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Sat, Nov 11



Ascension Then and Now

Stepping into Ascended Leadership in a time of planetary crisis.

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Ascension Then and Now
Ascension Then and Now

Time & Location

Nov 11, 2023, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


About the Event

All the processes and spiritual practices that accelerated the ascension process years ago, must now be modified to reflect the quickening or rapid transit into the NEW EARTH.  The practices may be timeless, but they must acclimate to the current times. Since we are moving into a higher dimension, we have to adjust. My spiritual teacher and his CORE GROUP of ascension buddies, ascended around 1989. The process that he followed was chronicle in his books: Revelation of a Melchizedek Initiate and Beyond Ascension. Part of what he described is still valid and both books should be carefully studied, but the global and planetary transits are very different from the time he experienced his ascendance.

It was right after the HARMONIC CONVERGENCE and due to all the deep and profound collective prayers and meditation leading to this event, a special divine grace and dispensation allowed ascension to occur with some ease for the discipline initiate. The Harmonic Convergence was the world's first synchronized global peace meditation culminating on August 16–17, 1987, However, the years leading to it, there were multiple global gatherings and events beseeching peace and mercy for the world. Millions of people participated and the collective prayers created a rush of light and love from GOD that helped accelerate the ascension process.

To date, we are transiting through a period of rapid changes and acceleration leading to DIMENSIONAL SHIFT. It is a rare cosmological alignment that will allow the light of the galactic equator to interact directly with the earth. That crossing will diverge reality as we know it and will gather individuals with matching frequencies into different parallel realities. If Dr. Stone and his core group were trying to ascend today using exactly what they did in 1989, they would not be successful. Different processes have to be created to accommodate the times that we are in now.

What is ascension? It is the process of remembering our true nature. If there was a descent of God’s grace into lower density; ascension is the healing and repair of the fragmented self into the reclamation the original grace. For this to happen, there must be a perfect balance of Love, Wisdom, and Power. All higher emotions are subset and derivative of DIVINE LOVE. The initiate has to remember and cultivate what was forgotten. The heart has to be reopened in a way that is unimaginable to the average person. Power is not the same as force. For example, there is power in mercy, gratitude, and compassion, but there is no force in them. Understanding that brings wisdom. So, wisdom is power used rightly. When all three of these higher qualities are balanced you begin to remember your REAL IDENTITY. This is the beginning of ascension.

In the Age of Aquarius and brotherly love, every individual will be given the opportunity to become Divine. Therefore, the entire planet is moving through an accelerated purging bringing each one of us customized tests, lessons, and challenges to speed up the ascension process. Whereas in past times, this acceleration was for select individuals that chose the ascension path. The issue now is that the average person is not conscious that he is fully engaged on the path of ascension. By virtue of this Age, everyone is on the path and must quickly adapt or become overwhelm by unprocessed feelings, emotions and ascension tests that may affect his future lives.

Consequently, we have to adapt the timeless ascension practices to deal with this Deus Ex Machina acceleration and purging that is attempting to assist in our collective elevation.

. How do we change the world?

. Our role as planetary leaders.

. What is Ascension and how to I accelerate the process

. What kind of spiritual practices should the initiate do ascend?

. Ascension in the past.

. The influence of different Ages and Eons on the process.

. Harmonic Convergence vs Transit into Higher Dimension.

. The precession and ascension.

. Avatar of past ages and learning how to become Divine.

. Spiritual Practices for the modern mystic.

. The collective tests of our times.

. Acclimating old spiritual practices to our time.

. The group work and moving in lock steps with ascension buddies.

. Being of service to the collective ascension process.

Chernise Spruell, Georgie Ayala, and Pierre Dubois are looking forward to have a heart centered transmission about this timely topic. Join us for a profound discussion about the aim and goal of planetary evolution, change, and transformation as we discuss ASCENION THEN AND NOW on Saturday November 11th, 2022 from 10:00am to 12:00pm EST. We are the planetary leaders of tomorrow. How do we step into that purpose with grace?



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    Access to our live online Summit: Ascension Then and Now. Audio replay will be available.

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