Wesak 2015 –  “The Gathering”

Wesak 2015 – “The Gathering”

The Power of Togetherness

Pierre Dubois, Channeling Lord Melchior

In your corner of the world you struggle to ignite, maintain, and nourish your light and ascendance. At the moment, you get discouraged and despondent that you are alone and that the dream of a gathering of like-minded rescuers is either far in the distant future or a pipe dream. Dear One, you are not alone, but you have so far existed in the isolation of your comfort zone. Understand that the rescue of humanity cannot happen by you attempting to ignite your light without the support of others. True power exists in the gathering of a collective of volunteers having the same intention. Only then can the amplitude of your collective light make a significant impact on the future of the earth. Think of a tuning fork vibrating alone in a room. Now add twenty more tuning forks of the same key; vibrate the original fork and watch the entire collection of forks ignite in resonance, creating a cumulative amplitude that is far greater than if each fork were in a separate room.

From the Galactic Core, I am Lord Melchior, the Logos that animates your quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy. From the Galactic Center, I see your individual, separate, and noble effort to fulfill your promise and help rescue the world. But like a tuning fork that is alone in a room, the power of your resonance will not make a significant impact on the future of the earth. It is time to gather with others of the same frequency and vibrate your light in a collective choir that will raise your individual vibration and open the heavenly gates for greatness, change, and planetary transformation to occur.

The time is almost upon you to journey to a great gathering of like-minded volunteers. Wesak 2015 will be celebrated for the first time at the geometric center of the earth chakra grid of the New York area on May 8th, 9th and 10th, 2015. The radius of this grid from this geometric center is 777 miles wide, covering New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and part of Canada. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event and opportunity to make a significant difference in the evolution, expansion, and growth for this earth chakra grid. It is also your opportunity to meet with others doing similar work in love and fellowship.

Remember that everyone who attends Wesak gets a significant increase in their light quotient. This fact is more impactful when the location for the gathering is the geometric center of a chakra grid. Let me also say that the radiation from earth chakra 15 that is released from Niagara Falls is to create an ascended and ideal community.
It is my hope that you hear the call, journey to this gathering, and receive the benefits and blessings.

I am Lord Melchior, the Logos of your quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy.


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Wesak 2015 Presenters

Ursula Biala has been passionately pursuing since 2009 the Iammonad ascension, self-mastery and esoteric studies program, which is her lifelong purpose. Ursula is a certified Reiki Master and an active participant in the Art of Energetic Healing School’s sacred teachings and energetic activations. Ursula studied other energy healing modalities such as the Yuen Method of Chinese energetic medicine and Matrix Energetics. She is an ordained Spiritualist minister and served as Treasurer on the Board of the Spiritualist Church of NYC. She has a B.A. in Economics from the New York University and has spent her career working in Finance and IT. She is a member of the Theosophical Society of America, Gaiaville LLC, and a founding member of Spiritual Bliss NYC.

Donna Davis is a powerful intuitive, clairvoyant, metaphysical teacher, and speaker. She is a gifted psychic with the ability to tap into the specific details of whatever situation she is presented with. She also has a very developed psychic sight, with the ability to remote view when she is asked.

Pierre Richard Dubois was born on the Island of Haiti and grew up in parallel worlds. He was trained by a priest to learn the laws of the empirical universe, while the world of magic and miracles laid outside in the ethos and culture of his native land. By the age of seventeen, Pierre was initiated in western mystery schools in an attempt to explain the schism of these two worlds. He is a healer, channel, spiritual counselor, regression therapist, certified life coach, certified hypnotherapist, dream interpreter, ascension teacher, Minister, workshop facilitator and lecturer. Pierre studied at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture and Planning.

Kathy Geary, Spinto Soprano, began her operatic career with a stellar debut as Mimi in Puccini’s La Boheme in Busseto, Italy. Both Carlo Bergonzi and Renata Tebaldi, Ms. Geary’s early mentors, proclaimed her “a rare voice, a gifted singer and a moving performer.” Kathy broadcasts a weekly radio program “Now and Then” about singer-songwriters, on an NPR affiliate station, WJFF Hydro-powered Radio Station in Jeffersonville, NY. www.KathyGeary.com. Additionally, Kathy is a web developer and the Webmaster for I Am Monad.

Selidia Juniis, is a grandmother, writer, published poet, and workshop facilitator for “Heal your Life, Achieve Your Dreams” seminars developed by Patricia Crane, PHD and Rick Nicholls. Her most profound spiritual teacher was a, “At The Foot of The Master” experience that is a sacred honor and privilege, with one who embodied the Divine Mother Spirit and grounded her in light, love, law, ancient wisdom, universal and cosmic principles. She is an ordained Minister of the Order of Melchizedek through Sanctuary of the Beloved, Inc. of the State of New York.

