Wesak 2017 “The Quickening”: A Time for Inner Work, Spiritual Courage and Agility

Wesak 2017 “The Quickening”: A Time for Inner Work, Spiritual Courage and Agility

Most spiritual retreats are an opportunity for attendees to shift in consciousness as a result of the activations and upgrades that are being channeled by the various presenters. But this elevation typically dissipates within days, weeks, or month after the celebration. This year I am being led to create a different experience.

I have held Wesak Celebrations in the Catskills Mountains of New York every year since 2008. This year I am being asked by the Spiritual Hierarchy to not only upgrade the attendees, but help them create a customized action plan or spiritual practice so that in the day, week, month, and year after the event you will have a spiritual outline and path to follow.

Time is of the essence, for humanity needs to become spiritually mature and rise in advance of the Galactic Equator crossing. The great dimensional shift is coming, and we need to co-create this shift by refining our consciousness and standing in spiritual rectitude and verticality as beacons, grounding roads, and entrain humanity into an ascended tomorrow.

In the mist of instabilities in political systems, weather patterns, financial institutions, and terror attacks, war, the future is unclear. Yet, God has a plan. Is there a purpose to this continual change, and do I play a role in it?

For clarity, I will journey everyone 100 years forward in time to see if your current trajectory will take you to the future that you would like to imagine. Afterward, I will be guiding you to journal and create an action plan that will permit you to either correct your current path or walk into to the future that you perceived.

This year WESAK 2017 is designed to help you craft a spiritual practice that will serve as a compass for the year to come. If you are seeking clarity, have heard the call, and feel the same sense of urgency that we felt, do join us.

NEW YORK CITY: SUNDAY, May 7, 2017: We are holding the 2017 Wesak celebration this year in the heart of Manhattan on Sunday, MAY 7, 2017, from 10:00am to 5:30pm at the Alchemical Theater Laboratory, 104 W. 14th St, NYC (14th St & 6th Ave) (access to all major subway lines and the Path trains).

CATSKILL MOUNTAINS: FRIDAY THROUGH SUNDAY, May 12–14, 2016: On the following long weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, May 12th to 14th, 2017, the festival continues again this year in Long Eddy, NY, at the new beautiful
Gaiaville Retreat Center, 14439 State Highway 97, Long Eddy, NY 12760.

Friday from 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM
Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM each day.

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LADY GAIA Channeled by Pierre Dubois

Dear Ones,
The world is changing. In your lifetimes, you will experience a planetary shift into a higher dimension. Nature and the forces of the earth—the air, the sky, the sea, the mountains, the plants, the animals—are co-creating this great and collective transit. They are on track to move into a higher density. However it is you, beautiful expressions of the Divine Light, who are lost in a forest of errors, for as long as you are worshipping greed as your god and putting personal gain and achievements as your priority, you are disconnected from your heart and out of sync with this group effort.

All the forces of nature and all species are interconnected. Within your bodies are an infinite number of microbes, bacteria, and parasites that are symbiotically maintaining your life. You survive and exist because of them as they grow and multiply. You win and they win. To try to control, dominate, and monopolize any of the linked natural and mutually beneficial processes is highly dangerous and disruptive. Yet the vast majority of you have done this, for you are trying to hoard resources in the false belief that whoever has more, wins. The lesson here is that whoever shares more, prospers.

What you have done is to disconnect yourselves from a natural and evolutionary process that took billions of years to achieve. As a result, many of you are in danger of being left behind in a lower density of pain and suffering while the planet moves into a higher, loving, and ascended tomorrow.

It would be a great waste if you did not take this opportunity to self-correct and redirect your life purpose into alignment with the mission that I hold for all species on earth: the possibility for all bio life-forms to ascend back into a light-form. I am not excluding you from this process, but holding these false beliefs is disconnecting you from a cycle of interdependence that is the foundation of planetary ascension.

To avoid this you need to change, but change is never comfortable. No one can move into the ascended tomorrow alone. It is together that we can co-create this beautiful and promised tomorrow.

Join us for the Wesak 2017 Celebration in New York City on May 7th, 2017, and in the Catskill Mountains on May 12th, 13th, and 14th, 2017. Come and receive guidance, activation, and clarity from inspired channels and teachers. Walk out renewed and motivated with action plans leading to the opening of your heart. Learn how to love self and love all expressions of the Divine presence.

I am Lady Gaia, the super-consciousness of everything that is alive on earth. Thank you for this opportunity to share.

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