Wesak 2016 “Embracing the Light of Truth, Transparency and Authenticity”

Wesak 2016 “Embracing the Light of Truth, Transparency and Authenticity”

New York City 4/17 and Catskill Mountains 4/22-24

NEW YORK CITY: SUNDAY, APRIL 17, 2015: We are holding the 2016 Wesak celebration this year in the heart of Manhattan on Sunday, APRIL 17, 2015, from 10:00am to 6:00pm at the Simple Studios on 134 West 29th St, NYC 10001 (access to 1, 2, A, C, E, trains and the Long Island Railroad).

CATSKILL MOUNTAINS: FRIDAY THROUGH SUNDAY, April 22–24, 2016: On the following weekend, Saturday and Sunday, April 22th to 24th, 2016, the festival continues this year in Long Eddy, NY, at the new Gaiaville Retreat Center, 14439 State Highway 97, Long Eddy, NY 12760—from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM each day.

Additionally, a Special Evening Celestial Fire Ceremony will be held on Friday, April 22 at 6:00 PM till sunset to anchor in the Celestial Axis and prepare the alignment for the sacred spiritual celebration. Throughout that same day, an Open House from 10:00 AM will celebrate the official opening of the Gaiaville Retreat Center, with meditations and ceremonies in the morning and the afternoon. The Open House and Special Evening Ceremony will be free and open to the public.

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Info-Pack for Wesak 2016 – Download the PDF

Pierre Dubois Channeling the Galactic Regent Council

From the core of the Milky Way Galaxy we come to you today with a message of hope and transformation. We are the Galactic Regent Council, the collective of 12 Elders that compose the governance of the Milky Way Galaxy. As the earth approaches the crossing of the galactic equator—a cosmological event 31 million years in the making—you will find yourself acutely aware that you have to change and transform your thinking, behavior, and consciousness from holding fear and lack into embodying trust, surrender, and authenticity.

As your planet connects to the outer edge of the galactic equator, your misalignment will be visible to you. The more disconnected that you are to your core and authentic nature, the more dissonance you will feel. Yet in this discomfort lies the key to your salvation. If you can lean toward the pain and realize that your self-deception is not congruent with the Nameless Light emanating from the galactic equator, you will have begun the process of deconstructing the false belief. Look critically at your belief system not as the absolute truth, but as an evolving principle that grows and expands like the consciousness of the Divine. Understand that on the path of return, you are to mirror the Light of God, and since God is ever becoming, your beliefs should also evolve. The Nameless Light wants to end your pain and suffering, but for that to happen, you have to align yourself to truth, transparency, and authenticity.

This year will prove to be pivotal for many of you. It is a time to choose which path to follow. You can continue to blind yourself and pretend that the status quo is satisfactory, although evidence to the contrary is all around you. A wiser path is to realize that you have to fundamentally change and espouse a more spiritually aligned and authentic life. By your choice, you will be selecting which version of the future earth you will move into. We in the Galactic Core cannot make this choice for you. You are sentient incarnations of God. Your choice and co-creation, whatever it may be, is highly respected. But understand the consequences. The cosmological alignment that is about to happen will take place again 31 million years from now. As immortal beings, we can afford to wait for you, but can you?

This year we celebrate Wesak in the Catskill Mountains at the Gaiaville Retreat Center. Join us as we bless and open this Holy Center. We encourage you to make the radical and fundamental transformation that will bring you purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.

Listen to a Channeling from the 2014 WESAK CELEBRATION – Click here


The good people at the Chestnut Café have put together an optional breakfast-lunch-dinner catering package, which will include delivery of the BREAKFASTS and LUNCHES to the Gaiaville Retreat Center Wesak location. For the DINNER portions of the package, we will assemble at their restaurant, 5 minutes away. Specially chosen menus featuring ORGANIC foods are being planned:

  • Friday: DINNER (optional)
  • Cost of the Package per Person:

  • OPTION A: 6 Meals (Fri–1, Sat–3, Sun–2) = $ 76.00
  • OPTION B: 5 Meals (Sat–3, Sun–2) = $ 59.15
  • CHESTNUT CAFÉ, 11625 State Route 97, Long Eddy, NY 12760; Phone: (845) 887-6161

    Click here to purchase the meal packages.

    Travel and Lodging Information

    At the heart of Manhattan within walking distance of 34th Street Pennsylvania Station and all major transportation lines are the Simple Studios, the location for the Wesak celebration in New York City. Join us as we bring and anchor into the greatest cosmopolitan center of the world the songs and voice of Gaia, the earth Elohim and Devas and the latest dispensations form the Spiritual Hierarchy. Let us be guided in these times of change.