Bobbie Pollard has an extraordinary love and appreciation of nature as a result of growing up on a farm in the Mississippi delta. Ms. Pollard is Master Dowser in the areas of health, emotions, diet, spiritual and general well being issues. She is an expert and practitioner in the art of aromatherapy. As an educator, she is a librarian and associate professor at Baruch College (CUNY) for over 40 years. She teaches courses in Information Research in Liberal Arts and Business. She has developed a course in Science, Skepticism, and the Inexplicable Powers of the Human Mind. She is an eternal student who continues to learn and grow.

Carine Sohier is a Celestial Light Healing® Practitioner (Pierre R. Dubois’ healing modality) and an Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor (Angelic Healing of the Human Energy Field). Carine is also a student of the Indian Saint Swami Sri Kaleshwar and practices Sai Shakti Healing (using powerful divine soul-to-soul energy transmissions to heal at a soul level). Her mission is to empower others on their self-healing journey and spiritual growth and assist in alleviating any unnecessary suffering – physical, emotional, mental and karmic – through the healing powers of the Divine Energy. Carine’s utmost joy is to help others reawaken to and align with their enlightened selves, as expressing who we truly are is our greatest gift to the world and ourselves. With an innate compassion, she has helped many on their healing journey through depression and heartbreak in all its forms, life-threatening diseases, and through the dissolution of old wounds, blocks, out-dated survival mechanisms, and destructive self-judgments that prevent the True Inner Self to shine.

Travel and Lodging Information

Below is Transportation, Lodging, Dining and Entertainment Information for NYC.
Download Info Pack PDF for Wesak 2015


At the heart of Manhattan within walking distance of 34th Street Pennsylvania Station and all major transportation lines are the Simple Studios, the location for the Wesak celebration in New York City. Join us as we bring and anchor into the greatest cosmopolitan center of the world the songs and voice of Gaia, the earth Elohim and Devas and the latest dispensations form the Spiritual Hierarchy. Let us be guided in these times of change.


Chelsea Star Hotel
302 West 30th Street
New York NY

Holiday Inn Express
232 West 29th Street
New York NY

Manhattan Inn
303 West 30th Street
New York

Chelsea Savoy Hotel
204 West 23rd Street
New York NY


The event is on Sunday and if you are driving you may find off the street parking or place your vehicle at a meter. Although there are parking garages around the venue the cost per hour varies from $8.00 and up or if you come early you may find and early bird daily rate that all the garages. We recommend that you take any of the major trains to 34th Street Pennsylvania Station: 1, 2, A, C, E, F, W, N, R, M and the Long Island Railroad and New Jersey transit.


You can travel to Niagara Falls from NYC by plane (1.5hrs), car (7hrs), bus (8-9hrs), or Amtrak train (9 hrs). If you have border-crossing documents (passport, etc), you may have opportunities to visit the spectacular Canadian Falls and other Canadian attractions.

Our travel agent and event planner in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area is Tanika Coleman from Creative Travel Solutions: 716-249-1246 who can help you with your travel plans.

Some of our group have booked a Jet Blue flight #2402 from JFK to Buffalo on May 8th, leaving at 1:25pm, arriving in Buffalo at 2:50pm; and returning on May 10th at 3:26pm arriving at JFK at 5:04pm. If you want to be on the same flight, call Tanika Coleman from Creative Travel Solutions: 716-249-1246, and tell her that you want to follow Pierre’s travel plan. If you are coming from a different location like Orlando or Miami, Tanika can help with a connecting flight as well. Once Tanika knows our travel information, she can arrange an Airport Shuttle from BUF to NFL. The cost is about $50 one way, depending on size of group & travel agent discounts she can negotiate.

BY AIR – Fly to either Buffalo-Niagara Intl or Niagara Falls International Airport:
• Buffalo Niagara Intl Airport (Buffalo, NY) – downtown Niagara Falls is 19 mi (approximately 30 minutes) from Buffalo Niagara Intl Airport (Buffalo, NY). The airport features 110 daily flights, including non-stop service to 23 different cities. Major carriers to the airport include: jetBlue, Delta, Southwest, US Airways, Continental, American, Northwest, United, and Airtran.

• Niagara Falls International Airport (IAG) The Niagara Falls International Airport is located within Niagara Falls’ city limits and features flights on low-cost carriers Spirit Airlines and Direct Air to destinations such as Ft. Lauderdale and Myrtle Beach among others. In 2009 a new state-of-the-art terminal was opened and new destinations are being added often.

