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The Burden of knowing

Many intuitives, lightworkers, and truth seers are often convinced that the perception of the truth, past, or future that they hold is the absolute truth. They pronounce with authority to their clients that they know what happened or what will be. The reality is that what a seer perceives is a moment in time, a potential for manifestation, or the tight focus of a lens on a complex jewel that is multifaceted and multidimensional.  The perception is true, but it is like trying to describe a painting by looking at the composition two inches from the canvas. The description is accurate, but limited by a narrow vintage point. Step away from the canvas, and you will see a different picture.

But many seers cannot step away for they have fears and objections. Your fears and objections become a filter, lens, or projection that allows you to see a very specific aspect of the truth. If you have fears of negative frequencies and vibrations, you will walk into a room, and that is what you will see. A seer who has fewer objections and fears will perceive much more. We are all creating the reality or hologram in which we exist. If we want to perceive more and serve our clients better, we need to work on our negative ego and remove our fears, objections, and judgments. This will allow us to see from a wider lens. We need to cleanse and widen our filter so that we can serve better.

On more than one occasion, I have been confronted with students telling me of their truth perception. Although they may be right on one level, there exists a richer and more complex tapestry that they are not seeing. This puts me in a delicate position of acknowledging the perception, but pointing to the limitation of it without bruising their ego.

Furthermore, there is a difference between a prediction and an omen. A prediction is what will happen if you keep following your current path. But that future is not set and can be changed.  An omen is a future that cannot be changed. To be honest, I prefer the first kind, for I like to think that I can control, influence, and change the outcome. Omens always make me uncomfortable. They are rarely about a pleasant outcome, and the fact that nothing can be changed makes me wonder why have them in the first place. Predictions are extremely common, while omens are rare.

I should mention here that knowing the future or having a higher perception is a burden. The seeker has to figure out what to do with the information. Sometimes it is a warning that must be shared. At other times, sharing it will hurt the party you are trying to help. Moreover, you may be labeled as insane or completely off-balance. Having a higher perception is the easy part. What you do with it is the continual challenge of the seer.

Serving a client does not mean that every perception that we see must be shared. This is a major blind spot in the light community. Many times, the perception may be blocked by the subconscious mind of the client because there is great psychic pain and trauma connected to it. Revealing it to the client will destroy their current paradigm and fracture their psyche by bringing the trauma to the surface.

For example, if you have a client who is blocking a sexual-abuse memory, bringing it their attention when they are not ready is an abuse of the highest kind. Many seers are motivated by their own negative-ego desire to show off and woo the client with their skill, thinking little of the damage that they may be causing. If this is the case, the seers will incur negative karma for this. Having knowledge and information does not give you wisdom to apply it rightly. This is what differentiates a master from a novice. Instead of bringing attention to the trauma, give them clues and help them build the strength and the power to face this in their own time frame. In fact, if you can help them arrive at it on their own and organically, you have truly served them. I am so careful about this that, even if the client asks me point-blank to tell them the whole truth and I perceive from their higher self that they are not ready, I will tell them only information that matches the current level of strength of their psyche. I spend a lot of time looking and talking to the higher selves of my students and clients for the appropriate time to have the full revelation. After all, I am a healer, and I am here to mend, not to break. My ego can take a back seat. It is about my client and their process and timing. However long it takes for them to be strong enough to have the breakthrough is OK with me.

This behavior is not limited to the light community. I recently heard a life coach say: “My clients don’t pay me to be nice; they pay me to tell them the truth.” This is abusive talk disguised as healing. It is clear that this coach has a wounded inner child and an abusive past that is bleeding through and hurting clients. This is pervasive, and many are being hurt by the projection of the healer’s negative ego issues into the therapeutic setting.

Dear healers, coaches, and lightworkers, you are better than that. You are practicing your craft because you want to make a difference in people’s lives. Do not allow negative-ego experiences of your past to contaminate your healing practice. Seek the help that you need and become a force for good. Stop the cycle of abuse. Heal self, and this will empower you to become a world-class healer, leaving a path of love, kindness, and benevolence behind.

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