    Chelsea Star Hotel 302 West 30th Street New York NY 212-244-7827
    Holiday Inn Express 232 West 29th Street New York NY 212-695-7200
    Manhattan Inn 303 West 30th Street New York, NY
    Chelsea Savoy Hotel 204 West 23rd Street New York NY 212-929-9353
    New Yorker Hotel 481 8th Avenue New York NY 212-971-0101
    Fashion 26 Hotel 152 West 26th Street New York NY 212-858-5888
    Chelsea Hotel 222 West 23rd Street New York, NY
    Four Points Sheraton Hotel 169 West 25th Street New York, NY 212-627-1888

    The event is on SUNDAY and if you are driving you may find off the street parking or place your vehicle at a meter. Although there are parking garages around the venue the cost per hour varies from $8.00 and up or if you come early you may find and early bird daily rate that all the garages. We recommend that you take any of the major trains to 34th Street Pennsylvania Station: 1, 2, A, C, E, F, W, N, R, M and the Long Island Railroad and New Jersey transit.

    This year we are privileged to gather at the Gaiaville Retreat Center in the LONG EDDY home of Pierre Dubois, in the newly renovated structure that will serve as the home base of the future Gaiaville community—an ascended, green, sustainable, and healing village. As the arms of Gaia embrace and surround us in this sacred space, we will travel in spirit to the Wesak Valley to partake in this renewal and celebration. LONG EDDY is located close to the center of New York State in Sullivan County, a popular vacation spot since the 19th Century, with mountain climbing, boating, and other outdoor activities. The site of the original Woodstock Festival concert of 1969 is nearby at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, which includes a museum of the sixties and holds many concerts and other events.

    Ten minutes from Long Eddy, the small 200-year-old town of HANCOCK provides some of the nearest hotel/motel and restaurant options. It is surrounded by lush green hills, wildlife and spectacular views of the Delaware River and is known for its fishing, gaming, canoeing, golfing, bluestone mining, and camping. Other notable cultural destinations include the CAS Arts Center, a multi-arts exhibit space and education center run by the Catskill Art Society in Livingston Manor, New York.

    * Smith’s Colonial Motel * Recommended: 10 minutes from Wesak location; clean, quiet, and comfortable accommodations on the scenic Delaware River 23085 State Highway 97 Hancock, NY 13783 Phone: 607-637-2989 Fax: 607-637-2989 Email: colonial@hancock.net
    Bass Hancock Hotel & Eatery (across the street from the Old Capitol Theater) 137 East Front Street Hancock, NY 13783 Reservations: 607-637-7100 Fax: 607-637-4859 Website: www.HancockHouseHotel.com

    Bass Mountain Top Cabins Nicely-appointed, rustic log cabins with exquisite views; golfing and dining available P.O. Box 718 Hancock, NY 13783 Phone: 607-637-5253 Fax: 607-637-4858 Website: www.bassenterprises.com
    Becky’s Bed and Breakfast Quiet country atmosphere 2406 State Highway 268 Cadosia, NY 13783 Phone: 607-637-5499 Email: becky_sander@yahoo.com Website: www.beckysanderbandb.com
    Bouchouxville Road General Store and Lodging The Fisherman-Hunter’s Paradise 2685 Bouchouxville Road
    Hancock, NY 13783 Phone: 607-428-0456 Email: bsilklady2003@yahoo.com

    Capra Inn Motel 521 West Main Street Hancock, NY 13783 Phone: 607-637-1600
    Green Acres Motel 30356 State Highway 17W Hancock, NY 13783 Phone: 607-467-3620
    Lake Charlotte Estates Cabin Rentals P.O. Box 776 Hancock, NY 13783 Phone: 607-637-5222

    Point Mountain Lodge B&B 186 Yendes Street Hancock, NY 13783 Phone: 607-637-2629
    Sandercock House B&B 8 Sandercock Road Equinunk, PA 18417 Phone: 570-224-8302
    Camp Hilltop 7825 County Hwy 67 Hancock, NY 13783 Phone: 607-637-5201 Fax: 607-637-2389 Email: hilltop@hancock.net Website: www.camphilltop.com


    *Chestnut Café (closest to Wesak location & where we will go for dinner as part of the Meal Catering Package. See details on previous page.) 11625 State Route 97 Long Eddy, NY 12760 Phone: (845) 887-6161
    Bass Hancock Hotel & Eatery (across the street from the Old Capitol Theater) 137 East Front Street Hancock, NY 13783 Phone/Reservations: 607-637-7100 Fax: 607-637-4859 Website: www.HancockHouseHotel.com
    Circle E Diner The Best Diner Food in Town! 369 East Front Street Hancock, NY 13783 Phone: 607-637-9905

