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Surviving the Shift: Guidance, Transformation, and Adjustments for Dimensional Upgrade.

Nothing is as it was 10 years ago. The expectations that we grew up with about the future have all dissipated. For many reasons, the life path of working hard until you are 65 years old and retiring in a sunny climate is no longer achievable. For one, the weather patterns have dramatically changed. There is no guarantee of a safe place for retirement. Moreover social, financial, and political instabilities are clouding up the future landscape. We all know this, but few want to discuss this openly. Instead, we pretend that everything is OK, while continuing to ignore the fact that we have to correct our course if we want to survive.

The strength of humanity is that we adapt so that we live. But if we cannot understand what the future holds, we cannot adjust or change accordingly. I have recently been counseling many who have lost all control in their lives. They each face a major existential crisis. Part of the reason for this is that most identify with their professions or emotional relationships, and when these familiar landmarks are taken away, there is great loss and fear. However, we are not what we present to the world. Often, the role that we play has nothing to do with our core and authentic nature. The crisis arises because we have forgotten how to retrieve that authentic core, yet it is the only thing that can help us navigate the changing times.

Some try to re-invent themselves, by changing career or learning a new skill or modality, only to find out that this is not the answer. This is what I am hearing from my clients: “What used to work is no longer working. Every path that I follow leads nowhere. I do not know what to do. I am tired and I feel empty inside. I am beginning to wonder if I still belong to this plane of existence? Am I preparing to leave this planet?”

Clinically, they are all severely depressed, and the ones who are questioning their continuing stay on the earth plane are suicidal. In fact, there is a rise in the number of individuals who are suicidal due to this identity crisis. On January 17th, 2016, The New York Times published an article about an alarming rise in suicide by overdose. The number is a high 125 deaths per day in the USA.

This is not limited to the general population. Many in the light community are suffering in silence, unable to find the help that they need. They do not realize that they are depressed, for mental illness is misunderstood and holds a stigma of shame. Some highly gifted healers I know are experiencing these symptoms. Let me elaborate on the reasons why this is happening.

From a dimensional shift perspective, no seer can perceive the future past 2027, for the future past that point has not been decided. Humanity is collectively making the choice now. If a seer is neutral enough, he will perceive multiple possible futures competing for dominance and control. For the next few years, we will collectively decide which dimension we will travel to. Choice is the operative word, and there exist multiple parallel realities that we can choose to exist in.

For the selection process to happen, each of these possible futures will ignite into a polarizing external event to cause all individuals who feel internally the same to make choices toward that path. Nowhere is this more visible than in politics. There exist volatile political situations in Brazil, Haiti, and of course the United States, to name a few. All these situations are highly divisive and explosive. Understand that each political faction is a potential future, creating a vortex that is gathering individuals into their orbit, seeking a critical mass for a wave function collapse and the manifestation of separate but parallel realities. People are not just choosing political sides; they are selecting which reality they will exist in for the next 31 million years. At the moment of the galactic equator crossing, each of these factions will split into parallel realities.

If you happen to be a healer who is experiencing depression due to the items mentioned above and you cannot find your authentic core, you will find yourself in fear. That fear will pull you toward the parallel future with fear at its center. If you desire to change, transform and heal yourself, and move to a higher dimension, here is some advice:

You must have a spiritual practice that helps you connect yourself to Source and Spirit. This is a way for you to surrender your burden and fears into a higher power. Make time for this, even if it is just 10 minutes per day. It will help you manage your fears about an unpredictable future.

The energy of the galactic equator is taking you to the reality that matches your repressed and suppressed core emotional state. If you want to move into higher densities, do the following meditation for 10 minutes per day: “Take a deep breath and allow your head and awareness to drop into a point between your pelvic bones. Please forgive me. I love you and I let go. Keep breathing deeply, and allow yourself to observe without having any objections. Notice what you notice. Become aware of any subtle sensations, feelings, or perceptions that are rising from that part of your body. What does it remind you of? Is it one feeling or several feelings combined? Repeat the following: Please forgive me. I love you and I let go. Allow the Light of neutrality to blend with these points and dissolve them. Take a deep breath and open your eyes.”

The reason for this meditation is that most repressed and suppressed emotions are being held in the Dan Tien below the belly button. This point holds all fears, sexual repression, and struggle with power that you have dealt with in past lives and in this life time. I have found this meditation to be the most fruitful tool to use on the daily basis in the time of the shift.

The changes that are happening are too drastic to be handled alone. You can easily be overwhelmed by the immensity of the task. You need to have a community or tribe to which you actively belong to help navigate the change. Moreover, the support of a spiritual community will help you find your puzzle piece. The rescue of humanity is not a solo act. It is a collective effort. If you do not have a spiritual community, seek one out, and lean on the support of like-minded souls who are moving toward a similar goal. The group body created by the community will enrich you and give meaning to your life.

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