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Healing the Patriarchy: The Gifts of the Divine Masculine

Over the past millennia, the patriarchy has shaped the world. For good or for bad, the planet has been influenced by a collective acceptance of our lowest aspect of the male archetype: survival of the fittest. This means that men have gathered in groups, tribes, and nations, seeking the control territory, battling for resources, and hoarding financial capital. Men with their physical brawn have led the world in this journey toward dominance and control.

There was a time when the size of your army or the number of weapons that you possessed was the only thing that you needed to show your strength and power, but in more recent history there has been a shift in the formula for power. It is no longer nations with great armies that influence the world, but multi-national corporations with financial interests, seeking to create high profits at all cost, that are indirectly in control of politicians and thus governmental bodies.

By allowing egocentric interest and personal accumulation of wealth to lead the world at any cost, we have turned a blind eye to the natural atmospheric cycles of interrelated systems that permit human life to exist on earth. Due to our addiction and consumption of fusil fuels, we are heating up the atmosphere, which is causing higher temperatures and creating catastrophic earth changes. The result is that our world stands on a precipice for we are making the environment toxic to our own survival.

In the current paradigm, any feelings of compassion, kindness, and altruistic care expressed by a man is seen as a sign of weakness that needs to be repressed, hidden, and snuffed out. Most men are encouraged to embody the competitive, territorial, and dominant male model, trying to rule and conquer the world.

Is this really the nature of the Divine Masculine archetype? In the Kabbalah, the root of the Divine Masculine energy is “Chesed,” meaning “love and mercy,” while the root of the Divine Feminine is “Geburah,” meaning “strength and fear.” Is this a mislabeling? Not at all, Chesed is an outpouring, overflow, and abundant blessing of the Divine force seeking to bring forth life, order, and goodness into the world; while Geburah is the resistance to this abundant flow and the ability to select which gift to receive. Physically, this is reflected by the overflow of masculine seminal flow that has enough sperm to fertilize millions, while a female has one ovum per month that is ready for fertilization.

The Divine Masculine is an overflow of creative impulses seeking vessels to manifest life into the world. It is the blessing and gift of life and creation. As with all gifts, it should be freely given and freely accepted. The corruption of this archetype happens when the giver thinks that the world will be a better place if everyone receives his gift. This entitlement is a major issue for all men who are seeking to correct the failing of the patriarchy. When compounded by several billion men all sharing this entitlement mentality, you have men competing for dominance and control. No wonder we exist in a dog-eat-dog world.

At no time are these corrupt expressions of the Divine Masculine asking the potential recipients for permission. Actually, if the gift is to be freely received, the giver has to disclose his intention first and wait for permission before attempting to share the gift. “No” on the part of a potential recipient is a complete sentence. It does not need an explanation or justification. Every being in the Universe has the right to choose which path he is to follow. If you receive a no as a response, turn around and walk away.

Moreover, the sharing of gifts at overflow levels will, in time, become corrupt. Think of being at an endless buffet where one can eat non-stop. The result of this activity will eventually lead to death. Geburah, or fear, is the ability to resist and say no to this endless flow. The Universe balances everything.

Additionally, we exist in a world where we have all the modern gifts, blessings, and conveniences, but this has not given us purpose or meaning. If anything, the gadgets, cellphones, iPads, and apps are masks behind which we hide for fear of looking at what is really not working in our life.

But all is not lost. There is a rise of big-hearted entrepreneurs who are creating new business models that gift forward to the community that they serve. Many have created for-benefit corporations as opposed to for-profit corporations. A percentage of their profits goes to a not-for-profit or is donated to a charity or humanitarian cause.

Many men are sensing the desire to heal themselves from the wound created by their toxic relationship with their fathers. Some are actively taking action to correct mistakes committed by the patriarchy. They realize that they want to have a better and more heart-centered connection to their sons, daughters, men, women, community, and the world. The healing of the masculine energy is rooted in men becoming emotionally intelligent, and this is a process, not an event. The new masculine is rising. A new breed of leader is being revealed. They will lead not by imposing their gift onto others, but by sharing their vulnerabilities and feelings with others and motivating them to echo healing behavior toward the planet. Hope for a better tomorrow remains.

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