    LaSalette Restaurant Fine dining and awesome views 490 Golf Course Road Hancock, NY 13783 Phone: 607-637-2505

    McDonald’s 450 West Main Street Hancock, NY 13783 Phone: 607-637-2333
    The Inn at Starlight Lake 289 Starlight Lake Road Starlight, PA 18461 Phone: 570-798-2519
    Subway of Hancock 102 East Front Street Hancock, NY 13783 Phone: (607) 637-4800


    French Woods Golf & Country Club 18-hole Public Golf Course P.O. Box 718 Hancock, NY 13783 Phone: 845-887-5000 Website: www.bassenterprises.com
    French Woods Performing Arts Camp P.O. Box 609 Hancock, NY 13783 Phone: 845-887-5600 Email: admin@frenchwoodscamp.com Website: www.frenchwoodscamp.com
    Capra Cinema 521 West Main Street Hancock, NY 13783 Phone: 607-637-1600
    Fox Bowling Center 24723 State Highway 97 Hancock, NY 13783
    Phone: 607-637-4401 Email: bowling@hancock.net
    CALLICOON CENTER BAND Main Street, Callicoon Center, NY 12724 Phone: 845 482-4245
    CALLICOON MOVIE THEATER 30 Upper Main Street Callicoon, NY 1272 Phone: 845 887-4460 www.callicoontheater.com
    THE BETHEL WOODS CENTER FOR THE ARTS 200 Hurd Road, Bethel, New York 12720 (23 miles from Long Eddy) Phone: 866 781-2922/ 845 454-3388
    THE SHANDELEE MUSIC FESTIVAL 442 J. Young Road, PO Box 1264 Livingston Manor, NY 12758 Phone: 845 439-3277


    Bus from New York City: Short Line Bus from NYC’s Port Authority to Hancock (3.75 hours); call 212-736-4700 for schedule. If you let us know by email (pierre@iammonad.com) when you are scheduled to arrive in Hancock, we will have someone there to pick you up.

    Bus from Binghamton: Short Line Bus from the Binghamton Bus Depot to Hancock (45 minutes); call 212-736-4700 for schedule. If you let us know by email (pierre@iammonad.com) when you are scheduled to arrive in Hancock, we will have someone there to pick you up.

    Car from Binghamton: Take I-86 E and NY-17 East toward New York and get off at exit 87 (in Hancock) for NY-97 East toward New York City (0:38 min) to destination (0:15 min): Destination: 14439 NY-97, located on the right off NY-97, two houses before John Deck Road.

    Car from New York City: Take the George Washington Bridge upper level (keep on your right). Take the first exit, Palisades Parkway to exit 18 (35 minutes, exit on the right side) to a circle. Follow the sign to Route 17W and 6W. Follow Route 6W for 10 minutes and it will take you to a ramp onto 17 West. Follow this road (17W) straight until exit 104 for NY-17-B toward Callicoon and NY-97 N toward Hancock (0:49 minutes). Destination: 14439 NY-97, located on the left off NY-97, two houses after John Deck Road.

    Car from New Jersey: Take the Garden Sate Parkway North leading onto I-87. Follow I-87 to exit 16, Catskills, Woodbury Commons/Harriman. This will lead you onto 17 West. Follow this road (17W) straight until exit 104 for NY-17B toward Callicoon and NY-97 N toward Hancock (0:49 minutes). Destination: 14439 NY-97, located on the right off NY-97, two houses after John Deck Road.

    Binghamton Regional Airport: The nearest airport is Binghamton Regional Airport. From there follow the instructions for car (rental) or bus transportation to Hancock (45 minutes drive). Web Site: http://www.binghamtonairport.com/aviation. If you let us know when you are scheduled to arrive in Hancock, by emailing pierre@iammonad.com, we will have someone there to pick you up.

    Newark International Airport: From Newark International Airport follow the signs to ground transportation and car rental. Newark International Airport is in New Jersey and here are the driving directions: Head northeast on Terminal Access Rd. Slight left to stay on Terminal Access Rd. Merge onto US-1 N/US-9 N via the ramp to State Hwy 21. Slight left at RT-21 (signs for Newark/US-22/State Hwy 21). Slight left at US-46, and take the US-46 E ramp to Elmwood Park. Merge onto US-46 continue for 0.4 ml and Take the ramp onto Garden State Pkwy N leading onto I-87. Follow I-87 to exit 16, Catskills, Woodbury Commons/Harriman. This will lead you onto 17 West. Follow this road (17W) straight until exit 104 for NY-17B toward Callicoon and NY-97 N toward Hancock (0:49 minutes). Destination: 14439 NY-97, located on the right off NY-97, two houses after John Deck Road.


