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Hearing vs Listening

Dear Spiritual Family,

Most of us hear, but few of us listen. We hear voices, sounds and noises as way to analyze external events for adaptation and survival. It allows us to scan for menace and danger so that we can continue to exist. It is a responsive, linear, and tactical faculty.

LISTENING is about the processing of external stimulus for understanding, healing, peace, and reconciliation. TO LISTEN, we have to suspend JUDGMENT and open our heart to feeling and emotion for the HOLISTIC assimilation of an interaction.

Every time I interact with myself or the world, I try to LISTEN. In fact, it is the only SUPERPOWER that I possess. It is the FOUNDATION to everything that I do, teach, or share with the world. Everything else that I do is a derivative of this basic ability. The entire length, breadth and depth of the wisdom, ease, and healing that I know comes from this simple and core ability. It is the root of all LIBERATION, EXPANSION, and ENLIGHTENMENT. This is an invitation for you to learn how.

As an act of generosity and altruism, I want to SHARE with you how to do this. It is the spiritual inheritance that I am bequeathing to YOU. This is not a superlative statement. I am sharing with you all the secrets. It is a complete disclosure of Cosmic Truth. Duplicate this state of being and you will become FREE. Please LISTEN to the 2-hour replay of our last PATH OF RETURN MONTHLY SUMMIT.

Chernise, Georgie, and I will show you how. I hope that you will openly receive this FREE GIFT.

I love you so much.

The Next Summit is on April 29th, 2023 from 10:00 am to 12:00pm:

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