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I am not the healer. The HEALER is the higher-self of my clients. No matter what I perceive about their spiritual conundrum, I can only share with them what their higher-self approve. Not doing this would fracture them. I am simply the Sherpa.  I can help accelerate the process by leading them to the answers, holding them accountable, and in my heart have HOPE that they will find their Spiritual Liberation.

Services: Services


If you have not already, please join the Wisdom Council Facebook Group, you will benefit from the bi-monthly live training that I have started since October 12, 2017. This grew as a response from God asking that I share the Light, Peace, Love, Serenity, and Ascendance that I know with the world. Every 2 weeks, I have been pouring out my heart and soul, sharing with you everything that I know that can help you transform and change your life. The wisdom Council Training contains all the spiritual, psychological, and emotional mechanics, knowledge, wisdom, and overlighting support that is needed to take the dedicated seeker into enlightenment in this life time. The Wisdom Council Trainings are free. Additionally, when you join the group, you get a free half-hour breakthrough session with me.

Since the training is open to the general public, some members are peripherally engaged in the training while a small group is seriously committed to achieving spiritual growth, change, transformation, and ascension. As an additional support to the latter group who are engaged and committed to refining their consciousness and merging with GOD, I am launching a Wisdom Council Mentorship Program.

OPTION ONE: Choose a once-a-month 90-minute intensive breakthrough one-on-one SESSION per month for a six months period with me to help accelerate your growth and customize a plan that will help you overcome your specific spiritual conundrum. This will serve as a catapult to further your evolution and spiritual development. 

OPTION TWO: Choose two 90-minutes intensive breakthrough one-on-one SESSIONS per month for a six months period with me to help accelerate your growth and customize a plan that will help you overcome your specific spiritual conundrum. This will serve as a catapult to further your evolution and spiritual development.

The Mentorship Program is not a one-time session, but a monthly engaged commitment to your personal growth and spiritual evolution. Your growth is not an event, but a journey. I will be keeping you accountable by creating a customized plan to help you achieve LIBERATION. This may include, but is not limited to, my assistance with: spiritual life coaching, energy healing, clearing of implants and devices, past life regression, future life progression, DNA restoration, creation of impeccable boundaries, dream interpretation, spiritual channeling, forgiveness, neutrality, and even initiation.

Month after month, I will help and support you during our sessions to maximize your growth and help you overcome any challenges, struggles, and blind spots that are holding you back.  

OPTION ONE: The cost is $201.00 for the 90 minute breakthrough session. You can pay $201.00 as you go at the beginning of every month for the 6 month commitment. Choose a one time payment of $1,000.00 and get an $206.00 saving. 

OPTION TWO: The cost is $180.00 for the 90 minute breakthrough session. You can pay $360.00 as you go at the beginning of every month for the 6 month commitment. Choose a one time payment of $2,000.00 and get an $412.00 saving. 



We live in a complex environment. Every sentient life-form has the right to free choice and to set intentions that will lead to a specific outcome. This innate right is navigated by our thoughts. Thoughts are things and are at the root of the reality we are experiencing. Whether this reality is good or bad, our individual or collective thought forms created it.

These negative thought forms, implants, and devices are at the roots of many ills that exist in our physical and subtle bodies. A Clearing is a process by which these implants and devices are removed. It requires a psychic scan of your energy grid and the assistance of Higher Intelligences to do the removal.

I will scan your body and call upon the entire Planetary, Solar, Galactic, Universal, and Cosmic Hierarchies for their assistance in the extraction of the devices. It is not unusual to have sensations, perceptions, and visions during the session.  

By the end of the session, you will receive a recording that you need to listen to for 21 days. Additionally, you will get a Protection Meditation recording that you will listen to on the 22nd days. Doing this process for 22 days will remove all devices, implants, and negative thought forms from your energy grid. Expect a major shift in your consciousness by the end of the process.

The cost is $160.00 for the session.



This is a private session with Pierre Dubois, held in New York City or it can be done remotely

Suffering is an alien concept to the Universe. Any lack created is matched by a solution set. It is our shame that is stopping us from this blessed reality. That shame is inflated into a matrix called time and space that delays the solution set that would allow us to remove our shame. Celestial Light Healing® is a channeled, hands-on energy healing system brought to the planet by Pierre R. Dubois, which allows the healer to take the client and his burden into Source outside of time and space and to allow a blending with the matching solution set, thus removing pain and suffering.

