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Tue, Dec 05



Ascension and Leadership in a Changing World

Guidance for Humanity Through the Shift

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Ascension and Leadership in a Changing World
Ascension and Leadership in a Changing World

Time & Location

Dec 05, 2023, 7:00 PM – Feb 27, 2024, 9:00 PM


About the Event

Guidance for Humanity through the Shift

It is called by many names: ascension, enlightenment, self-realization, sainthood, or holiness. It is at the apex of the evolution of human consciousness. Those who have achieved this liberation of consciousness, have left behind a body of teaching, guidance, and practices to help others in the acceleration of this process. Although the approach to ascension can vary – some are more devotional, service oriented, or knowledge based – there are three major threshold that need to be noted: a power increase, the expansion of love, and the growth of wisdom.

Equally important, one should consider the influence of the Age or Area that this practice or process is attempted. The idea of an age is connected to the transit of the earth axis through a 26,000-year cycle called THE PRECESSION.The earth north to south axis is tilted to the left and if we consider the earth being in the center and all the 12 zodiac signs around it like a pie; it takes this axis 2,100 years to move through each sign. The individual duration of the earth axis in any zodiac sign (2,100 year) is an age or eon. For example, the Age of Taurus was symbolized biblically by the golden calf. Then followed the Age of Aries with the ram horn of the Jewish Shofar, succeed by the Age of Pisces or fish as a symbol. At present, we have entered the Age of Aquarius.

Each Age has a theme. For example, the Age of Aries was about following of the Laws of the Commandments.  Whereas, the Age of Pisces was about a superseding Law: “Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself.” Every Age has had a champion or Avatar that has demonstrated the way to ascend during that area. Abrahm, Moses, Master Jesus were past examples. In the Age of Aquarius, there will be no single Avatar. In our age – the Age of Brotherly Love – HUMANITY IS TO BECOME DIVINE.

This is a high bar and it complicates things a lot. In all other ages, the candidate for ascension consciously chooses the path.  They sought out the teacher or went in meditation while their karma is accelerated so that they can become nonattached to everything and experience liberation. But in our Age where 9 billion people are to become God like, the path is select for us Deus Ex Machina. This means that unbeknown to humanity: individual and collective karma are accelerated for the entire world to overcome the many tests on the path of enlightenment that will liberate the ego. This may explain the multiple crisis that we as a planet are facing.

But you and I are not victims. If we are alive, we made a soul agreement to attempt to evolve at this time. The challenges are great, but the opportunities are far greater. We can correct multiple life time of bad karma in a few years instead of many life times.

What are the ways in which typical ascension practices must be customized to address the influence of this age?  How do I process and integrate the lessons that the apparent fears and turbulences of our age are creating for my benefit? Having achieve some mastery over this, how do I guide and lead others through their own negative perception of this gift?

What exist on the future horizon? What events, changes, and transformation must I be PREPARED for as I and the world transit from 3D into 5D? How do I lead my community to find SAFE PASSAGE through these rapid changes? What do the higher dimensions look like and how do I move into them?

Join me for a 12-week training on how to process, correct, and manage our individual karma and become nonattached to any perceive turbulence. Second, how do we plan our future in a time of rapid change. How do we encourage the transition into a higher dimension? Finally, how do we guide and shepherd others?

This NEVER BEFORE TAUGHT training will begin on Tuesday December 5th, 2023 from 7:00 to 9:00pm EST for 12 weekly Online and Sequential Training. However, we will not meet the week between Christmas and New Year. Enjoy the live Zoom training and the REPLAY will be sent to you the next day. Join us for the Ascension and Leadership in a Changing World Training and find INNER CLARITY, PEACE, WISDOM, and become the TRANSITIONAL LEADER that you were met to be.

Step up and help humanity find the truth that will LIBERATE them. Become an active member of the TEAM OF LEADERS that will help humanity TRANSITinto the NEW EARTH.

. Understand the Ascension process

. What is the POWER increase?

. How to expand the LOVE?

. How to increase the WISDOM?

. The Future Horizon

. How to adapt the stages of Ascension for the Aquarian Age?

. The challenge and gift of the transit or Bardo

. Processing the acceleration of individual Karma

. Processing the acceleration of collective karma

. Cultivating your relationship with GOD

. Morphogenic and active LISTENING

. Surrendering into the Higher Power

. Connecting to the Absolute Certainty of GOD

. What does a dimensional shift look like?

