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Tue, Nov 01



Dreaming and the Tree of Life

A practice of Multi-dimensional Presence by entering and dreaming on the sefirot of the Kabbalistic Tree of life.

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Dreaming and the Tree of Life
Dreaming and the Tree of Life

Time & Location

Nov 01, 2022, 7:00 PM – Nov 02, 2022, 9:00 PM


About the Event

Don Juan, the spiritual teacher of Carlos Castaneda describes 3D awareness as an unconscious collective agreement that humanity made to hold awareness on a fix location on the Assembly Point.  The Assembly Point or Assemblage Point is a luminous ball of light that exist between our upper shoulder blades. In our teaching it is the Upper Heart that we sink into when we do the heart and mind coherence.

He further states that while we go to sleep, the rigidity of the location become loose and we therefore travel to other places and begin to dream. His initial training for his students is heavily focused on dream work.

The second Buddha taught an entire yoga on how to achieve Presence in dream time. In the book Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light thatinformation is laid out. If you can master your awareness and presence in dreams, you can apply the same rules in the 3D reality. Instead of falling to sleep like an animal; you can practice various subtle exercise to give you progressive self-awareness and control in dreams. That control can be transferred in the 3D world and in fact in all dimensions of time and space.

In this training, I will be teaching technics and sharing insights on how to understand the true nature of being during our dream time. We will be using the TREE OF LIFE of the Kabbalah as our GPS to guide us through the various aspects of the true nature consciousness that fosters LIBERATION.

We all sleep and we all dream. Even if we don’t remember, we dream. The average person goes through 3 to 4 R.E.M. (rapid eye movement) periods during the night and this is when dream occur. From a western point of view, dreams have an important role to play in the healing of the human psyche. The work of Sigmund Freud, Carl Yung, and others have documented this. But they lack the depth and insight that traditional shamanistic, Buddhist, kabbalistic, and primordial cultures can provide to help us understand the context and purpose of dreaming.

For those of you who have taken my past “Bardo of Dreams” training; you already know that each Sephirot of the Kabalistic Tree of Life is a doorway into a New World with spiritual inhabitants, virtues, and powers that need to be harmonized for the integration, unification, and wellness of being.

Whereas we focused one week on each sephirot, in the previous training; in this training, we will spend one month on each sephirot. This will give us the time to truly explore each world in depth and understand the integration and adjustment that we need to make to achieve mastery. This will be a 10 months exploration on the various paths of the Tree of Life.

. Learn the virtues, angel, archangel, and God power of each sefirot.

. Understand the mysteries of creation and the cascade of LIFE from NO THING.

. Realize that the external realm of the sephirot are alive in us.

. Get the key symbols that will open the doorway to let you dream on the sefirot.

. Connect to the importance of emotional bleed through from dreams into 3D life.

. Remain awake while falling to sleep: the practice of conscious immortality.

. Become lucid in your dreams.

. Experience Dream Echo: enter someone else’s dream with consent.

For the 144,000 volunteer to help humanity find safe passage into the new earth, they have to learn how to remain focus without distraction and be conscious and connected to their PRESENCE in the natural light. This will allow their individual verticality and alignment to the LUMINOSITY and SPIRITUAL IDENTITY to combine and merge with others and together they will create a bridge that will help the rest of humanity find the NEW EARTH.

This is a continuation to the wisdom and control of the dream world. The training begins on November 1st, 2022 and continues every Tuesday for 10 consecutive months from 7:00 to 9:00 pm EST. The last class will be on third Tuesday of August 2023. We will NOT MEET on last week of every month. This was a request from students who felt that they would need more time to integrate and process the insight that each sephirot, dream, and world will bring.

This is the first time that I am teaching the training this way. It is hope that as we move in lock steps with each other, we will begin to experience “DREAM ECHO” which is when we all begin to dream and sink with each other.  This is the pattern that is needed to sink the 144,000 that will guide humanity into the NEW EARTH.

I look forward to show you how to awake in your dreams and guide you through the various dream gates. Please join us.

NOTE: You will need to have a dream journal and read portion the following books: The Ladder of Lights by William Gray, The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda, and Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light by Namkhai Norbu.


  • POWER PASS 10 payment

    First payment of the 10 monthly and weekly exploration of Dreaming on the Tree of Life. There remain 9 additional monthly payments. This begins on November 1st, 2022.

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  • DELUXE PASS 10 payment

    First payment of the 10 monthly and weekly exploration of Dreaming on the Tree of Life. There remain 9 additional monthly payments. This begins on November 1st, 2022. Enjoy one private coaching 1 1/2 hour session per month with Pierre.

    Sale ended
  • ULTIMATE PASS 10 payment

    First payment of the 10 monthly and weekly exploration of Dreaming on the Tree of Life. There remain 9 additional monthly payments. This begins on November 1st, 2022. Enjoy two private coaching 1 1/2 hour sessions per month with Pierre.

    Sale ended



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