Wesak 2019 – Revealing the Light of God, Liberation, Freedom and Ascendance to the World

Wesak 2019 – Revealing the Light of God, Liberation, Freedom and Ascendance to the World

Join us as we celebrate WESAK 2019 in New York City on May 12, 2019 at the Alchemical Studio and on May 17, 18, 19, 2019 at the Gaiaville Retreat Center in the Catskill Mountains. Save the dates and we will be sending you more information soon.

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The Group Ascension Wave

Lord Melchizedeck, Channeled by Pierre R. Dubois

Greeting dear ones, essences of the divine,
It is indeed with joy and happiness that I take this opportunity to welcome and support you in this ascension effort. You are responding to the call of Spirit and you are fulfilling promises that you made long ago. It is in a group ascension effort that the salvation of the earth is assured. One individual ascending will not be able to transform this planet into the next dimension, but where 12 stands a decisive difference can be made. You are called to create a gateway, doorway or bridge allowing others to follow. Understand that you are architects and engineers fabricating a vertical tunnel toward the heavens. You are to become the armature and structure that will hold this piece of architecture toward heaven. In collectively refining your consciousness and re-programming your negative ego, you are creating a doorway, opening and a gate through which others will follow. The entire heavenly hierarchy is supporting this effort for this gateway is to connect to a similar structure at the ascended planetary level which them connects to a part of this system at a solar level and this in turns connects to a similar structure at a galactic level and so on all the way back to Source. You are creating a means by which all life form in your geographical area will find a sizable pathway where light can ascend and descend the heaven and bless everyone in your earth chakra location.

We are here to support you. We are here to guide you and I and the entire hierarchy want to make sure that this work happens in the simplest and easiest manner and with love and peace. We say unto you sparks of Divinity: we are proud to watch our own essences and aspects of ourselves generating a motion back to the beginning. This is as it should and very encouraging to us. The vortex and ascension column that you are creating will be so big that it will be a means by which lots of others will connect heaven to earth. You are not ascending for yourselves. You are ascending so that the planet will move into the light, love and peace of the divine. This work cannot be done by one individual. It is to be done by a team that will assemble at every earth chakra locations. There need to stand at a minimum 12 at these locations to become the main beams, armature and structure that will create this network and open the gates of heaven.
In conclusion, we bless you and say unto you this is nothing more them the first wave. There will be additional waves coming through the chariot and pathway that you will leave behind.

I am Lord Melchizedeck, the soul that animates this Universe. Blessings my children and may the love of the divine be always with you and thank you for this opportunity to share.

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