It uses scalar wave which are a billion faster that light to accelerate the healing process to allow instantaneous results. It is typical for the client to have an array of visions and sensations as if journeying outside of time and space. The exact invert to the client’s disempowerment is provided to nullify the pain and suffering. 

There is an immediate and tangible amelioration of the burden. Often it is the immediate end of pain and suffering. In the instance that the client has too much shame and cannot accept the solution set because it is too easy, visions are perceived that will lead to the eventual acceptance of the solution set.

Although the session itself is one hour long, it is prudent to allow an extra thirty minutes for debriefing. The client is generally in no shape to walk immediately after the session. Their perception of themselves in space is changed, and they have to readjust to this. Additionally, there may have been visions perceived by the client and the healer that can help establish a spiritual practice leading to acceptance of the solution set.

In truth, this healing system is billions of years old and is at the core of the training of the Council of Twelve and the true Melchizedek Order. It is the most powerful energy healing modality on the planet right now. It is the acceptance of effortlessness.

The cost for the session is $200.00



A channeled session with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul facilitated by Pierre R Dubois

The White Light of GOD is actually composed of all the colors of the spectrum and each color is an aspect of the personality of GOD. They are the Rays of GOD and it is through these rays that everything on earth was created. They have a lower and upper octave or expression depending on your level of growth, initiation, and maturity.  As human being on earth each parts of our body may exist in a different ray or color that will influence how we are wired and express ourselves in the world. For example, our physical body may be in one ray while or emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies may exist in different rays.

The Light Quotient reading is a channeled session with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul of the Second Ray Synthesis Ashram. His purpose is to facilitate the elevation and ascension of all LightWorks on earth as such he has permanent contact with our energy body through the Holographic Viewing Machine that allows him to do this reading.

This reading is highly informative for Master Djwhal Khul will not only tell you what rays each of your bodies are at, but also the challenge that you are facing in balancing the lower and upper octave of each ray in your evolving and human consciousness. This will create a map or picture that will allow you to understand where you are and how far you are from ascension. Often your life purpose and dharma can be deduced from this reading. 

Moreover, Master Djwhal Khul is one of the most loving, generous, and accessible Master. He is a friend to all on the path of ascendance. He will provide with the Light Quotient reading and your initiation level reading. The initiation level is where you stand or how far you are from ascending? You will receive an audio recording of the session.

The cost for the session is $180.00. 



In an ordinary state of consciousness, we barely remember all the events of our childhood let alone the multiple life times that we have reincarnated in this universe. How often have you had a “deja vue” experience? Or meet someone for the first time that has all the familiarity of an old friend.

These experiences and the likes can be fragments of memory from a past that preceded our birth. Science tells us that you can’t create something out of nothing, therefore where did we come from? One may argue that we came from the earth, but what of the spirit and soul that animates the body? Where did it come from? The intellectual arguments for either side of this debate can be fuel for many years, but the proof is in the pudding.

A personal experience of a past life recall can turn a skeptic into a believer; through regression techniques, guided visualization and soul travel one can remember these experiences that extend over centuries. Learn how to understand the patterns of karma and the corrections that you have to manifest.

See what change(s) that you need to make to keep on course with your dharma or life mission. Free yourself from the fear of death as you begin to understand the scope of your immortality. Using regression techniques, guided visualization and soul / merkaba vehicle traveling, access memory that pre-date your birth and help clarify your correction, pre-birth agreements, contracts and purpose in this life time.

Plato said: “Knowledge is remembering”, let us remember who and what we are.

The cost of the session is $160.00.



We can all remember the past to a degree or another. Under the proper conditions any vagueness in memory can turn into total recall. With the appropriate guidance and overlighting support you can go back in remember your past. This access is not limited to this life time, but past life time as well.

What about the future? If everything is happening simultaneously and I can perceive that past why not the future? It turns out that you can also access the future with the understanding that the future that you access is an extrapolation and projection of what would happen if you keep behaving and acting in the manner that you are right now. Change any facts, behaviors, reactions and that future will change. This is extremely empowering especially when you perceived a bleak future.

With my overlighting support, I can progress you into any time line to make you understand the consequences of your current path and action. With that understanding, you can decide if your current behavior and path is aligned to the footprint you want to leave behind. If you are concerned about your legacy, this is for you.

The session can be held in person or online. It is a one-hour session.

 The cost for the session is $200.00.