Shuttle Services:
• Airport Shuttle Service: Niagara Falls Shuttle – This is an On-Demand Service starting at 8:00 am until 8:00 pm. from Buffalo Airport to Niagara Falls. Travel time between Niagara Falls and Buffalo Airport averages 30 minutes. Call ITA Airport Taxi Service toll free @ 1-800-551-9369. Buffalo Niagara Intl Airport to Niagara Falls, NY: One Way – $50.00 per person; Round Trip – $100.00 per person; www.niagarafallslive.com/Airport_Shuttle_Services_Buffalo_Airport_Niagara_Falls.htm; 716-633-TAXI or 800-551-9369; Day or night, seven days a week. Tanika can arrange a Shuttle Van or Mini-Bus from the Buffalo airport into Niagara Falls, which may reduce the Shuttle costs.

• BUFFALO AIRPORT SHUTTLE – Niagara Falls & Surrounding Areas; flat rates available
(716) 685-2550, Toll-Free:(877) 750-2550; Website: www.buffaloairportshuttle.com

BY TRAIN from New York City:
Amtrack – from New York Penn Station towards Toronto Union Station; destination Niagara Falls, NY (NFL), 2701 Willard Avenue, 27th Street and Lockport Road, Niagara Falls, NY 14305; www.amtrak.com
In Niagara Falls, NY, the station is in a very industrial part of the city on 27th Street & Lockport Road.. If you are arriving late in the evening you should arrange for a taxi to pick you up upon arrival. Visit AMTRAK for more details.

• Greyhound Bus – Bus service from NYC goes to Buffalo, NY or to Niagara Fall, Ontario, but not to Niagara Falls, NY; 1(800) 231-2222; www.greyhound.com. From Buffalo to Niagara Falls, our travel agent and event planner, Tanika Coleman- 716-249-1246, can arrange a Shuttle Van or Mini-Bus for you.

from NYC (via I-81 N & I-90 W: 411 miles – 6 hrs 16 min) thru Scranton, Binghamton, Syracuse)

Take the George Washington Bridge Lower Level and merge onto I-95 S; Head west on I-95 S ( 3.8 mi). Keep right at the fork to continue on I-80 W, follow signs for Interstate 80 W/Garden State Parkway/ Hackensack/Patterson; Entering Pennsylvania (About 1 hour 22 mins – 86.2 mi). Keep right at the fork to continue on I-380 N, follow signs for Scranton (About 25 mins – 28.3 mi. Merge onto I-81 N; Entering New York (About 53 mins – 58.1 mi. Keep right at the fork to stay on I-81 N, follow signs for I-88/Syracuse/Albany (About 1 hour 4 mins – 71.8 mi. Take the exit onto I-690 W toward Fairgrounds/Baldwinsville (About 8 mins – 8.6 mi). Continue onto NY-690 N (0.2 mi). Take exit 1 toward I-90/ Thruway (0.2 mi). Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-90/Thruway -Toll road (About 51 secs – 0.5 mi). Keep right at the fork, follow signs for I-90 W/Buffalo and merge onto I-90 W – Toll road (About 1 hour 54 mins -130 mi). Take exit 50 for I-290 toward Niagara Falls – Toll road (0.4 mi). Continue onto I-290 W (About 10 mins – 9.5 mi). Take the Interstate 190 N exit toward Niagara Falls ( 0.3 mi). Merge onto I-190 N – Partial toll road (About 8 mins – 7.5 mi). Take exit 21 for NY-384/Buffalo Ave toward R.Moses Pkwy/New York State Park American Falls (413 ft). Keep right at the fork, follow signs for R Moses Pkwy (0.2 mi). Continue onto LaSalle Expy (0.3 mi). Continue onto Robert Moses Pkwy (About 3 mins – 2.8 mi). Take the exit toward Robert Moses Parkway (0.2 mi). Continue onto John Daly Blvd (53 secs – 0.4 mi). Turn left onto Niagara St (About 1 min – 0.5 mi). Turn right onto Rainbow Blvd (285 ft). Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Main St. Destination will be on the right Days Inn Niagara At The Falls – 443 Main Street, Niagara Falls, NY 14301 – (716) 284-8801‎


DAYS INN NIAGARA AT THE FALLS, 443 Main Street, Main Street & Rainbow Blvd, Niagara Falls, NY 14301

190 North
Exit Robert Moses Parkway, exit “City thru traffic”. Stay straight until “T”, then make a left. Days Inn is 7 blocks on the right.
From the I-90 West
Exit the I-290 West (it will be the last exit before the toll). Stay on the I-290 West until it splits into the I-190 North and South. Follow the I-190 North to exit 21, the Robert Moses Parkway, take the sub exit for the Parkway. Exit at “City Thru Traffic”. Stay straight until the “T”, then make a left. Days Inn is 7 blocks on the right.
From the I-90 East
Exit the I-290 West (it will be the last exit before the toll). Stay on the I-290 West until it splits into the I-190 North and South. Follow the I-190 North to exit 21, the Robert Moses Parkway. Exit at “City Thru Traffic”. Stay straight until “T”, then make a left. Days Inn is 7 blocks on the right.

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