    Ursula Biala has been passionately pursuing since 2009 the Iammonad ascension, self-mastery and esoteric studies program, which is her lifelong purpose. Ursula is a certified Reiki Master and an active participant in the Art of Energetic Healing School’s sacred teachings and energetic activations. Ursula studied other energy healing modalities such as the Yuen Method of Chinese energetic medicine and Matrix Energetics. She is an ordained Spiritualist minister and served as Treasurer on the Board of the Spiritualist Church of NYC. She has a B.A. in Economics from the New York University and has spent her career working in Finance and IT. She is a member of the Theosophical Society of America, Gaiaville LLC, and a founding member of Spiritual Bliss NYC.

    Pierre Richard Dubois was born on the Island of Haiti and grew up in parallel worlds. He was trained by a priest to learn the laws of the empirical universe, while the world of magic and miracles laid outside in the ethos and culture of his native land. By the age of seventeen, Pierre was initiated in western mystery schools in an attempt to explain the schism of these two worlds. He is a healer, channel, spiritual counselor, regression therapist, certified life coach, certified hypnotherapist, dream interpreter, ascension teacher, Minister, workshop facilitator and lecturer. Pierre studied at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture and Planning.

    Kathy Geary, Spinto Soprano, fresh from Texas began her operatic career with a stellar debut as Mimi in Puccini’s La Boheme in Busseto, Italy. Both Carlo Bergonzi and Renata Tebaldi, Ms. Geary’s early mentors, proclaimed her “a rare voice, a gifted singer and a moving performer.” Shortly after this triumph, Ms Geary was forced, for personal reasons, to take a hiatus from her operatic career. She has recently made her comeback appearing with New Jersey Concert Opera as Siegrune in Wagner’s Die Walküre, the Countess in Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro with the Capitol Opera Company of Harrisburg and Amelia in Verdi’s Un ballo in maschera with the Burgas Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus, Bulgaria.

    Selidia Juniis, is a grandmother, writer, published poet, and workshop facilitator for “Heal your Life, Achieve Your Dreams” seminars developed by Patricia Crane, PHD and Rick Nicholls. Her most profound spiritual teacher was a, “At The Foot of The Master” experience that is a sacred honor and privilege, with one who embodied the Divine Mother Spirit and grounded her in light, love, law, ancient wisdom, universal and cosmic principles. She is an ordained Minister of the Order of Melchizedek through Sanctuary of the Beloved, Inc. of the State of New York.

    Carol Ann Knight is a Transformational Change Agent and Vibrational Energetics Specialist, inspiring you to take action and leveraging you beyond your perceived limitations, to actualize your potential. She is a strong proponent of utilizing Sound Presentation to help support the optimal performance of the body, and to invoke and transform consciousness, as well as MythoSelf Process, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnosis and various energetic modalities. Carol Ann has a degree in Mathematics from Cornell University and has spent several years working in the healthcare consulting field.

    Bobbie Pollard has an extraordinary love and appreciation of nature as a result of growing up on a farm in the Mississippi delta. Ms. Pollard is Master Dowser in the areas of health, emotions, diet, spiritual and general wellbeing issues and is a member of the Manhattan Dowers and the American Society of Dowers. She is an expert and practitioner in the art of aromatherapy. As an educator, she is a librarian and associate professor at Baruch College (CUNY) for over 40 years. She teaches courses in Information Research in Liberal Arts and Business. She has developed a course in Science, Skepticism, and the Inexplicable Powers of the Human Mind. She is an eternal student who continues to learn and grow.

    Carine Sohier is a Celestial Light Healing® Practitioner (Pierre R. Dubois’ healing modality) and an Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor (Angelic Healing of the Human Energy Field). Carine is also a student of the Indian Saint Swami Sri Kaleshwar and practices Sai Shakti Healing (using powerful divine soul-to-soul energy transmissions to heal at a soul level). Her mission is to empower others on their self-healing journey and spiritual growth and assist in alleviating any unnecessary suffering – physical, emotional, mental and karmic – through the healing powers of the Divine Energy. Carine’s utmost joy is to help others reawaken to and align with their enlightened selves, as expressing who we truly are is our greatest gift to the world and ourselves. With an innate compassion, she has helped many on their healing journey through depression and heartbreak in all its forms, life-threatening diseases, and through the dissolution of old wounds, blocks, outdated survival mechanisms, and destructive self-judgments that prevent the True Inner Self to shine.

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