Wisdom Council Mentorship Program

Wisdom Council Mentorship Program

As a member of the Wisdom Council Facebook Group, you have benefited from the bi-monthly live training that I have been giving since October 12, 2017. This grew as a response from God asking that I share the Light, Peace, Love, Serenity, and Ascendance that I know with the world. Every 2 weeks, I have been pouring out my heart and soul, sharing with you everything that I know that can help you transform and change your life. The Wisdom Council Training contains all the spiritual, psychological, and emotional mechanics, knowledge, wisdom, and overlighting support that is needed to take the dedicated seeker into enlightenment in this life time. The Wisdom Council Trainings are free. Additionally, when you join the group, you get a free half-hour breakthrough session with me.

Since the training is open to the general public, some members are peripherally engaged in the training while a small group is seriously committed to achieving spiritual growth, change, transformation, and ascension. As an additional support to the latter group who are engaged and committed to refining their consciousness and merging with GOD, I am launching a Wisdom Council Mentorship Program.
It is a once-a-month 90-minute intensive breakthrough one-on-one SESSION with me to help accelerate your growth and customize a plan that will help you overcome your specific spiritual conundrum. This will serve as a catapult to further your evolution and spiritual development.

The Mentorship Program is not a one-time session, but a once-a-month engaged commitment to your personal growth and spiritual evolution. Your growth is not an event, but a journey. I will be keeping you accountable by creating a customized plan to help you achieve LIBERATION.

This may include, but is not limited to, my assistance with: spiritual life coaching, energy healing, clearing of implants and devices, past life regression, future life progression, DNA restoration, creation of impeccable boundaries, dream interpretation, spiritual channeling, forgiveness, neutrality, and event initiation.

Month after month, I will help and support you during our sessions to maximize your growth and help you overcome any challenges, struggles, and blind spots that are holding you back.

The cost for the Wisdom Council Mentorship Program is $180.00 for a 90-minute session which is scheduled once per month. There is an initial six-month minimum engagement. The sessions can be paid via PayPal as a monthly six-month subscription or as a one-time payment of $900, to take advantage of the savings.

Wisdom Council Mentorship Program
$180 Monthly Subscription – Six Month Minimun

Wisdom Council Mentorship Program
$900 One-time Payment for Six Months

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