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The Monadic Merger (3)

The Monadic Merger or Wisdom of the Mighty I Am Presence Training with optional mentorship session with Pierre Dubois.
The Monadic Merger (3)

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Jan 18, 7:00 PM EST – Apr 05, 7:00 PM EDT
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The Monadic Merger or Wisdom of the Mighty I Am Presence

After experiencing the Ascendance and Planetary Leadership Training  and THE POWER INCREASE through the Torsion Field Yoga of the Guardian Alliance of Light, you are now ready to embark on the SECOND STEP on the Ascension Journey which is the merger with all the fragmented pieces of your spiritual body that are scattered in all dimensions of time and space. Keep in mind that Ascension occurs when there is a perfect balance of the THREE-FOLD FLAME: Power, Wisdom, and Love. The power increase you already experienced and now for the expansion into WISDOM.

The training that you completed brought you in touched with the power increase which is an expansion of your awareness outside of your physical body. That yoga connected you to a vast morphogenic field that if you spent time exploring, you will begin to notice that you are connected to everything, but more importantly to other broken parts of your own consciousness.

In our descent down the dimensional scale from 5-D into 3-D our spiritual body or “Monad” fragmented into two stages. Descending down the dimensional scale is always a fracturing event where you have to shed abilities, powers, and virtues. Whereas moving up the dimensional scale is the reverse engineering of the process into a healing, repair, and merger back into wholeness.

At the descent of each dimension, each one of us break into 12 fragments. So, from 5-D into 4-D, you broke into 12 pieces called Christed Overself and from 4-D into 3-D each of these 12 pieces further chattered another 12 for a total of 144 fragments or Soul Extensions.

The Monad is a Greek word that mean ONE which is the collective identity of the 144 fragments that composes your spiritual identity. The second part of this ASCENSION YOGA OF NEUTRALITY will re-establish the links and connection to your fragmented pieces by identifying in the morphogenic field the energy signatures that are actually BROKEN ASPECTS OF YOU and merger them back into a cohesive wholeness.

Done correctly, it will bring you in touch with the WISDOM OF THE MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE OR MONAD. Be aware that this is a process and that process will take whatever time frame that is necessary to achieve Monadic cohesion. At first, you will experience the merger with the group of 12 that your ego-self or soul extension belong to. Once this is done, you will have achieved the CHRIST INITIATION. This means that you have merged back with the Christed overself body that your soul extension belongs to. Now, since there exist 11 other Christed Overselves, you can imagine what kind of advance being you will be become as merger with more and more adjacent Christed Overself are accomplished.

I know that this sounds daunting, but everything that you need to achieve this goal will be provided in the training. It will require for you to have an open mind, to follow instructions, and to practice.

The prerequisite for this training is to have successfully completed the Ascendance and Planetary Leadership Training.

The Monadic Merger and Wisdom of the Mighty I am Presence will begin on Tuesday January 18th, 2022 at 7:00 to 09:00 PM EDT and will continue for 12 consecutive weeks at the same time.

All the training topics and exercises are sequentially linked and so the knowledge base and the expansion in consciousness will depend on your focus, discipline, dedication, and application of the guidance received.

For those of you that are in different time zone, the recording of the training will be forwarded the following day for you to download and view at your convenience.



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Training Outline:

The Monadic Merger or Wisdom of the Mighty I Am Presence

Session Number One:

The true Nature of Higher Consciousness: You are not who you think you are. The perception that self-awareness ends within the constrain of our corporal embodiment is an illusion. In fact, we belong to a collective of 144 fragmented pieces that may be dispersed in this another realities, time, and space – incarnated or disincarnated with various appearances, but still being one consciousness. The collective consciousness that is created by the 144 fragments is called the MONAD (from the Greek meaning ONE) or also called the MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE. It is your spiritual identity in 5-D. So, ascendance into your 5-D body implies a Zer Hapin experience of surrendering your 3-D identity and the merger with your Monadic Identity.

Session Number two:

Christed Overself VS Soul Extension: In the process of doing the Monadic merger exercise, you have to begin to understand the difference between the 12 Christed Overselves that are closer to you and the additional 12 soul extensions that compose the awareness of the Christed Overself. If you can imagine that you are seated in the center of a clock surrounded by 12 closed lotus buds. They are the Christed Overself Bodies. However, when the buds open up, they will each blossom into a flower with 12 petals which represent the 12 soul extensions that compose each bud. The total number od soul extension is 12 x 12 = 144.

Session Number Three:

The 24 Elders that Surround the Throne of Grace: In the process of this practice, you will begin to have many sensations in your body and more specifically around your head. This is because your Christed Overself Bodies represent the 24 Elder that surround the Thorne of Grace. In the Heart of the Uncreated, exists 24 God Seeds that compose the awareness that we call GOD.

Session Number Four:

First Upgrade: Monadic Merger: Become aware of the special distance at which the Christed Overselves are show up at in the field. Some may be close by others may be distant. Additionally, there may be vision, perception, insight that are connected to the appearance and rewiring of your brain into being an actual receptor to allow the actual cosmic 24 Elders to take their seat around your head; since you are an incarnation of God.

Session Number Five:

Becoming Neutral to the Monad:Trap into the smallest of our ego many of us have falsely believe that we are in control and know what is best. In reality, all soul extension serve the agenda of the Monad and it is a good thing. In the process of doing the merger, you begin to realize at various location on the clock that you as a soul extension are not neutral to the Monad.

Session Number Six:

Establishing Intimacy with the Monad: Some of you may realize that some of the Christed Overself are closer to you in the center of the clock than other. This is because you have become neutral and you are working harmoniously with them.

Session Number Seventh:

The Re-wiring of our Consciousness: You are being altered and changed in a profound way. You may be aware of all the sensation that are moving through your head and body as you are doing the merger. Now, when you are doing it do not rush and slow down the process. Spend time getting to know each overself and soul extension.

Session Number Eight:

Second Upgrade: Monadic Merger: All paths of enlightenment lead to an ego death. The Buddhist describes the Great Liberation out of the wheel of Samsara (death and rebirth) as the Indivisible Emptiness and Luminosity. The more that you let go of your attachments to people, places, and things; the more room you will create for light to radiate from you.

Session Number Nine:

On Being Empty: Source is often described by mystic in strange terns: The circle who circumference is everywhere and who’s center is nowhere, the unmoved mover, infinity times infinity…etc. What we are trying to become exist in a manner that is so unlike us that by our definition is NOT EXISTENCE. Somehow, we have to move from being a singularity of consciousness.

Session Number Ten:

On Being Neutral: Neutrality is not just being at peace with thing that are outside of us, but is being at peace with everything that is cording us to people, place, and things since the beginning of time until now. It is being at peace with ourselves. It is being accepting of self and comfortable in our own sink.

Session Number Eleven:

On Being a Witness: The Greatest state of enlightenment that we can exist in is to be a witness. It is to be so at peace and rest internally and with the rest of the universe that we become the watcher or observer.

Session Number Twelve:

On Being God: It initially start as being with God. It eventually progresses into you being God like to individuals that are disempowered and look for a hand up. Not is God is becoming, it cannot e a static point or a fix concept. Therefore as an initiate, you are trying to perpetually evolve into a Higher God Concept. You have to also be in a state of becoming just like God.

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