Wesak 2011 – “Blessed Be the Hallowed Earth”

Wesak 2011 – “Blessed Be the Hallowed Earth”

Lord Buddha Speaks
Channeled by Pierre R. Dubois

We of the spiritual government of the planet come to you today with joy and jubilation as Gaia transitions into the next level of her evolutionary process. The world is shifting: it is in the air, the water and in the earth. Just like a snake shedding its skin, the planet is letting go of old patterns and paradigms, holograms and belief systems. Yet instead of this being a time of rejoicing, happiness and celebration most of you are in fear. Many of you resist the changes and transformation. Yet, you have prayed and asked for them. The changes must take place. The old torn clothing is no longer suitable for the Great Lady of the Planet. She needs a new garment. New patterns and blueprints must be executed.

We say unto you fear not, for fear is a destroyer of light. If a tempest comes raging against a shore bringing with it change in the contour of the land, most tall and resisting structures will fall, but small bendable things will remain and flourish thereafter. Do not resist for it is not wise. Fear is polarization that causes resistance and rigidity. Be neutral to the fear and allow the changes to envelop and embrace you. Move with the global changes. You are not strong enough to resist what has been thousands of years in the making. Co-create with Gaia the changes. Become an agent in the transformation of this world. This year Wesak will be celebrated for the first time in New York City to initiate a Holy Week of preparation, daily spiritual practice, cleansing, service, connection, light and Love toward the planet. This will conclude the following weekend in the Catskill Mountains while harmonizing your vibrations to the shifting grid of the Great Lady Gaia, Blessed she be.

Be present to witness and make change happen.
I am Lord Buddha the Logos of the planet in service to all.
Amen! Amen! Amen!

NYC 1 Day pass $100 – May 14
Catskills 2 Day pass $200 – May 21 & 22
NYC & Catskills 3 Day pass

$300.00 – May 14, 21 & 22

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