. What does 4D and 5D feels and look like?

. How to move consciousness between dimensions?

. Finding your TRIBE, COMMUNITY, and FAMILY

. Fulfilling your purpose and dharma

. The role of the 1,444.00 volunteers

. The Galactic Equator Crossing


. In service to the world

I look forward to your cocreation and participation for it is together that WORLD LEADERS will sink with each other to shepherd humanity into the Ascended Tomorrow. Together, the 1,444.00 will become the chariots that will create a path for the rest of humanity to follow.


WEEK ONE: Understanding the Ascension Process

Ascension is the process of remembering who we are. It is an organic process that everyone will ultimately achieve. However, there are methods, mantras, prayer, meditation, and initiation that will trigger an acceleration of this remembrance. Fundamentally, it is a tree step journey: Power increase, expansion into Love, and development of profound Wisdom.

WEEK TWO: Ascension Then and Now

The path of ascension has to acclimate to the Age and area that the attempt is made. What were the condition of past Ages and what are the conditions now? What adjustments must be made to accommodate this process today.

WEEK THREE: The Future Horizon

Since we are now moving from 3D into 5D, what does the future look like? Through channeling we have a glimpse at what kind of rapid changes to expect in the near future. Understanding the landscape of the transit.

WEEK FOUR: The Bardo, Transit, or Intermediary Space

The transit, bardo, or intermediary space between two state of consciousness is marked with specific challenges. It is period in which one has to let go completely of the existing paradigm and belief system and begin to trust an emerging, but unknow energetic new truth. It is marked by great fears, giant and fundamental test, and the emancipation into a new way of being.

WEEK FIVE: The Role of the Adversary or Accuser

That force was created to help remove our shame and underservedness. It is misunderstood and is as old as the Universe. It is ultimately the difficult but necessary teacher that will help us find liberation.

WEEK SIX: The Acceleration of our Karma

The tests during the transit are many. What they boil down to is the acceleration of our karma. Therefore, it is a customized and personal series of challenges that will ultimately release bondages and attachments that have been in place for many life times.

WEEK SEVEN: Our Relationship to our HIGHER POWER

None of us can survive this transit without cultivating a relationship to a HIGHER POWER. What is your God Concept and how to lean into that relationship. The role of prayer and meditation. The Antara Sutra.

WEEK EIGHT: Absolute Certainty of GOD

The Passage of the Red Sea and the secret of all secret.  How to bypass the emotional chaos of the transit and overcome major obstacles by focusing on the DIVINE NAME OF GOD for Absolute Certainty.

WEEK NINE: Morphogenic and Active Listening

The way out is within. The discomfort and fears are the teacher. It is counter intuitive, but we have to train ourselves to lean in and listen to the discomfort. It will teach us the emotional need that the fears are incorrectly trying to address. Then, we can find an ascended way to heal and repair our broken psyche.

WEEK TEN: Listen to the Emerging Perception Connected to HIGHER DIMENSIONS

Using the same morphogenic listening skill, hear what the emerging future and higher dimension have in store for us. First, we have to let go of all attachments in the 3D world. Find the rest and stillness of complete liberation and them witness what the blessed flied wants to show us.

WEEK ELEVEN: How to Move Consciousness between Dimensions?

Using last week technique and adding to it the Absolute Certainty of GOD and realize that you exist in a state of quantum superposition. Now release your attachments to a singular space and embrace and recognize that the emerging state or dimension is your new identity.

WEEK TWELVE: The Service to your Tribe and Community

How to become a grounding rod for your community? Being of service and helping others by example, radiation, attraction, entrainment, witnessing, and doing prayers of intersession for other and the planet. Asking for mercy and grace for safe passage into the NEW EARTH. The role of the 1,44,00 and the Galactic Equator Crossing.



    Ascension and Leadership in a Changing World: Access to Live Zoon and replay. Two additional payment $264.00 due on the first of each month.

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    Ascension and Leadership in a Changing World: Access to Live Zoon and replay. One Private Session per month with Pierre. Two additional payment of $465.00 due on the first of each month.

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    Ascension and Leadership in a Changing World: Access to Live Zoon and replay. Two Private Sessions per month with Pierre. Two additional payment of $669.00 due on the first of each month.

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