Although a greater part of our journey back to Source is to reconcile and become neutral to all the individuals, institutions, and places with which we have toxic relationships, the most difficult part is to reconcile to the toxic memories over our past failings. We have to forgive ourselves and remove the shame that we are holding for having been less than stellar in the past.

Marianne Williamson states, “It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?” In the process of ascension we get closer and closer to that brilliance and light, and many people find that as soon as they approach the light, a reciprocal darkness and attack follows. This is because we were all light beings at some point in the distance past.

Somehow we got corrupted. We failed and fell into the 3-D. What we fear is the repeat of past behaviors and failings as we gain our brilliance back. The cellular memories of all past shameful behaviors are recorded, and we need to self-reconcile so that we can remove the emotional charge attached to them.

The Universe is 950 billion years old, and if we have indeed been alive that long, we have done all sorts of things, some good and some bad. As an incarnation of God in physical embodiment, trying to learn and experience so that God would learn and grow, all experiences have value. It is the shame that we have to remove so that we can extract and retain the wisdom gained from all experiences.

This session helps you understand and see some of your failings and gives you a way to achieve self-reconciliation.

The cost for the session is $180.00.



Your personal power is the center of your will, power, and volition. To have the focus, motivation, and quick-mindedness to make decisions and follow through to achieve your goal is a quality that most would value. This is active will in motion, and it cuts through what is not needed and brings into manifestation the intended purpose. It is not loud, combative, or destructive. It is, however, directed, aimed, precise, and accurate. This is what personal power is all about. It is the ability to overcome inertia. It is the higher aspect of will.

Being in your personal power is a process by which you delete all negative programs of the subconscious mind that are robbing you of your power, control, and will. Additionally, you align your consciousness to the spiritual beings of the First Ray of God related to Will and Power while asking their assistance to break the inertia. Furthermore, you block out all internal and outside attacks or influences. Finally, you repeat out loud affirmations that put you in control of your will and subconscious mind.

The result is that you are the cause of what happens. You are now 100% in control over your destiny and can manifest what you want. This is a 21 day process that requires four sessions. 

The cost for each session is $160.00.



During our early childhood, our parents spent a lot of time trying to “educate us” into becoming functioning adults. Unknowingly, they were in fact, programming the same shame value system and lack of self-worth that they got from their parents. Few people had the ideal parents; therefore, the deficiency in parenting has splintered a part of our psyche into a wounded inner child who is stuck, looping in a desperate search for love, care, and appropriate parenting.

Of all the programs that exist in the subconscious mind, the inner child is at the core of our identity, worth, and value. Without repairing our relationship to the inner child and parenting it while giving it unconditional love, we cannot have real worth and value. Without this work, we will always feel like we do not deserve the gifts and blessing that the Universe is raining upon us.

Moreover, this inner-child program will sabotage you continuously either by making you feel like a victim, causing you to throw a tantrum, or triggering a sense of entitlement. The result is a lack of worth, control, and self-love. Repair this relationship and watch your acceptance of love and worth soar.

Finally, we cannot give something that we do not have. In order for you to give unconditional love to others, you have to love self unconditionally. This is a 21 day process that requires four sessions.

The cost for each session is $160.00.



We all dream even those who say that they “never remember their dreams”. In fact, we have 3 to 4 periods of “rapid eyes movement (REM) every night at which point we experience dreams. Although, the physiology and scientific explanation for dreams have been well documented, but the spiritual reasons are less known. The ancients claimed that dreams are a window unto the invisible world. They referred to it as the “angelic language”. How can one understand what seem to us as an irrational regurgitation of images, feelings and emotions.

The shaman believed that if you can control your awareness during your dream you can control the 3 D reality as well. Suffice it to say that our dreams are not hap hazard images, experiences and feelings. They can be arranged into three general categories: Some are doorways into other dimensions. Others reveal to us further details about people, places and things that escaped our conscious awareness during the day. A third kind, can for tell the future. The real trick and challenge is to understand the symbolic language of the dream.

Dreams are coded messages from various levels of our being attempting to communicate with conscious self. At times, decoding the messages can seem like solving a jig saw puzzle. This is because dream images are often charged with unbalanced emotions that create blind spots. With the help of various techniques: “going back into the dream, asking for dream clarification, looking at other dreams with the same theme …etc, the message can be unraveled and adjustment to you life can be made to accelerate your ascension. The session is recorded.

The cost for the session is $180.00.

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