to support this cosmic purge. You need to search for the subconscious programs that are blinding you and stopping you from being the elevated, ascended, and incarnated being that you are. The more adaptable, agile, flexible, and courageous you are, the easier it will be for you to make it through. Remember that this is not an event, but a process.

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